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With Clinton Lawyer Charged, Russiagate Scam Now Under Indictment

The indictment of Hillary Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann offers new evidence that the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory that engulfed former President Donald Trump’s term in office was itself the product of fabrications involving Clinton’s 2016 campaign.


William_Mary 8 Sep 22
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Not that this will result in anything really happening, but it still needs to be done. If anyone gets punished, it won't be any big players, and even if someone does get punished, it either won't be much or if it is much then it will be a smaller player. Also, the majority of everyone's opinion on the matter will remain as it did before this in terms of fanatical politics of the country's people.

I expect you are correct. This news came out over the weekend and I've yet to hear NPR mention it once yet. Same as new evidence on the lap top of Biden's son. So people who support these criminals will most likely go uneducated to what they support. Worse case scenario is to claim that if it isn't in their new feeds it's fake news. Indoctrination takes over from there.


I don't watch mainstream media, but independent media is mentioning it. You're definitely right about the news feed/fake news thing.

@Piece2YourPuzzle I mostly listen to NPR the most part of 5 days a week to keep my bullshit meter calibrated. Then within some of the independent sources I use they tend to use MSCM as examples as they build their narrative. I think it's essential we attempt to get all sides to be able to properly manage the facts. I certainly have to while running this group. I'll argue that the current political situation in the US is the failure of to many people who can't properly distinguish the information being formed for us from so many angles.

I know you and I have discussed NPR before but I seem to have a different view and opinion on it. NPR is like getting both sides of the establishment false narratives in one place. And while they do tend to provide good information at times their domestic political coverage is contradictory. Their foreign policy coverage is strictly in lines of false negative propaganda. I have listen to some good interviews on NPR that provide some good factual information, although seemingly controlled, then the next segment of another show totally contradict what the interviews narrative was. As a listener, how are they expected to distinguish fact from fiction?

So their political coverage in my opinion is in collaboration to keep us divided as much as right and left medias provide for their followers. Which are open mic sessions for representatives according to party, and their paid for specialist on the foreign front.

I can also go to Fox and get some substantial reasoning to leave the democratic party as they expose their crimes and unethical practices. It comes however in a hyperbole misleading form. I can also go to MSNBC and find the same narrative tone being set to as why I should leave the republican party, coming in the same form. Most Americans are so divided on a party line that they demonize the other sides media just as they demonize that party. So the mission to separate the people is won on 3 fronts. For the most part they managed to entrap most people into one party, one media, while providing controlled facts on a hyperbole means. All this is done also by erasing party collaboration within especially foreign issues and currently this virus.

I think if more people would study both political medias they would begin to recognize the resemblances of how each is a purposeful construct to draw in certain types of people. Facts are being delivered in a means to support issues towards the establishments desired direction, not the citizens. Crimes and unethical practices are simply hyperbole rhetoric from both sides that never get a deserved attention. This all exposes the collaboration. A good dose of independent sources fills in all the blanks providing facts that tend to expose both sides.

The one main lesson to learn is that the citizens don't have a side, we're drastically pushed aside as expendable.


I think most MSCM mixes truth in with propaganda. Some truth is essential in making the population trust them and it makes the propaganda more effective.

@Piece2YourPuzzle exactly! Each side twisting it to their favor under a controlled means. This is where the public relation firms come into play. Where, if you pay close enough attention, we get multiple reporters and local stations repeating the same chorus lines almost word for word.

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