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And they got a guy that wears orange face

By glennlab
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And he was recorded making one of the sexual assault claims. Their guy was boasting about committing vicious felonies as habit.

Dave75 Level 7 Dec 7, 2018

but in their minds being black>being a self confessed felon as far as offensiveness.


Just blows my mind in the worst possible way.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Dec 7, 2018

They absolutely couldn't, wouldn't and shouldn't..

Charlene Level 8 Dec 7, 2018

Fascists are always Racist!

They always feel that they are superior!

Just like the criminals they are, Fascists always surcumb to their own death wish!

To bad so many have to suffer for their lust for power and all out greed!

of-the-mountain Level 8 Dec 7, 2018

Hey Obama did say motherfuckers in his audiobook! It's really funny to hear him swear.

TheGreatShadow Level 8 Dec 7, 2018


kmdskit3 Level 8 Dec 7, 2018

Double standard.....

RobertNappi2 Level 8 Dec 7, 2018

No . Just no standards at all .

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