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The Consortium Imposing the Growing Censorship Regime

The rapid escalation of online censorship, and increasingly offline censorship, cannot be overstated. The silencing tactic that has most commonly provoked attention and debate is the banning of particular posts or individuals by specific social media platforms. But the censorship regime that has been developed, and which is now rapidly escalating, extends far beyond those relatively limited punishments.

That these groups are funded by the West’s security state, Big Tech, and other assorted politically active billionaires is not speculation or some fevered conspiracy theory. For various legal reasons, they are required to disclose their funders, and these facts about who finances them are therefore based on their own public admissions. So often the financing is funneled through well-established front groups for CIA, the State Department and the U.S. National Security State, such as “National Endowment for Democracy.”

{This is the sole reason The Grayzone { [] } is so highly attacked as a fake news source. They are probably the leading independent news source that does all the footwork towards discovery in regards to digging up the footprints of these groups and where the money comes from and goes. They do such an extensive discovery collection that it unveils an equally enormous correlation of how much money is being spent on perception management towards falsehoods within foreign affairs as corporations and billionaires spend buying our democracy. The amount of money being put into these 2 agendas alone, year after year, towards western hegemony predominance is more than enough to create a unified world stage that would eliminate any reason for inequality, civil unrest, and war. You can find countless articles at The Grayzone where they painstakingly went through the process of exposing more people and groups than I can keep up with that exposes the true atmosphere of the delusional reality being perpetrated on western societies}

Look to any government or society in which censorship prevailed — either today or throughout history. This narrative about why censorship is not just justified but morally necessary is always present. Nobody wants to think of themselves as a censorship supporter. They need to be supplied with a story about why they are something different, or at least why the censorship they are led to support is uniquely justified.

And it works because, in the most warped sense possible, it appeals to reason. If one really believes, as millions of American liberals do, that the U.S. faces two and only two choices — either (1) elect Democrats and ensure they rule or (2) live under a white nationalist fascist dictatorship — then of course such people will believe that media disinformation campaigns, censorship, and other forms of authoritarianism are necessary to ensure Democrats win and their opponents are vanquished. Once that self-glorifying rationale is embraced — our adversaries do not merely disagree with us but cause harm with the expression of their views — then the more suppression, the better. And that is exactly what is happening now.

{If you wisely took my advice in regards to watching the discussion between Abby Martin and Mark Crispin Miller {a professor of media studies at New York University} on modern propaganda, found on the pinned pages of the group, history again has played a major role in deceiving many, especially, predominantly, in the US. In that discussion Miller exposes the use of cartoonish art to falsely project a beastly image of the USSR and their leaders. Russia and Putin today have been again facing those very same tactics towards deceiving societies on factual reasoning of the Ukraine war and diverting attention from the real fascist entities involved in that war. Diverting attention from the fact that it has nothing to do with democracy or even Ukraine, but geopolitical strategy geared on perpetual warring. Democracy was denied in 2014. And the world is being economically and socially sacrificed while the ruling class agenda plays out. As Russian culture is absurdly being attacked and Putin is falsely portrayed as a Hitler}


Banishment From the Financial System

Greenwald goes into a litany of reasons this weapon is presently turning the global structure upside down. And it has been more widely used as a weapon in recent years that creates its own social devastation and deaths. Along with the Swift system currently on high usage as a weapon, Venezuela predominantly, and now Russia, this like sanctions are producing a boomerang effect around the globe to exacerbate a new global power change. With fear that this weapon can be turned towards any ally at any moment, as a number of them refuse to turn from Russia as a partner, along with past targeted countries, there's a growing membership towards that change of participation in western hegemony.

With Europe facing growing protest from citizens, eventually something will have to give among representation. Either turn away from the leading US hegemony or total civil unrest. Seemingly from what I'm understanding, Germany is going to once again play a major role in what goes down in Europe. As many of the European countries highly depend on their manufacturing which is currently taking large declining blows from the sanctions of Russian energy. Protest in Britain can potentially become the next deciding factor of abandoning the US leadership role in the Ukraine issue. Telling your people to suck it up and freeze isn't going to cut it for very long while paying 4 times more for energy cost for US gas and you're pouring their taxes into weapons supplies for supporting what they see as a fascist ruled country. The Europeans are as ignorant as so many in the US. That's why they're in the streets by the thousands in these countries. Our US representatives are staging a scenario of isolation for us.

Which can end up leaving us in the hands of the following when the rest of us finally figure out they've been duped again and want to protest also. Way to little and way to late. You know who you are. You'll be the ones who won't read this, never read or view important content that intellectually challenges you and informs us of the illusion, but will comment without addressing the substances within. We have the potential of being handed over the the fascist in this country. !You're not paying enough attention to the Capital riots! !Or how 2014 in Ukraine really went down! You're not using your intellect, period.

Union of Big Tech, U.S. Security State and Corporate Media Giants

While the republicans sit back and watch this unfold until they can take power again and collaboratively exacerbate its full potential. The US has the potential of becoming what has happened in Ukraine. Just replace the FCC vote with this issue. They, all issues, work the same! The democrats jab and the republicans knock us out. []

We watched a great discussion last night on Worlds Apart I think you'll find very informative on various issues confronting the world today. Below

Free to be chained? Harley Schlanger, vice president of the Schiller Institute

The great German playwright Friedrich von Schiller remarked two centuries ago that friends show us what we can do, while foes teach us what we should do. Historically, Russia and Germany have been both close collaborators and mortal enemies whose tried and tested relationship laid the groundwork for peace and prosperity in Europe over the past 50 years or so. What awaits the continent now as these connections are severed at America’s bidding? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Harley Schlanger, vice president of the Schiller Institute.


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