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CDC surrenders US population to the spread of Omicron

As the Omicron variant of coronavirus surges exponentially and out of control, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Monday afternoon a radical change in its isolation and quarantine guidelines, not to defend the American people from this impending disaster but to preemptively capitulate to it.

The reference to “following the science” is mere pretense. As for “society functioning,” this means only one thing under capitalism: maintaining the flow of profits to the capitalist class. Public health is being subordinated to corporate profit. Science is being junked to appease the howls of American business interests over the exodus of workers under the combined impact of the spread of Omicron and the perfectly justified fears of infection from the new variant.


We're seeing the effects of Thanks Giving currently. The Xmas spread will bring in a larger wave. Here in Ohio the National Guard had been called in to help hospitals as much as a week ago. We're now seeing whole businesses starting to shut down due to too many employees being sick and unable to staff opening. Remember this when you go to your next fast food restaurant! Just what's being handed to you through the window or what is it you're taking back to your vehicle with you.

Do you understand what's happening here, again? We are being sacrificed along with main street businesses. You can miss work and income, possibly die, more main street businesses can lose their ability to survive, while corporations manage to profit. One way or the other they will profit at the expense of everything above. Or should I say below them. If all else fails they know the governments that they own will hand out more welfare to them.

William_Mary 8 Dec 28
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This guinea pig human experiment with mutations and variants going Totally MADD. No vaccines for Omicron , because Omicron is attacking 80% of the vaxxers. People are moving alot to places like Texas and Florida because give me freedom or give me death feeling are going around. Their Covid cases are in the ball park of New York and California.

When the average age on the planet is age 73. That's good enough for me because I'm my own best doctor in the world no matter where I go. What matters most to me is having the freedom to practice my higher standard of health and freedom. It's extremely difficult now where I live and being an social outcast and disease criminal is simply unjust and harmful.
I can't go to my second home in Belize where the town's adverage age is 92 and my natural path doctor is 108 years old. This is all crimes against humanity and freedoms. Where billionaire and trillionaire are the only who benefit. Except under ground bunkers sales are also skyrocketing for the wealthy. Mmmm karma.

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