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The attack on Russia is the biggest geopolitical gamble in America’s history. If it succeeds, America will be the indisputable hegemon of the world, leading to a truly one-world government. On the other hand, if it fails, the American Century and the U.S. dollar’s status as the global currency will collapse unceremoniously. We are living through a momentous and dangerous arc of history.

America’s democracy is also faltering and the country is deeply divided.


I have and will continue to argue that both of those aspects are a bases of manufactured concepts. Democracy, I feel, has had many incidents, theories, and factual reporting against it where it can be critically believed to be under control. With a mass united organization of people behind a outside party of the 2 establishment parties, it would become staunchly obvious, as every effort to stop such a movement would be implemented, more so than in 2016, where the DNC ignorantly put Sanders beside Clinton, unaware, so out of touch, of how many would support a socialist from across the entire political spectrum of the citizenship.

If you missed that, I'll argue it's because of the second aspect above, which probably put you in the Clinton club. Even many republicans took notice to this obvious betrayal to democracy. Who a fair number changed party affiliation to vote for Sanders. Trump voiced concerns on it, but as Trump was obvious a liar on large scale, his words went unwarranted among democrat supporters. Which is part of the reason that some after that betrayal then went back to vote for Trump. We're deeply divided only due to the perception management agenda created by the tools of the ruling classes propaganda machine. Their propaganda machine is design to keep the US citizens divided accordingly to party selection. Keeping us trapped in that 2 party only system. Neither has a genuine concern to who wins. The apparatus controlled by the ruling class wins either way. The only concern to any of the above is to keep capitalism from imploding.

{Even vassal states like Saudi Arabia are now starting to rebel, daring to sell oil for Yuan. Thus, something has to be done.}

But what can be done. Turn their imperialist war towards them? Even attempting a genuine threaten towards them would become disastrous. Does anyone realize the secrets Saudi Arabia has on the western governments? 9/11 alone holds many for our US representatives.

{If you look at which countries are America’s enemies, they all have one thing in common: They don’t have U.S. military bases. And they have independent foreign policies, independent media etc. If you’re a country that is free from Facebook, Coca Cola, Goldman Sachs, and Lockheed Martin, you will be enemy #1.}

And they don't have the many various types of propaganda machines western oligarchs own to manage the perceptions of their citizenships. Leaving only the false narratives towards their state owned and independent medias which actually provide much better informative coverage of the world.

{As for China, it won’t let Russia collapse. If Putin gets replaced by an American puppet, the 6000+ Russian nukes will be pointed at China and not at the US. And there will be missile defense systems on Russia-China border, similar to those in South Korea. China’s energy security will also be severely threatened, as the new Russia can turn off the oil/gas pipelines at critical times. Moreover, half of China’s Belt and Road (BRI) trains to Europe go through Russia. Finally, if Russia falls, other Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan will become US puppets as well. Without Russia, the CCP’s future will be very shaky.}

And there you have a major reason the US will not send our men and women to Ukraine. Or any other European country. It would be a monumental catastrophe of another sacrificial murder off the charts compared to Iraq and Afghanistan, even without use of nuclear weapons.

{If Russia falls, the entire world has to accept America as the supreme leader of the world. It will be unipolar moment 2.0 on steroids. Europe will eventually benefit from this hegemony, although European leaders will be the junior dictators.}

I still argue all matters go through the Little City of London. The birth of the global power structure.

{Russia is a proud country with 1000+ years of remarkable history. Putin is not going to let Russia disintegrate and vanish from history. If Russia is on the verge of oblivion, it will nuke America for sure, and perhaps Germany. If pushed to a corner, Russia can and will use its hypersonic missiles to obliterate all the major American cities.}

What would be left to lose? Currently looking down the barrel of acceptable genocide Jews faced which Palestinians also face within the publicly rebirth of fascist ideology acceptance.

{America is an Empire of Lies that peddles fake news, toxic food, harmful medicines from Big Pharma, oligarchy dressed up as democracy, imperialism pretending to spread freedom, and illusion of wealth that is founded upon the dollar’s global status, exploding debt and money-printing.

There is no going back now. The globalists have started WW3, which has been so far limited to economic and financial warfare. There will be a New World Order 2.0. There will be vicious struggles to determine the future of all nations.}

Add the climate change to that also. Which is now reverting back to coal use despite the harms it creates.

William_Mary 8 Apr 20
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