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Leaked CDC document exposes Biden administration’s COVID-19 cover-up


{The secret report contradicts nearly every public statement by the White House over the course of the past two months. Bringing together a broad range of public research—including some that was previously unpublished—the report warns that there are 35,000 symptomatic COVID-19 infections every week among vaccinated people.

The report states that vaccinated people who are infected with COVID-19 are just as infectious as those who are unvaccinated. It acknowledges that the so-called Delta variant of COVID-19 is more infectious than the common cold and, in fact, one of the most transmissible diseases known to man.

The document refutes President Joe Biden’s claim on July 22 that vaccinated people cannot be infected with COVID-19—“You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”}

Here's the new boss----Same as the old boss. Are we there yet? I mean, do you get it yet?

{The deliberate promotion of false advice by US health authorities helped drive a massive resurgence of the pandemic, with cases now surging 50 percent per week.

It is unclear how the internal CDC document was leaked to the Washington Post. It remains the case, however, that it was not released by the CDC or Biden administration, and the CDC declined to comment on its publication to the Post—indicating that its leadership opposed its release to the public.

The media’s framing of the report was largely misleading. The report was presented by NBC Nightly News as “new findings from the CDC,” without mentioning that the document was leaked without the CDC or White House’s permission. Its findings were presented as unforeseen and surprising, completely ignoring the fact that most of the report’s conclusions were well-known beforehand.}

This is our Forth Estate working for the ruling class and government, not us.

WSWS----The reduction of COVID-19 cases in the United States is the outcome of mass vaccination that came about as a result of an unprecedented effort by scientists and academic institutions to create a whole new class of vaccines in record time.

In a rational society, the reduction of COVID-19 cases would be used to strengthen protections ahead of what public health experts warn will be a new resurgence in the fall. But the Biden administration is squandering what health officials call a temporary reprieve to abandon measures to monitor and contain the disease.

We warned that the continued abandonment of public health measures will mean “the disease that has already killed nearly a million people in US will take the lives of countless others.”-----WSWS

Well, once again, the WSWS gets it right months before our representation can. But then their goal doesn't have anything to do with being right or getting it right.

!!!The Biden administration had access to the fundamental conclusions of the CDC’s report when it called for the end of masking and social distancing in May, just like the World Socialist Web Site did when we warned these actions would lead to a surge of the pandemic. Biden administration officials knowingly and with criminal intent encouraged measures that they knew would lead to a resurgence of the pandemic, which now threatens to kill hundreds of thousands more people.

Millions of people voted for Biden believing his pledge that he would “follow the science” in confronting the pandemic. As the WSWS warned, the Senator from DuPont and the credit card companies has not followed the science, but the interests of Wall Street.!!!

They don't need a war to send us off to too be killed when they have a mysterious weapon right here at home to kill us off. They only need to be as deceitful about it as they are with their wars. I'm so shit happy so many voted for Biden over Trump who were conditioned into believing that would make a difference. When I told you so gives me no pleasure. There's no pleasure in watching everything around me go to shit and die as only a few of us can contemplate the way out of their manufactured shit hole.

William_Mary 8 Aug 3
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It's here to stay and there is no vaccine atm. I make these two assumptions saying the following.

The good news is there is preemptive medicine that has proven effective in lessening more severe symptoms developing in vulnerable people. So lets offer these people and any other who consents this medicine whilst working on better treatments and developing a vaccine. Then let life go on. Because the other option is a continuation of the same.
Throughout human history we have had the vulnerable; people with ailments, disabilities and weakened immune systems. These people have struggled, but they got by because they protected themselves from unnecessary risk. Some tasks they can just not do; Too risky.
So why now do the invulnerable, those growing and in the prime of life, have to restrict their lives to protect the vulnerable? Why don't the vulnerable lock down and protect themselves whilst those who assess the risk to themselves as extremely low and choose to get on with it, the same as societies have always done?
Covid is here to stay.

powder Level 8 Aug 3, 2021

That sounds like a total surrender. Making dissenting opinions for better representation against the law would follow. Acceptance to the fact that everything being thrown at us is virtually a horrible comedy show of a delusional reality.

Are you seriously missing the message in this article that terribly which is relate to all our westernized societies governing?

Ours and the world reaction to our Jan 6th Capital invasion of fascist which more people are admitting was knowingly going to happen and enabled by various law enforcements with the MSCM collaborating within this designed illusion.

The past and still current accusations of a fraudulent election, away from the actually means our elections are compromised, now seeing acknowledgement this is also a known hoax. Which is correlated with the 2016 election cycle.

Wars built on lies killing millions and displacing 100's on millions worldwide. Whether they be actual conflicts or due to sanctions and embargoes.

The planet is in flames.

And your answer is survival of the fittest? The vulnerable be damned. 365/24/7 The Purge?

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Posted by William_MaryThere's a lot of ass covering going on in the MSCM today.

Posted by William_MaryI hate wishing my life away! But I'm in a hurry for a new economic and social structure for our grandchildren! Already preparing for 2024.

Posted by William_MaryI hate wishing my life away! But I'm in a hurry for a new economic and social structure for our grandchildren! Already preparing for 2024.

Posted by William_MarySay goodbye to the old boss.

Posted by William_MaryWill you know your sin of feeling like you're winning when you're actually loosing again? Good luck with that. May your favorite capitalist war hawk criminal win.

Posted by William_Mary You have to unite behind another party to finally end this obedience of complicity.

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