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Media Sources; people from all walks and ideologies peruse a variety of source material available on the Internet, some more reliable than others. I think it behooves anyone trying to have an intelligent conversation or argument to perform the due diligence where they are sourcing their information from. That said; media sources and the way stories are presented, from just the facts to slanted to pure crazy is hard to discern, for either the left or the right, especially when it comes to politics.

  • Example: A story on the AP or Reuters is more reliable than the same story taken to extremes by someplace like InfoWars.

While it's easy to recognize some of these media sources as being pure stupidity, many are not. So, for those interested, I have long since used two sites that help to provide more information on media sources.

  1. Media Bias / Fact Check: [] does a pretty good job of analysis of all media sources of all types. Simply enter a site name or publisher in the Search box, press enter (exp: USA Today or AP News) and click on the Media / Bias fact check graphic to investigate that source.

  2. Ad Fontes Media Bias Chart: [] - this site provides an interactive (zoomable) chart of many popular media outlets and where they fall from political dead center to no-bias , and reliability (horizontal placement). You can also subscribe to this site if so desired.

Please do share, as I've seen posts & comments on this site that are sourcing absolutely ridiculous and unreliable sources - what I refer to as "tin hat" fomenting - from both sides of the political spectrum. Of course there will be those that are happy with disinformation because it's comfortable and suits them - those folks won't do any fact checking of where their information is sourced "from" - only that it fits their particular mindset, and thats ok - but others should be wary of the media outlets they use.

Lufahyu 3 Feb 4
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I have concerns that this suggests that both sides are equally loony. In my experience, I haven't seen the Left promoting conspiracies in anything like the number and absurdity of what comes from the Right. I believe the Right has forced society in their direction. While MSM has its flaws, it's nothing like the hard core propaganda (straight-up lies) coming from Fox.

racocn8 Level 9 Feb 4, 2023

Unless you're one who still accepts the now widely proven false rhetoric of Russiagate on multiple levels and aspects, and the blatant lies about Ukraine currently happening for over a year now. How do you not also place (straight up lies) on the left medias also? It was the democratic party that deceptively lead the illegal overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2014. In which both right and left medias collaborated with to deceive the American citizenship in regards to the true context of its course and final results we're witnessing today, for a year now. It was primarily the left who bellowed out for years since 2016 all the blatant lies about Russiagate. MSNBC played a primary role, especially Rachel Maddow. In which they occasionally still voice that fake news from time to time. Even today they are still attempting to bury the Hunter laptop story despite multiple accounts of it having been proven as a legitimate issue. Files that have been taken from it and exposed as having significant importance are still being suppressed from MSCM of both sides.

Both of the above are indeed falsely manufactured conspiracies of absurdity. So were the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Sending our men and women to be murdered in those wars to the amount of approximately 9000 is a horrendous absurdity. Both sides of MSCM were complicit in this crime on our society. Iraq was as blatant as a lie comes. Afghanistan wasn't far off being the mission for going there basically changed as boots hit the ground turned into a war with the Taliban rather than hunting down Bin Laden. Who Bush later pulled the troops and CIA out of the mountains when they had him trapped, to allow him to escape to Pakistan. A 20 year war essentially based of profits for the military complex where our replacement commanders went into Afghanistan each time with duffle bags of tax payer cash to hand out to the enemy and criminals. Untold billions.

What does absurd mean to you? How much more absurd does that 20 year period have to be for people to correlate it to Ukraine!?!

I also have to ask if you're differentiating Fox News from MSM being your statement seems to suggest it is different from the others.


Yea, I will not being sharing this with anyone. I highly caution the group, as I always have with sites that attempt to deceptively suggest they rate news sources, that they're as deceiving as the medias they mostly divert you towards. Their agenda is to keep you in line with the going perception management that the MSCM has. Which both of these sites do. A quick search through both these sites quickly raised red flags. The first site which I've seen before quickly reminded me of it's deceptions. You will not find anything on the site but MSCMs and a few MSMs. As with the second site.

If you're not already aware of alternative independent sources that are more informative, you're not going to be informed of them at either site. As I have stated before, I can develop an informative opinion on my own using both biased new sources while relying on past history to sort out the bullshit myself. The biased right and left reporting are quite good at exposing the other, and the political arena, but only within half truths with a ton of mis/disinformation thrown in. You have to personally be able to separate the bullshit from it all and apply the history to put the puzzle together though. It's the tribal politics they rely on to keep so many divided. Stuck in their version of perception management. Which 80% is created for them by public relation firms, NGOs, and think tanks working for the international ruling class elite. These news analyst sites don't expose that aspect of the information war to you, do they? If one did they would be designated as a fake news site.

My best test is doing a search on NPR. It usually gets the best rating compared to most. Which is absurd. About the only thing they get right is it's in the middle. NPR for the most part is an open mic for politicians to spew their hegemony agendas and corporate communism that supports capitalism. They spent years spewing the fake Russiagate bullshit. Still do. And seemingly, fully, on board with supporting and funding the fascist of Ukraine while allowing the mis/disinformation campaign of it go unchecked. Which they are forced to do because they are funded primarily by corporations, other MSCMs, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting/created by Congress. Bill Gates alone has donated, at last knowledge of mine, some 38 billion dollars over the years. The context that it's publicly funded is ludicrous.

Each of my sources that I searched were falsely labeled as widely left. Black Agenda Report couldn't even be found on one. If anyone pays attention to any of the sources I use here, not one of them lean anyway. My sources are for the most part strictly oppositional of both right and left challenging both. Making the common argument of transparency as an issue absurd when each of my primary sources, which is about 6 of, are confronting any of MSCM within the realms of proven history, past failures, exposed lies and crimes, often with links leading to those negative attributes. Which in fact, if anyone is guilty of none transparency when challenging independent journalism on my list it's MSCM and our government. You will not find any of the journalist of allowed anywhere near a broadcast set to be able to challenge the status quo.Which is why they're often discarded from social medias to limit any chance of the citizenship to get a full sense of their work. The illusion must not be disturbed.

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