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I hate wishing my life away! But I'm in a hurry for a new economic and social structure for our grandchildren! Already preparing for 2024.

I offer you a party to keep up on ( [] ) and news site they are related too ( [] ) for reliable information that has been highly correct within history and predictions of what's coming at us. There's a reason they are attempting to demonize Marxism and suppress its teachings. Their agenda is to keep us oppressed. Stop being a committed slave.

William_Mary 8 Nov 15
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None of the above is the only answer I am willing to admit too!!!

Your statement lacks clarity without addressing any positive or negative aspects. If I may. I'll argue that the current power structure of capitalism has proven itself to be poisonous to the world society, time after time within its approximately 300 year existence. While socialism and communism have shown great examples of benefits throughout the world. Even under the stresses capitalism has and still enforces on it. I could go from country to country explaining and using examples, but this is going to be a long reply as it is. I'll argue we must find the right mix which the links I posted lead us in that direction.

I'll argue that within capitalism, the best qualities of society for the citizenry has been the socialism that is embedded within it. Which is highly due only because of citizen demand when capitalism has reached its many failing points during that history. It was the socialist, communist, and unions that demanded social change during the great depression which forced FDR into the new deal, however deceptively beneficial he managed it for the capitalist, we own to them, what little we have left of it today. As it again is diminishing due to various capitalist attacks. Which has gone through periods of most people being deceptively indoctrinated to misunderstanding it or even recognizing it. Currently here in the US since the 50s.

In Europe socialism traits were taking place and socially battled over since at least the early 1900's within Marxist views, while capitalism was ravaging across America. Still far more socialistic than in the US today, however now facing far right nationalist ideology again as when fascism became an enemy. This virtually only proves how the work of Marx rings so loud and true today.

The current infrastructure legislation going on has the same potential of being like FDR's new bill, BUT, without any real societal benefits in the long run. Virtually every aspect has been purposely left to degrade in which should have been addressed over decades at a much lower cost in periodical attention. With all numbers related to society are on a downward spiral while our representation is still managing new ways to continue to throw printed money only towards corporations and the ruling class. None of Biden's words during the election cycle in regards of social benefits, or holding the fire to his ass voiced by progressive's, are ringing true today. With all intended spoken purposes the bottom line of equality and monetary gain will benefit only the corporations, consultant firms, and ruling class capitalist. Because our representation is so disorganized within accountability, they are going to hire consultant firms to address the expenditure on projects. This is a prime example of a large waste of the money going into projects that will be highly exaggerated and beneficial to their crony corporations and donation groups. And I'll go out on the limb here, hoping for help from Sludge in the future, that a number of these companies and groups will consist of none other than family and spouses, along with those they are moving their money into for stock gains. Probably already have as they've been playing it all out behind closed doors.

I just read this morning that Medicare recipients are going to take a large hit with a monthly increase of over 14%. Even those who also get SS, while looking forward to an increase of a little over 5% within the largest inflation period of 30 years will still face harder, struggling times, as the difference negates the other. This is another issue I and others warned democratic supporters of as Biden came into the presidential circus. They chose to ignore and argue against our use of his history despite our warnings. Now, along with high cost due to the virus, which was used as a weapon against our society, they're going to pay the price with the rest of us. Exactly how we explained it before the election. The few that benefit the most were more than willing to throw those not so well off under the bus to keep what they have. Now they don't exactly have it now either. I'm sure those with what they deem as a large enough nest egg left to get by may still argue they were right anyways, as they ignore the criminal cycle we attempt to expose that actually effects the whole of our society. As generations below them will be left to even more drastic rising cost to cover them. The cycle seemingly invisible? Or is it just a case of narcissistic entitlement? To hell with those that come after me? I'll be gone as the planet burns.

These are all issues that a democratic socialism can help solve. With the citizens having a real democracy within the workplace and government. Our present republic, by definition, is not a democracy when its representation, judicial system, and media are owned and controlled by the ruling class. Even with a vast increase of worker co-op work places could make a large difference. Where's your mixture at?

Basically we are fu ked!!!
The Democrats are just too weak to accomplish anything worth while for the vast majority of us in this country!!!
They are own by the same groups of wealthy individuals and their corporations as are the obstructionist republican fascists!!!
Your long dissertation is of course telling those who do not care how it all evolved!!!
They just do not care, they want it all destroy because the wealthy who own them want it that way!!!
It is really that simple!!!
The obstructionist republican fascists politicians on all governmental levels are corrupted, by being offered riches by the wealthy and their corporations!!!
As before in every country taken over by Fascist those who helped are sacrificed as examples as those who they feel are traitors!!!
That is after they have arrested, jail, imprisoned, and murdered in cold blood any members.of any level of opposition!!!
There are just too many willing sheep, willing to be used thinking they will be of some importance to these fascist megalomaniac own by the wealthy and their corporations!!!


I'll take group #1, Alex, for $500..... I used to work for a market research company a lifetime ago. It was laughable at times. I remember one client they took on was a pompus Repub plastic surgeon who did reconstructive surgery. He was a typical country club Repub who was running for re-election to the US Senate and had a lot going against him issue-wise. His campaign came up with the brilliant idea (sarcasm) of trying to fabricate him as an environmental candidate so they could get independents and eco-friendly Dems to overlook his policies on economic issues, foreign policy, etc. They brought in a focus group to test this approach on and, needless to say, it didn't sell. One of the few times I was proud of and able to say that maybe Iowans had more horse sense than I thought. He was not re-elected.


Observers are the Fifth type of human, they are in the focus groups getting paid to watch.

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