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9/11: Why Americans Were Never Told Why They Were Attacked

When Western media discusses terrorism against the West, such as 9/11, the motive is almost always left out, even when the terrorists state they are avenging longstanding Western violence in the Muslim world


{Ignoring such clear statements of intent, we are instead served bromides by the likes of State Department spokesman Mark Toner about the Brussels bombings, saying it is impossible “to get into the minds of those who carry out these attacks.”

Mind reading isn’t required, however. The Islamic State explicitly told us in a press statement why it did the Brussels attacks: “We promise black days for all crusader nations allied in their war against the Islamic State, in response to their aggressions against it.”

After 9/11, President George W. Bush infamously said the U.S. was attacked because “they hate our freedoms.” It’s a perfect example of a Western view that ascribes motives to Easterners without allowing them to speak for themselves or taking them seriously when they do.

Explaining his motive behind 9/11, Osama bin Laden, in his Letter to America, expressed anger about U.S. troops stationed on Saudi soil. Bin Laden asked: “Why are we fighting and opposing you? The answer is very simple: Because you attacked us and continue to attack us.” (Today the U.S. has dozens of bases in seven countries in the region.)}

Quite frankly, I have a lot of doubt that Bin Laden had much to do with 9/11 at all. I don't believe that he or any group in the middle east had or have the capability of orchestrating such a large event as 9/11 was. If they did or do, then why haven't we had more attacks since? Bin Laden was simply afforded the infamous responsibility in order to distract from the real culprits.

Europe on the other hand neighboring the killing fields has had to bare the front of retaliations via various smaller types of terrorist events. While in the US we've only had minor events via indoctrination of ideology from mostly second generation immigrants within mass shootings. And a fair amount, if not most, have been tied to FBI shenanigans and FBI relationships with the parents. How and or why would you attempt to, as what was virtually a much smaller group then, relatively unheard of too most, put such efforts into a large event in America with greater chances of failure when the countries who have been oppressing you for centuries is virtually in your back yard. Resource availability, common sense of reachable strategy, material and funding, ability to get to target, all speak towards various successful operations in the past in that region. There are plenty of large American targets in that region that would draw the same type of attention.

If you've kept up with the 9/11 history you should know all those on 9/11 were known to be in the US and were being watched. Watched and allowed to fulfill their agenda. That should raise quite a lot of suspension in its own right. We now know that various aspects of Saudi's within the royal family and business funded them which 17 of the terrorist were from. Held communications with them while here, and wired money to them occasionally. It wouldn't take rocket science to manage the same type of retaliatory events Europe has faced. But yet, nada. For a self made rag tag group to be able to pull this off in the US under those conditions would be virtually impossible. For its size then most members probably had a profile much the same as the Saudi players.

The Long-Hidden Saudi 9/11 Connection []

Lets face it, the facts about how those buildings came down is known but just isn't talked about where it should be a major concern. Building 7 was the hip cup that exposed it all. There's no way to explain away liquid metal running out of towers 1 and 2 on the false bases of jet fuel, the blast that were coming from within the building and the basement which were heard on every news reporters coverage from outside the during that day of 9/11, and witness reports from first responders who said began in the one tower before it was struck, 3 months of the debris smoldering afterwards. Jet fuel and office material by no means can generate enough heat to melt steel in that short of time. Most engineers claim at all. And enough to create a river like flow of it. Seriously! Jet fuel, the majority of, was basically fire ignited spontaneously leaving only the office material.

{During a Republican presidential debate in 2008 Rudy Giuliani, who was New York mayor on 9/11, became incensed and demanded Ron Paul withdraw his remark that the U.S. was attacked because of U.S. violent interventions in Muslim countries.

“Have you ever read about the reasons they attacked us?” Paul said. “They attacked us because we have been over there. We’ve been bombing Iraq for ten years. I’m suggesting we listen to the people who attacked us and the reason they did it.”}

The difference between the middle east and Latin America? The middle east has an enemy of ours in Saudi Arabia. Like the Israel government, they're playing us like a fiddle to a tune they benefit from. I'll go out on the limb here and suggest they played a large role in collaborated and orchestrated 9/11. And the CIA built Bin Laden was the one they could easily use as a distraction who was more than happy to sit back in a cave and take the glory for. Like WWl and WWll, a black flag event was needed for us to be drawn into a middle east war where the US population through hyperbole deception would easily accept.

{The history is an unbroken string of interventions from the end of the First World War until today. It began after the war when Britain and France double-crossed the Arabs on promised independence for aiding them in victory over the Ottoman Empire. The secret 1916 Sykes-Picot accord divided the region between the European powers behind the Arabs’ backs. London and Paris created artificial nations from Ottoman provinces to be controlled by their installed kings and rulers with direct intervention when necessary.

What has followed for 100 years has been continuous efforts by Britain and France, superseded by the United States after the Second World War, to manage Western dominance over a rebellious region.

The new Soviet government revealed the Sykes-Picot terms in November 1917 in Izvestia. When the war was over, the Arabs revolted against British and French duplicity. London and Paris then ruthlessly crushed the uprisings for independence.}

{A 1957 Eisenhower administration coup attempt in Syria, in which Jordan and Iraq were to invade the country after manufacturing a pretext, went horribly wrong, provoking a crisis that spun out of Washington’s control and brought the U.S. and Soviets to the brink of war.}

When history debunks the glorification of the Eisenhower in all those hyperbole favorable memes. Carter's mentor?

Before the following, the article goes into a century of history of westernized criminality against the region which has been a killing field for most of that time.

The Biggest Invasion Yet

While most Americans may be unaware of this long history of accumulated humiliation of Muslims, Christians and other religious minorities in the region — and the resulting hatred of the West — they can’t ignore the Iraq invasion, the largest by the West in the region, excluding World War II. Nor is the public unaware of the 2011 intervention in Libya, and the chaos that has resulted. And yet no link is made between these disasters and terror attacks on the West.

The secular strongmen of Iraq, Libya and Syria were targeted because they dared to be independent of Western hegemony — not because of their awful human rights records. The proof is that Saudi Arabia’s and Israel’s human rights records also are appalling, but the U.S. still staunchly stands by these “allies.”

During the so-called Arab Spring, when Bahrainis demanded democracy in that island kingdom, the U.S. mostly looked the other way as they were crushed by a combined force of the nation’s monarchy and Saudi troops. Washington also clung to Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak until the bitter end.

However, under the pretext of protecting the Libyan population, the U.S. and NATO implemented a bloody “regime change” in Libya leading to anarchy, another failed state and the creation of one more ISIS enclave. For the past five years, the West and its Gulf allies have fueled the civil war in Syria, contributing to another humanitarian disaster.

The West’s motive for all this meddling is often pinned on oil. But obedience is a strong factor. Hans Morgenthau wrote in Politics Among Nations (1968), that the urge of empires to expand “will not be satisfied so long as there remains anywhere a possible object of domination – a politically organized group of men which by its very independence challenges the conqueror’s lust for power.”

Tariq Ali, in his 2003 book Bush in Babylon, writes about Gnaeus Julius Agricola, the Roman general responsible for much of the conquest of Britain in the First Century: “On one of his visits to the outer reaches of [Britain], Agricola looked in the direction of Ireland and asked a colleague why it remained unoccupied. Because, came the reply, it consisted of uncultivable bog lands and was inhabited by very primitive tribes. What could it possibly have to offer the great Empire? The unfortunate man was sternly admonished. Economic gain isn’t all. Far more important is the example provided by an unoccupied country. It may be backward, but it is still free.”}

{Little of this long history of Western manipulation, deceit and brutality in the Middle East is known to Americans because U.S. media almost never invokes it to explain Arab and Iranian attitudes towards the West.}

Ignorance is the means to their profits. As I often speak here, history tells truth. The truth will not be tolerated. Meaningful education will not be tolerated.

Cloaking Motives

{Indeed fanatics like the Islamic State are still ticked off about the Crusades, a much earlier round of Western intervention. In some ways it’s surprising, and welcomed, that only the tiniest fraction of Muslims has turned to terrorism.

Nevertheless, Islamophobes like Donald Trump want to keep all Muslims out of the U.S. until he figures out “what the hell is going on.” He says Muslims have a “deep hatred” of Americans. But he won’t figure it out because he’s ignoring the main cause of that hatred – the past century of intervention, topped by the most recent Western atrocities in Iraq and Libya.

Stripping out the political and historical motives renders terrorists as nothing more than madmen fueled by irrational hate of a benevolent West that says it only wants to help them. They hate us simply because we are Western, according to people like Toner, and not because we’ve done anything to them.}

Israel and its Western enablers likewise bury the history of Israel’s ethnic cleansing and piecemeal conquest of Palestine so they can dismiss Palestinians who turn to terrorism as motivated only by hatred of Jews for being Jews.

I’ve asked several Israelis why Palestinians tend to hate them. The more educated the Israeli the more likely the answer was because of the history of how Israel was established and how it continues to rule. The less educated my respondent, the more likely I heard that they hate us simply because we are Jews.

There’s no excuse for terrorism. But there is a practical way to curb it: end the current interventions and occupations and plan no more.}

{To ignore their words and dismiss their violent reaction to the long and ongoing history of Western intervention may shield Americans and Europeans from their partial responsibility for these atrocities. But it also provides cover for the continuing interventions, which in turn will surely produce more terrorism.}

I have to wonder, if this was a movie and you had as the viewer, scenes of the ruling elite and corporate leaders address to politicians and various countries military, of their agendas and reasoning for this type of inhumane actions, how you might place your support. Take any country their and place ours in its place. Many speak so mighty when only the illusion is served, but how would you react if you lived in their reality.

{Worse still, letting terrorists be perceived as simply madmen without a cause allows the terrorist response to become justification for further military action. This is precisely what the Bush administration did after 9/11, falsely seeking to connect the attacks to the Iraqi government.}

William_Mary 8 Sep 12
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Most Americans have no idea that if we got the hell out of the Middle East and stopped giving Israel unlimited and unconditional support, the Islamic and Arab world would no longer want to attack us. But that is something our corporate media is never willing to discuss. They are never willing to honestly discuss our wars and military interventions that our government does for empire and resources. If they did, it would be very clear to most Americans as to the real reasons we are hated in that part of the world, and that it has nothing to do with them "hating our freedoms", etc. What a load of bullshit!


I find it interesting that the first 9\11 was in 1973 in Chile. That was thanks to Nixon, Kissinger, CIA & ASIS. As it resulted in 17 years of Pinochet's dictatorship, 30,000+ tortures, 2000+ murders, 3000 disappearances & corruption to US policies many consider the last 20 years just to have been karma.

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