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I am a 5'2", blonde hair, blue eyes, 135 lbs, 56 years old. I own and run a small retail store ( a erotica shop). I have been doing retail for the past years.
I would say I have always had my droughts as to whether there was a god or not, was raised going to church off and on and the older I got, the more I learned , saw and understood the less I believed. By the time I was in the 7th grade I had come to the conclusion that there was no god, just something mankind made up because we have to have answers to things and also a way for the few to control the many. After I came to this conclusion I have never looked back and still stand strong in that belief.
I remember when I was in school, how disappointed I was to find out my favorite science teacher believed in god, I had to ask him, "how could you be a science teacher and believe such a thing? "
Because I am a Atheist, I have strong feeling about separation of church and state and my right to not have a faith, and to make sure our laws are not made based on faith.

I was married to a Christian man for 34 years, it was the only thing we did not agree on, we just accepted that we were never going to change the others mind. We raised two daughters, we did not push either beliefs, we told them to learn about all faiths and question everything, think for yourself and decide for yourself what you believe. As both did and neither one believes in a god.

I believe in polygamous I believe in monogamy, what ever works for the persons involved in the relationship. I do not believe in living a lie to make someone happy and I do not believe in building a relationship based on false expectations of ourselves and others. I believe in total honesty as to what I want and what I can and cannot give. That said, after 34 years of marriage I am not looking for any commitment or obligations. I am enjoying my freedom. I am looking for friendships, to hang out with and share common interest with. I want to make this clear now as to not waist others time.

I am an open and honest person, integrity is very important to me.I believe honesty is the foundation of any relationship, whether it be friends, family or lovers. I do not games, I say how it is and what I want.

I am a very open minded person; tend to be a free thinker, liberal and accepting of those different from me. To me no one should be judged or discriminated agents because of race,age,religion,sex or sexual orientation. We are all human and I try to treat people as such.

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