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Humanist, Atheist, Secularist, Antitheist, Freethinker
Open to meeting women
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I am a product of the DOD school system, having grown up (I'm told that's not true) outside the continental U.S. which makes me a semi-educated pseudo-intellectual.
I was raised Lutheran, moved on to the Pentecostal church, before finally waking up only about 20 years ago, though that was not an epiphany but rather a gradual process. I was an angry atheist for several years afterward.
I served 20 years in the military, retiring in 1997, and continuing to serve as a contractor to the military to this day.
I am a widower of less than two years of an almost 36 year marriage, so that is a burden to which I am still adjusting (a corollary of which is that I still feel I am being disloyal whenever I speak to women).
I am a father to three, grandfather to six and greatgrandfather to one. Never thought I'd see that.
I am a motorcyclist (I am a patch-holder) and own two Harleys.
I am often crude and profane and I curse a lot, but I don't think I am ever abusive. I open doors for people (not just women), say please and thank you and expect the same of my progeny, though I am pleasantly surprised when someone does the same for me (I guess I don't expect much so everything is icing). I am free and easy with compliments though I am still learning to accept them myself.
I laugh a lot, most often at myself. I enjoy reading, also a lot (currently into varying stages of a dozen or so books). I am a gamer which keeps me out of the bars, both the drinking kind and the legal kind. Damn, I guess I lead a rather boring life.
I enjoy a good ale (not much of a lager drinker anymore) though that isn't as often anymore either.
I live in Smithfield, Virginia, so if you're ever in the area, or doing something interesting and within a hundred miles, and want to quaff a barley pop or go for a putt, hit me up!
Cogito ergo sum liber. I think therefore I am free.


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