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The Biden-Harris Administration is a Political Expression of the Empire’s Crisis of Legitimacy

The crisis of legitimacy is becoming more and more obvious. Joe Biden exemplifies oligarchic rule and a system in decline.

COVID-19 continues to spread with rapid ferocity across the United States. On January 14th, the U.S. surpassed 850,000 COVID-19 deaths. More deaths from the pandemic have accumulated under President Joe Biden than his predecessor, Donald Trump. Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s lack of competence in addressing the pandemic has damaged the credibility of the administration.

“It is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day,” said Harris.


“I think that having worked in the White House before, you do hard things in White Houses . . . and could certainly propose legislation to see if people support bunny rabbits and ice cream, but that wouldn't be very rewarding for the American people.”---Press Secretary Jen Psaki


After eight years of Obamamania, Democratic Party elites gambled their political capital on the sale of non-stop fear of Donald Trump to their constituents in order to soothe their wounded psyches following the embarrassment that was the 2016 election. Biden struggled to gain credibility in the 2020 primary from the outset but was finally given the elite’s blessing to take the reins of the Democratic Party’s sinking ship.

---In other words. As enough people recognized the facade of Trump some of us attempted to expose, and with the anything but Trump campaign accomplished, the DNC under direction of the ruling class again picked their own incompetent mind deteriorating candidate---

While Biden ran a typical neoliberal campaign, he was forced to promise something to the masses in the way of pandemic relief and economic recovery. The hope for Democratic Party strategists was that “liberals” and “progressives” would support Biden under a “never Trump” mandate and relinquish any expectation that the administration would follow through with concrete policies upon winning the presidency.

Biden boasts of an “economic recovery” despite intense spikes in the cost of living. American capitalism, however, is fully open for business and that means the working class is fully free to die from a pandemic while being super exploited in low wage work.

A major principle of Marxism is that the contradictions of capitalist society have a tendency of becoming antagonisms which cause tectonic shifts in political and economic relations. The loss of confidence in the Biden administration is part and parcel of the sharpening contradiction between its public relations image as the U.S.’s savior from the so-called evils of Donald Trump and the fact that Biden and company are functionaries of the very ruling elite that produced Trump in the first place. Said differently, Trump is a byproduct of the general crisis of capitalism that Biden’s long career of service to the ruling class helped produce. The capitalist, imperialist, and white supremacist roots of the American Empire are rotting from within. Capitalism is at a dead-end and is faced with an impossible choice: either accept reforms that cut into finance capital’s ill-gotten profits or terrorize workers and oppressed people for everything they have.

For the ruling class, this really isn’t a choice at all. When faced with economic and political crisis, capital always chooses to reproduce itself over the needs and interests of society. The Biden administration’s arrogance in the face of crisis represents a breakdown in the state’s capacity to govern an empire in decay. Capital is banking on the fact that no mass movement yet exists that is mature enough to confront the contradictions of duopoly rule.

----The ruling class is/owns our government. Go ahead, bitch about socialism. Which of the following would you prefer? A democratic socialism of Marx's work, or the current ruling class state run communism? Under a genuine democratic socialism designed under Marx's theory, the citizens have a democratic participation in the workforce within the means of production, how resources are distributed and regenerated to preserve the environment, accordingly distributed to benefit from society to society nationally, and preferably internationally, in unison. Currently we're being heavily exploited to death around the globe for the profits that benefit a tiny few. That perpetual warring is a major factor of to keep capitalism on life support.

Don't think Trumps issues have been solves either. Where are the fake socialist and progressives on immigration? That that perpetual warring feeds.

The 700,000 Club: Joe Biden’s Deportation Frenzy

In under a year, the Biden regime has detained and deported more asylum seekers than his predecessor, demonstrating that there is an alignment among the US political elites – of both parties – when it comes to creating and enforcing racist, inhumane laws.

And it gives lie to any notion that President Joe Biden’s border regime is kinder than that of former President Donald Trump.” Biden has certainly outperformed Trump’s blatantly white supremacist dog whistles about foreign “hordes” invading the U.S. were loudly maligned by Democrats and their supporters, but his policies are no better.

And while the numbers of detained unaccompanied migrant children have been reduced under Biden, more than 10,000 remain in cages.

We shouldn’t be surprised. US policies hardly change under Democratic leadership. If anything, migrants fare worse under Democratic presidents. We only need to remember the policies of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Most importantly, there is an alignment among the US political elites – of both parties – when it comes to creating and enforcing racist, inhumane laws, nationally and globally. We know that both parties push US imperial policies, creating conditions that directly result in desperate attempts of people to escape their homes.

While many Democrats were outraged at Trump’s border wall, the large number of migrant “children in cages,” and lambasted his regime for it’s racist and inhumane treatment of some of the world’s most vulnerable people, they have been generally silent on Biden.


I refuse to let anyone forget either. It was Hillieary Cinton and Biden's foreign policies and interferences in Latin America that manufactured Trump's ability to create a facade towards the need of a wall. If you don't want them here, !quit fucking up their countries! They much rather be in their native homeland.

William_Mary 8 Jan 23
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