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More evidence that he is not really a Christian?

Or that he cannot read?


By GinaKay
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False dichotomy, it's not either or, it can very easily be both.

camne Level 7 Dec 6, 2018

The man doesn't go to church, how anyone considers him a xian is beyond me. Every Sunday at the golf course? Nope, nope, nope. There is no evidence for xianity, and there is no, none, zilch, nada evidence that Drumpf knows anything about xianity or cares.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Dec 5, 2018

Trump cares about nothing; he does not have the ability to do that. The only "things" in his world are what he has created nanoseconds ago. His wife is a "thing" also, but she really doesn't exist.

I think he DOES believe in religion- whether he has read the 'book of lies' is a mute point- he practices it to the letter. Anyone disagreeing with his lies will be sent to a flaming hell.


Maybe they have coverted to Islam.

Dale2006 Level 5 Dec 5, 2018

...we have a ‘fake’ president! What if he can’t read, either?

Freedompath Level 8 Dec 5, 2018

I think he can read, but he doesnt.

Tommy19 Level 6 Dec 5, 2018

@Tommy19 The New York Times reported last year that Trump had told staff to keep policy papers to a single page and include lots of pictures. OK, they actually said "graphics and maps." Same thing. smile002.gif


Oh like we believed that in the first place. But oh my his base think he is JC>

EMC2 Level 7 Dec 5, 2018

I was expecting a grandiose and childlike response from 45 over the fact that he wasn't in the spotlight for the death of a past president. I was disappointed in his mute response at the wake.

JazznBlues Level 7 Dec 5, 2018

How did Obama sing a hymn? Isn’t he a Muslim? /s

Closeted Level 7 Dec 5, 2018

Shouldn't be or should be

Looking4-Others Level 8 Dec 5, 2018

Just shows to go you that Tweety is bored of anything that does not showcase him.

OldGoat43 Level 7 Dec 5, 2018

Or both?

Dave75 Level 7 Dec 5, 2018

@Dave75 That's what iI think! He couldn't even fake it.


Yes but he is a bullshitter, so he has that in common with his christian confederates.

MrTallman Level 7 Dec 5, 2018
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