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Washington Rushes to Hide Its ‘Octopus’ NED Funding in Ukraine

Many sections of the corporate media and a legion of propaganda agencies are openly and secretly funded by the U.S.

As US Professor John Mearsheimer said, Washington created the crisis in Ukraine, hoping to surround and fragment Russia, using NATO expansion and its Neo-Nazi allies.

Despite the attempt to hide this sponsorship, an 80-page document showing US government NED funding for hundreds of Ukraine groups has been leaked. Now posted on several sites this document allows us a window into some of the internal U.S. influence since the CIA orchestrated Kiev coup of 2014. Many of the allocations have to do with anti-Russian propaganda, usually in the name of ‘transparency’, human rights, ‘independent journalism’, monitoring and so on.

For example, the list shows us that a Ukraine group ‘InformNapalm’, set up “to debunk myths and expose secrets of the Russian hybrid war” and which claims to be “a purely volunteer endeavor which does not have any financial support from any government or donor”, is actually US Government funded. The group publishes anti-Russian propaganda on its website in 31 languages.

Other sources show us that the U.S. Government funds Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi linked Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (the KVPU), through its NED funded partner the AFL-CIO’s ‘Solidarity Center’. There are few sectors which the NED has not penetrated.

In Ukraine, this has meant that, especially since 2014, the anti-Russian feeling already embedded in Ukraine nationalism and ultra-nationalism, has been inflamed, setting the country on a collision source with its Russian-speaking minority and with its big eastern neighbor. The NED has culturally reinforced NATO’s drive to war.


As I stated last weekend with a USA Today post I analyzed, that the wheels would seemingly start falling off the false managed perception of the Ukraine war, there's goes another. But you didn't have to wait until you were finally blindsided by truth finally starting to come out. Will it take even more proof? But how do some of you feel now that you've been manipulated into supporting a fascist take over of a government? Erasing a 8 year genocide campaign by that fascist government with the help of our government. When you could have been informed well before last month when the delusional reality of a war was created that actually started 8 years ago. This information has been out there for years as I've been covering it at "Out Of The Illusion " Group

The suppression of alternative news sources created another Iraqed moment for many in the US in regards to Ukraine though. A month and a half ago you could have learned a hell of a lot more information on the facts if you weren't so indoctrinated against RT America. In which you would have known you were being conned into believing another lie correlated to the structure of the Iraq war deceptions. Now with RT banned you have to have all the right measures to get the factual conformation from video evidence I've been attempting to expose here. Many of who thumb their noses at and voiced the useless rhetoric of the MSCM who has been deceiving you all along.

In this series of resources you'll find a correlation with the above article that dictate a message I've been sending out for some time. Both on the Ukraine issue and how our MSCM is used as a tool for the capitalist international elite. If you live in the US as a fellow "American" and think we have democracy and freedom, I assure you we don't. Our country is a dictatorships tool ran by the ruling class international elite within the structure of their international investment firms, think tanks, NGO's, and public relation firms. All these groups developed the false narratives our MSCM had or have you believing in in regards to Ukraine. It isn't freedom of information, it's just simply business to them. It isn't democracy, it's just simply a matter of control. Control of your thoughts and control of who dies for them to run the business. It's manipulation of particular groups to create the chaos that supports their business. Exposed in the article above, in the following documentary, and a discussion I've posted multiple times between Abby Martin and professor of Political Sociology, Peter Phillips.

The pieces to this puzzle are all there for a mind of clarity to exodus the delusional reality upon us. If we don't the US could be a Ukraine in the making. We have all the parts available to make it so. Question that? I give you January 6th 2020. Which was given life during the 2016 election cycle. The plans to kidnap and kill Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The events that came within Ukraine at Maidan are eerily similar to Jan 6th. I'll remind you that some of those very people from those groups went to Ukraine to train under the same types of Nazi military there and groups in the following video. Which exposes how actions in Maidan were done with trained fascist and supported by the various international groups mentioned above. Some of these people who are likely attempting to avoid prosecution in Ukraine as they're losing that war, with fear of a potentially sane government being installed, are making their way across the globe. Imagine these scenes in your city as they mix and incite their ilk here.

This isn't RT. This is an American film maker Oliver Stone. No excuses now for refusing to observe what our MSCM suppresses from us. Also in this documentary he interviews Robert Parry who's work I've been using to expose the truth about Ukraine for years here. Parry mentions how the think tanks, NGO's, and public relation firms played a role in inciting the violence at Maidan. How they funded groups and certain people in various ways for this fascist take over to be accomplished. This again was evidence before 2022 that was suppressed from the public before Parry passed away. Stone interviews the president that the Obama administration overthrew also. Fair warning! Very graphic images of injuries, death, and violence in this documentary. I'm sorry, I've viewed so many of these but there may be some burned bodies in this also.


in the discussion below professor of Political Sociology Peter Phillips goes further into how the transnational capitalist class operates. How our MSCM's information is developed for them, again from within the groups mentioned above. Exposing tactics that dictate societies ideology around the globe on an information warfare front on one level, and often lead to crisis that create a Ukraine like orchestrated criminal disaster. This is simply their method of doing business which survives on geopolitical strategy. Democracy and freedom have nothing to do with it. I took the liberty of starting the video on that point. I highly encourage you to view the entire video for a full understanding.

Unempire. Don't allow yourselves to be Iraqed again!

William_Mary 8 Mar 19
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