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What? I never filled this out? I'm laid back to a fault. I'm not that motivated but manage to work and spend a lot of time with my young children. I'm a proud liberal in a populist sense. I have an aversion to elitism, but even more so to social and economic injustices. That being said, I probably appear to be a redneck from a distance. I like fishing, watching sports, and when I drink alcohol it is beer. I live in a crappy little apartment and that's how I like it. The older I get the more I prefer my own company to almost everyone I know. I talk to people all day long and do enjoy it in that capacity. I believe I am very level headed in a low key way. Mindfulness has helped me understand myself better over the years. Hmmmm...Is this the kind of stuff I'm suppose to be putting on this bio?


Rudy1962 comments on Apr 21, 2018:
So does he pee on his ballsack?
It's meme day...what can I say.
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 26, 2018:
20 Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship 1. Abusers treat people roughly. They may hurt ...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 30, 2018:
Good list
You shouldn't have to ask.
Rudy1962 comments on May 6, 2018:
Reminds me of a few transient hotels I stayed in when I was younger
Adele - "Hello" PARODY - YouTube
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 8, 2018:
Shannon is such a pessimist
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 24, 2019:
Yah. I like people who hate people :)
Bullies---TIME'S UP Workplace drama - Day 2 A young lady from the new hire class walked out ...
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 30, 2018:
Good job. We all need to learn to be kind to each other as long as we share this planet together. There is no reason to bring unnecessary pain into this world. Just living gives us enough inevitable pain.
Counting the days...
Rudy1962 comments on May 12, 2018:
Narcissistic, ignorant, lying, phony, sociopathic, egomaniac. He and his followers make it hard for me to gain a better attitude towards humanity
Is it rationally justified to pay for sex ?
Rudy1962 comments on Dec 26, 2017:
I believe legalizing prostitution would be helpful in efforts to end sex slave trafficking, as I believe decriminalizing drugs and addressing it as a medical condition would decrease drug addictions
My favorite porcine...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 9, 2018:
You are on a roll today
Dad can't handle it.
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 29, 2018:
Suck it up, buttercup
Ah yes. Florida Man strikes again.
Rudy1962 comments on Oct 4, 2018:
Oh. Well. Throw the case out then
Really not
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 16, 2018:
I'm guessing not good
Motivational thought for the day.
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 10, 2018:
Motivation is overrated
"?" Opinion Time "?" I'm NOT going to allthesudden believe if a loved one gets cancer or ...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 2, 2018:
It is like the argument, "There are no atheists in foxholes.". That is actually an argument for atheism. If one turns to a God out of fear or for comfort, then it is an admission that it is an emotional decision; and not one based on reality, reason or evidence.
I know you are out there, fess up!!
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 4, 2019:
I take great pride in it !☺️
Another potential avatar for me?
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 14, 2018:
We'll hit your theist asses with fire extinguishers now
I thought about putting this in "Silly, Random & Fun", but I thought Eric would get a kick out of ...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 21, 2018:
Is this one of Trump's kids?
How To Vajaculate: If You Build It, She Will Come... [youtube.com]
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 2, 2018:
Now that's a weird kind of genius there
For those of you who haven't given up on dating yet....
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Just because I spend my nights crying in my urine soaked bed that doesn't mean I'm broken and disgusting.
Laser removal
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 28, 2019:
And putting tats on your children is even more permanent
I drink a lot of water and canoes with the other one. I don't know?
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 3, 2018:
I drink or a lot to learn about your experience
I made it!! God level!! Thanks for all your help!! Now I'll give you a break!! You guys rocked!!
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 22, 2018:
Congratulations there, Captain!
WARNING!!! This is a test, and only a test. If you do not like this meme please move on and view ...
Rudy1962 comments on May 7, 2018:
So wait? If something here offends me I can just scroll past it? I don't need to ruminate on it and decided because I find it offensive then it must be banned?
Ceramic pain....
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 16, 2018:
Looks like it hurts so good
What does the “H.” in “Jesus H. Christ” stand for? (Be creative— this is intended to be...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 18, 2019:
I was going to comment. However, after reading all the witty comments below, I'm not worthy. Well played, heathens.
Hand dryer....
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
When the piss hits the fan
Your useless superpower?
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 19, 2018:
An ability to make a smartass comment on almost all topics
Going to give this positivity g another try...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 25, 2018:
Baby steps, baby steps
The power of prayer
Rudy1962 comments on May 18, 2018:
Yah. How dare you present a reasonable argument.
For those who have a neighborhood
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 7, 2018:
I've owned two ice cream trucks in my past..
What is your darkest, most difficult experience?
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 6, 2018:
It wasn't my darkest time, but in many ways it was my strangest dark time. Through a phone call I learned that my wife had been cheating on me. I learned this about a half an hour before I was scheduled to do couples counseling. The couple had come in to deal with an affair the wife previously had. It was a very strange day.
Millenialls! Am I right?...
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 19, 2019:
Well that doesn't mean he isn't adorable
The struggle....
Rudy1962 comments on May 22, 2018:
They like when you play hard to get? Or is it cause it's hard to get hard?
The deal breaker
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 30, 2018:
Sometimes it's good to be single
21st century VD sentiments
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
That's what I tell liquor...
So you decide to get it on with someone, and you put your iPhone on "Play all -- shuffle". Things ...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 7, 2018:
Just "appropriated" this from @Bostonian in the "Trump Pinata" group...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 29, 2018:
The next president is really going to have to go an apology tour.
More Sunday funnies...
Rudy1962 comments on Sep 30, 2018:
Maybe he just has blind rage and strikes out at anything. He might be an alcoholic or meth addict
What is one big thing you want to accomplish this year?
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 25, 2018:
Run at least a mile and lose at least 25 lbs. Oh run that mile all at once. Not like 10 meters a day
Sums up this group
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 30, 2018:
The woman on the right seems nicer
What if?
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 25, 2018:
Come on now. Have you seen the state of the world? If there was a God, and that God wasn't a complete socio-path, he or she or it would have blown their head off by now. If that God is a complete socio-path, they would not follow through on that whole, "Adore and worship me and you can go to heaven" deal. "Make the World Great Again", yah come on God I'm not falling for that again you orange douchebag.. wait, I got off subject.
Duck suit meme sans 404 error.
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 5, 2018:
Is that guy on the end taking a crap? Really getting into the part
This is why Melania had the face lift!
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 10, 2018:
Now if he could just get a murdering wife
An oldie and very corny: "Will Miss Issippi wear her New Jersey to the picnic?" "Idaho. Alaska."...
Rudy1962 comments on May 29, 2018:
Now that's a cheesy one
Yes it does!
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 18, 2019:
But Heraldo the pool boy can't go in your house and service your wife until after you leave for work
Lost at sea with this one...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 29, 2018:
Now I know where those priests got the idea
Is it just me or does others find it undignified for our VP Mike Pence, who said that he 'ignored ...
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 15, 2018:
"mother" aka ( his wife) probably didn't let him talk to another woman.
Cover those man boobs.
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 20, 2018:
Not a bad ass after all.
Rudy1962 comments on Sep 10, 2018:
He got a lot of tail
Are you more open and honest online than in person?
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 22, 2018:
I will admit I have had the thought that I have less to lose online being open and honest. Also, finding more like minded people online has increased my confidence in speaking my mind face to face, in a community where my views are definitely in the minority. Online communication can lead to more aggressive debates. I'm learning not to do that.
Nothing like a little nihilism on a Friday night.
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 30, 2018:
These memes have helped me find purpose and meaning in my life
I think I need that shirt.
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 28, 2019:
Good chance she will pass out first
“The banana is the atheists nightmare "
Rudy1962 comments on Dec 31, 2017:
I will start questioning my atheism as soon as nature produces trees that grow twist off beer bottles. Oh, and I have really enjoyed the comments on this post.
Pentagon Confirms Climate Change Is A National Security Threat, Contradicting Trump | HuffPost
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 22, 2019:
Climate change is the biggest threat to humanity, and humanity is not responding quick enough.
Dammit, Scottie!
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 5, 2018:
Ohhhh shit
Soooo damn frustrating!
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 10, 2018:
Have you ever considered a career in selling meth?
Burn baby!
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 4, 2018:
So itchy....
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 19, 2019:
Well not sober anyway
Don't dream it....be it!
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 27, 2018:
Did someone say "supersize" in Spanish?
Rudy1962 comments on Nov 23, 2018:
That's a big xanax
No land necessary...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 11, 2018:
Sounds good. But if ATF or FBI shows up not going to go all David Koresh on them:)
Many, ok most, of the people in this group....
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 29, 2018:
And awkward periods of silence
Dear Grouchy Feminists (Not all feminists. Just the grouchy ones.) Please don't take my chivalry ...
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 29, 2018:
I figured this all out awhile ago. I remember times, like in traffic if I gave the right away to a man he'd always give me a nod or a wave but women often didn't acknowledge the gesture at all. Once I was fishing and I tried to ask this woman about the fishing, and she just simply didn't respond at all. It made me angry, but based on things I actually heard since those days, evidently it is because they get too much unsolicited attention by aggressive guys.... so at times they decide it's better to appear rude than chance giving someone "an in" to unwanted and awkward advances.
Truth or Dare
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 19, 2018:
Have sex
So you think you can tell?
Rudy1962 comments on May 7, 2018:
Now that I am more comfortable...lol.
Rudy1962 comments on Sep 21, 2018:
Oh good. Crazy shit
Death: what do you think will happen when you die? What do you think happens to your ...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 24, 2018:
Our bodies are conceived and these bodies are run off energy. Our thoughts and our emotions all come from the part of the body called the brain and central nervous system. Our brains are developed enough we have self awareness. Once the body dies we no longer consume energy. We also no longer have thoughts and emotions
Now close your eyes...
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 19, 2019:
Dark. I like it
Meanwhile in Northampton
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 30, 2018:
I thought that was how Trump was conceived
That's rather disturbing.
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 31, 2018:
At least she died a 9
What's other people's thoughts
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 24, 2018:
"Changes upon changes we remain, more or less, the same."
I'm new to this group and you do say bad taste is encouraged so..... Supposed to be humorous... not...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 7, 2018:
I thought we were immune to being offended by memes here. Like those celebrity roasts
My motto......
Rudy1962 comments on May 14, 2018:
Funny and true
Nope, I'll pass on the shants.
Rudy1962 comments on Aug 2, 2018:
I shant ever wear those
Funny as hell
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 25, 2018:
That is funny
Share your thoughts about NFL players kneeling during pre-game playing of national anthem.
Rudy1962 comments on Dec 17, 2017:
Some well thought out and well articulated comments on this thread. I'm offended by people being unnecessarily killed by police, and police being exonerated for obvious murder. I've seen the videos. The people they kill have parents, children, siblings and friends who forever will feel the pain of an unnecessary shooting. This seems obviously more harmful than taking a knee. I've watched a lot of football on television, with a lot of people, and not once have I seen someone stand.
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 10, 2018:
This one's coming here rather than "Silly,..." where I usually post my 'Cyanides'... Last Meal - ...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 29, 2018:
That made me cry
When you can remain calm when all hell is breaking loose, you have figured out who to blame.
Rudy1962 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
I'm going to steal this and put it in positive vibes group
Not really....
Rudy1962 comments on Oct 4, 2018:
THiS wOuLd hAvE BeEn FuNNiEr wItH RaNDoM CaPs.....
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 19, 2019:
And He thill a thumbass
Tonight at Grace Church one time only
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 15, 2018:
OK. That's something I would come to watch
Tomato tomah-to
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 16, 2018:
I wouldn't recommend it
WHAT'S YOUR ONE THING? -- A lot of people have a bucket list of things they'd like to do before ...
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 24, 2019:
See Trump thrown out of office
WYD (What you doing) after smoking this.
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 19, 2019:
Good ones
Fellow agnostics, how do you feel about believers joining?
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 5, 2018:
I think it is a bad idea
A mime meme.
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 29, 2018:
Perhaps you could act them out for us instead
Meh you know its true
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
I'd say moderate depression
Home school marching band.
Rudy1962 comments on Oct 17, 2018:
Go get your sister, Junior. She's been dropping acid again
Sounds good in theory
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 6, 2019:
Can't have that problem if you don't have friends
Remember to be safe in the zoo
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 11, 2018:
Especially Susie from the corner of 5th and Broadway. Trust me, don't eat her or she'll make you sick. And charge extra!
Building trust in personal relationships (Or: What I wish I had known 45 years ago) I see ...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 21, 2018:
I do a lot of couples counseling these days. Man, working on the trust issue is hard. Communication obviously helps build trust, but a lack of trust hurts communication.
But Officer I'm Not...
Rudy1962 comments on May 7, 2018:
Might just work
Let's try this one... I'll go first.
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 9, 2018:
Sex sent me to the ER for you are doing fine but not in any manner that is why the best time I can see you tomorrow night but not for a couple weeks....WTF?
Anybody want to accept this challenge?
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Probably that one photo of my best friend's wife...That would be wrong :(
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 14, 2019:
She does have pretty eyes
That Old Chestnut
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 8, 2018:
Beautiful man, beautiful
Damn good thing!!
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 9, 2018:
It'd be a bloody mess
Here goes, Monday,... Nope, still undefined for photos/memes, @Admin obviously hates us! I'm ...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 26, 2018:
I can't go much longer without a meme . Me needs a meme. I need my fix man!


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