What does it mean to be good without a God? How do we even know what "good" is without religion? Learn about the secular philosophy of Humanism and how society is improved when we treat people as people. Humanism is a set of ideas on how to live a better life based on common sense and treating people well.

A Short Introduction to Humanism

What is a Humanist, what is our morality, and why should you care? Chances are, you are already one of us!

Where Does Our Morality Come From?

Didn’t Religion invent morality? Isn’t it impossible to be moral without a god? The answer, of course, is no. In fact, morality is much better when we realize that it comes from common sense.

Agnostics, Atheists, Humanists and Extremists

Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists and Extremists, Oh, My! Learn how these groups overlap and how to know when people cross the line on being good... be they anywhere on the political spectrum.

Humanist Forgiveness and Redemption

Humanists realize that forgiveness and redemption are human-made and imperative for the creation and continuation of a cohesive society

How To Be Civil While Having Impact Today

Children shout people down and throw around insults. If you want to really dominate your opponent, your greatest weapon is the civil discussion. Learn how Humanism gives you super power.

Humanism and Social Justice

Today’s Social Justice Warrior is part Humanist, part Extremist, and 100% well-intentioned.

Self Dehumanization and Dehumanization Cycles

How our innate tendencies impair our sense of self worth and what to do about it.

Humanism and Environmentalism

How do we balance the needs of future people with the desires of those alive today - when today’s actions impact the planet's long term viability.

History of Agnosticism

Learn the origin of the idea that belief is based on evidence and how it relates to atheism.

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