Groups enable similarly-interested members to share topics more intimately than in the main forum. Here's some questions/answers related to groups

Q: What can groups be about?

A: Groups are typically either topical or geographic. Groups can be listed as "online only", "offline" or both as well as setup to be local, regional, state-wide, country-wide or international (default). We are currently pretty open to what can be a group but might come up with more guidelines depending on feedback. We do have limits on content (e.g., no nudity or overtly sexual content as it doesn't help the mission of this website and there are other websites that better suited).

Q: Who can create groups?

A: Currently any level 4+ member can create a group by going to the main groups page and clicking "Create Group". You'll see a form that has some basic directions. We reserve group creation to level 5+ members to avoid having lots of thinly populated groups.

Q: What are group moderators?

A: Moderators are just members that the group host lists who have similar access to admin tools for the group as the host. While we have not yet implemented these features, group hosts and moderators will be able to remove posts and members at their discretion.

Q: How to join groups?

A: There is a big "Join" button on every group that you can join. Eventually, we may have some join rules for the group host to set such as member level and location.

Q: Who can post in a group?

A: The member who started a group can set who can post in it. Options are: any member, any group member, or host/moderators only.

Q: How do posts work in groups?

A: When a member posts in a group, the post will only show up in that group. However, the host/moderators have an option to have thier post show up both in the group and in the main forums. We hope that 90%+ of the posts will stay in the group so that the conversations stay intimate.

Q: Where do I see posts in groups where I’m a member?

A: For now, you’ll see the last 3 (or so) group posts on the main page. Perhaps we can create a toggle to let you have more control on what you see there. You can see the specific groups that you're a member on a tab on the groups page.

Q: Can I hide which groups I'm a member of on my profile page?

A: Yes, you can hide the group list as a setting on the settings page.

Q: What if I no longer want to run my group?

A: You've a few options. If your group has no members, just delete it. If it has members, you can either give it to a member of the group or merge the group with another group. Both options are explained at the bottom of the "Edit Group" page.

Q: How do you handle old or inactive groups?

A: Once a group has had no activity (e.g., new joins or posts) for 6 months, we simply retire it from the website. If the owner of a group deletes their profile, we pick the member of the group who has been the most active in the last month and give it to him or her.

Q: What are events?

A: Events are a way for you to get group members together either online or offline (a.k.a., "The real world"). You can record whether or not you'll attend the events as well as post specifically to other attendees. Note: we encourage you to post events that you think would be of interest to our secular, pro-science community.

Q: How to connect events and groups?

A: When you create an event, you have the option to specify which group you want it to be associated with (if you're the group's host/moderator). Events show up on the event directory page or in the group page if linked together.

Q: Any points for participation?

A: Yep. You get points when members join your groups or attend events you list. You still get the same points when you post in a group as if you post generally. Comments are treated the same as well.

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