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Most Americans today are convinced that Socialism has failed or will fail in the near future

W. E. B. Du Bois and Shirley Graham Du Bois spent four months in the Soviet Union and China in 1959. The purpose of their visit , as Du Bois bluntly stated in a short editorial published in China Pictorial , was to tell Black America “the truth about Communism.” By then in the twilight of his years, Du Bois had long recognized that full citizenship would not soon be granted to African Americans. A century of enslavement in the United States was followed by an emancipation that merely turned Black folk into “a colour caste of serfs.” At the same time, the demise of the slave trade had witnessed the rise of a new “colonial imperialism,” a global system which, as Du Bois wrote in China Pictorial, “sought to reduce most of the world's workers to serfs of Western Europe and North America, and to build civilization on their exploited labour.”

For Du Bois, the revolutions that gave birth to the Soviet Union and modern China provided a threat to this new, white, western imperial order. Yet he recognized that many African people neither realized this, nor recognized what this meant for their future, especially as the Cold War had made it impossible to glean the truth about socialism. “Fantastic tales of the failure of Socialism and the impossibility of Communism fill our periodicals and books,” Du Bois wrote. “Most Americans today are convinced that Socialism has failed or will fail in the near future.” Du Bois wanted to learn the facts.


[You have been told, my Africa: My Africa in Africa and all your children's children overseas; you have been told and the telling so beaten into you by rods and whips, that you believe it yourselves, that this is impossible; that mankind can only rise by walking on men; by cheating and killing them; that only on a doormat of the despised and dying, the dead and rotten, can a British aristocracy, a French cultural elite or an American millionaire be nurtured and grown. This is a lie. It is an ancient lie spread by church and state, spread by priest and historian, and believed in by fools and cowards, as well as by the down-trodden and the children of despair.]

His time didn't know a MSCM like ours. Our professor of indoctrination. Sitting on the soap boxes, a creation of and for the ruling class.

The American worker himself does not always realize this. He has high wages and many comforts. Rather than lose these, he keeps in office by his vote the servants of industrial exploitation so long as they maintain his wage. His labor leaders represent exploitation and not the fight against the exploitation of labor by private capital. These two sets of exploiters fall out only when one demands too large a share of the loot.

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William_Mary 8 Sep 23
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Most Americans don't even know what socialism is.

And the corporate media makes sure they never do and never will....


I don't understand how people can be so easily brainwashed. I mean I guess most people are too busy to properly research stuff and they just take whatever horseshit any pundit of their preferred side will tell them. Even so, there is still no real critical thinking. There must be signs that can trip off their BS meter, but it's like people in abusive relationships where they just ignore it or justify it so they remain comfortable. Human psychology is amazing.

@Piece2YourPuzzle Amazing and disturbing..


it's always short term thinking.
there will be a horrific price to pay.

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