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Which movie is going to be the best of April 2019? Obviously Avengers will be the highest grossing, but which will have the highest critical acclaim? 1. Shazam 2. Avengers: End Game 3. Hellboy
By Marz 7 4 comments AZ Mar 21
American Gods season 2 omg..loving it ...Love Neil Gaimen....Good omens the series coming soon...
By Dragoria 6 3 comments UK Mar 12
Hey guise, I'm having a real fun time checking out The Order on Netflix. Anybody else enjoying this?
By KJThomas 6 1 comments CA Mar 8
Doom Patrol is incredible! I signed up for the DC streaming service after seeing the trailer for Doom Patrol. This shows does not disappoint
By Marz 7 2 comments AZ Feb 22
Just got my ps4 vr kit...all I can say is wow ....the most scariest thing I have ever bought but so much involvement....but so scary.....and breaking things I did not know could be
By Dragoria 6 2 comments UK Feb 22
The Umbrella Academy on Netflix is good. Check it out!
By Marz 7 4 comments AZ Feb 19
Society of Virtue Do you know this youtube channel? They Have weekly (on vacation now) animations mocking the common tropes of comic books, here is an example of a super group when one is a lot more powerful than the others. Youtube
By Pedrohbds 7 1 comments Norway Feb 12
Just finished the seven deadly sins for the third time. Ban is the man! Any other fans of the captain of the order of scraps disposal?
By Phayon 4 2 comments NY Feb 8
Hay all. Looking for US based source for an Australian Magazine titled DIYODE. Webstie is great([] but I am looking for hard copy. Please advise if you know of a US source. Thanks - Jeff
By Heffy1966 2 0 comments VA Jan 24
Do any of you read Lightspeed Magazine or Nightmare Magazine? I follow both through Facebook and read all of the short stories they post. If you've never checked them out, I highly recommend that you do exactly that. [] & ...
By JenBeberstein 7 1 comments CA Jan 24
New posters to decorate home. Slowly turning it from an 80years old lady house (the old owner) into a low sense of esthetics geek home. They are 45x32cm (B10 standard or a little bigger than A3). Printed in steel plates hanged using magnets. ...
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By Pedrohbds 7 9 comments Norway Jan 10
I've finally started publishing volume 2 of my comic! (It's free to read, not spamming) So proud, hundreds of hours of work have gone into just this... and I'm only just getting started. Would love to know what you all think <3 []
By Jalnor 5 1 comments UK Jan 5
Dark, joyless, Spawn. What does everyone think of this? McFarlane wants to go all in on the "dark" with the next Spawn movie. If someone can get the dark vibe right, I think it could be really cool, and suit Spawn well. “There’s no joy. ...
By mikecagain 7 2 comments WI Jan 3
POLL What a year for comic-book movies! Which is your favorite for 2018?
By Marz 7 1 comments AZ Jan 2
Youtube I love this cover of Tokyo ghoul intro
By Blue-eyes 6 1 comments CA Dec 24, 2018
Who is ready for Aquaman?!! i know i am :D i have been pleased with the dc movies more then i have been with the marvel ones, aside from deadpool and logan.
By Arttoa 5 6 comments GA Dec 19, 2018
We got any DnD players out there?!
By Maddragoon 6 6 comments IL Nov 24, 2018
Tom Hiddleston is revising his Loki for a tv series. I'm so happy I could cry.
By LadyAlyxandrea 8 4 comments KS Nov 10, 2018
Netflix is has canceled productions on the Iron Fist and now Luke Cage, I am only disappointed about Luke Cage. The second season was different in that it focused on the other characters, villains as well. With Disney about launch their own streaming...
By Arttoa 5 4 comments GA Nov 2, 2018
My new guardian of my galaxy lol....nerdy and punny
By LadyAlyxandrea 8 3 comments KS Oct 31, 2018
Any red dwarfers here...
By Dragoria 6 5 comments UK Sep 24, 2018
Any Cos-players out there? I’d love see some of your work. Youmacon is in a month. Anyone going?
By darthfaja 7 0 comments MI Sep 22, 2018
Anyone watching Boku No Hero Academia? What other series do you enjoy? My top 10 Sword Art but only season 1 Death Note Tokyo Ghoul One Punch Man Seraph of the End Titan Full Metal Soul Eater Boku No Hero Dragon Maid So many ...
By darthfaja 7 4 comments MI Sep 22, 2018
Wholesome shark comic. See for more like this.
By JenBeberstein 7 1 comments CA Sep 22, 2018
How relieved or angry do you get when a new movie is released and it does/does not come up to the original books standard...or how many films have you watched based on the books you have read that actually made you smile in relief...
By Dragoria 6 8 comments UK Sep 20, 2018

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