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The Biggest Business in America? Defrauding Uncle Sam and You.

In terms of sheer stolen dollars, the total amount is greater than the annual sales of Amazon and Walmart over the past two years.


{The mass media was also largely inattentive, spending far more time on the friction between politicians in Congress than the burning of taxpayer dollars. The Inspectors General attached to each federal agency were timid, under-budgeted and had weak authority. Moreover, several Inspectors General positions were vacant.}

For those who haven't figured this out yet, with the indications there are many of. One of the primary objectives of the MSCM is to distract us from the most relevant crimes committed on our societies. That friction is purposely managed to keep the citizens as equally divided as the facade projects. And it works rather well for them all. All? The MSCM is after all owned by the very people who managed to get their share of that money. They, along with all the other corporations, depend on the advertisements on their programs in a collaborate means to support each other. As one, or a politician of favor, may get caught up in a scandal or crime, it is often covered in the most subtle means, usually to combat against a leak that wasn't meant for public knowledge. MSCM is also the agency of damage control.

For a clear example I'll use the Ukraine issue. Biden who committed a more serious crime in regards to using funding as a weapon to get a prosecutor fired before releasing that funding, was sheltered by the MSCM by not covering that story with integrity. There's a video of him admitting to doing so. I've posted it here a number of times. Yet many come here to still support him and the facade they project in favor of the fascist government Biden played a role in of installing it. Trump was impeached of a lesser means in that regard, which within those standards Biden should have been exposed and disqualified to run for president. They also disingenuously covered Biden's son, Hunter, placement on an energy company in Ukraine with no experience yet making out with a reported 3 million dollars. Another incident with China was mixed in that exposed story. A period of time after Hunter's laptop with evidence on it was also disingenuously covered after a repair shop brought notice of it.

This goes on with many, any, issue imaginable. Taxes, environment issues, bailouts, off shore accounts, physical injuries, everything related to healthcare, race issues, employment issues, colonialism, innocent civilian deaths, illegal regime changes, etc. Many of these are a collaborate scheme between both corporations and one or more politicians or an entire administration, local, state, and national. The 6 major MSCMs owed by billionaires are paid to minimize the damage for the favored corporations and the politicians they own. Along with that comes distraction of the citizenry, to keep those of us in a state of delusional belief of being unaffected from wondering up to and pulling back the curtain to see for ourselves. As long as they can keep a majority of the citizens trapped on one side of the curtain within this tribal division fighting each other they keep winning. Each side is as manipulated as the other, unable to realize that they share essentially the same social and political ideology when all the facades are pealed back exposing all the facts. Some so far into the facade that when facts are provided they have been managed to a point to disregard them even if you can get them to observe them. Reality is lost, it becomes a betrayal to them.

{Finally, The Washington Post and The New York Times have started to investigate. The findings of their lengthy features are predictably staggering, especially regarding the Small Business Administration (SBA) which dispatched $343 billion in PPP loans over a 14 day period!

As recounted in the NY Times article by David Farenthold, a free for all robbery spree took hold. The SBA made classic, foreseeable blunders. First, it subcontracted out, without due diligence, to so-called nonprofits, the job of distributing and monitoring the expenditures, giving them 15 percent of the overall disbursements to, for example, children feeding programs. The blunder not only is an inappropriate delegation of governmental powers, but it also creates a perverse incentive for the overseer to shovel out money to subcontractors.}

For christ sakes. I was reporting this shit from Sludge almost 2 years ago from the very beginning as they were exposing it. Along with how politicians were funneling funds to their spouses companies. While some of these spouses companies were working from within that politicians own campaign endeavors. You might remember this is where main street businesses were virtually pushed aside from getting their fair share of the funding as these companies and corporations raided and pillaged the process faster than lighting leaving nothing behind for the lengthy process on main street. Also in this regards of the funding, many people who were to be able to get housing help would never get it due to the structured process. Many didn't manage to get it due to lengthy court proceedings they didn't understand, resulting in illegal convictions it was meant to avoid, time limits passing as a ending result. Virtually the same results our governments always provide. The handing off of funds to their owners while fucking those the money comes off the backs of.

William_Mary 8 Mar 19
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