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What? I never filled this out? I'm laid back to a fault. I'm not that motivated but manage to work and spend a lot of time with my young children. I'm a proud liberal in a populist sense. I have an aversion to elitism, but even more so to social and economic injustices. That being said, I probably appear to be a redneck from a distance. I like fishing, watching sports, and when I drink alcohol it is beer. I live in a crappy little apartment and that's how I like it. The older I get the more I prefer my own company to almost everyone I know. I talk to people all day long and do enjoy it in that capacity. I believe I am very level headed in a low key way. Mindfulness has helped me understand myself better over the years. Hmmmm...Is this the kind of stuff I'm suppose to be putting on this bio?


Part 1 of 2 I was born into an Evangelical Christian household and got “saved” at age twelve....
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 25, 2018:
Welcome home
The best part...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 31, 2018:
I don't know. I think it kind of grosses my cats out
We can celebrate the small victories.
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
That's exactly where I set the bar
If You Are Wondering What That Means, This List is For You
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 22, 2018:
They forgot ammosexual
Well, that sums it up!
Rudy1962 comments on Nov 20, 2018:
But I want to take it with me
How Are U Going To Tell Her?
Rudy1962 comments on May 10, 2018:
Wait tell she's gone...Move out and then text her
Its all in the name ...
Rudy1962 comments on Dec 23, 2018:
Its still better than being called ugly all the time and married
Pun 1 of the day...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 14, 2018:
Oh boy
Wait for it....
Rudy1962 comments on May 16, 2018:
Come on. Lie and say you do
Plain and simple
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 17, 2018:
Couldn't they of made him less of an asshole?
Looking for that tree dick... it's gotta be down there somewhere!
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 7, 2018:
I hope she's getting paid a lot for that
Anyone seen this guy?
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 23, 2019:
Good one!
What,him racist?
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Sounds like ?
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
No photos and it didn't happen
Why did I read this in Morgan Freemans voice?
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 5, 2018:
Ahhh life
Do we really value free speech anymore?
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 30, 2018:
People have the right to free speech However, colleges and universities, and the students and the faculty, have the right to decided who comes to speak to them.
What do you see? Ha!
Rudy1962 comments on Nov 9, 2018:
That lady with the sleeveless top sure is making that other woman look like an ass
Count on it!
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 18, 2018:
Ummm that's the wrong way
What about that 1%
Rudy1962 comments on May 21, 2019:
Can I use it as lube to wax my monkey with?
Two thoughts tonight... 1. What's going on in that Sexual Deviants group? I'm too afraid to look cuz...
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 5, 2019:
I've tried to be a sexual deviant and a scammer but I failed at both :(
50 Member! You all rock! g:31 is off the chart! Looking forward to everyone's contributions!
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 17, 2018:
I'm a taker not a giver
May have to delay that Michigan trip...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 7, 2018:
Mother Nature is being a bitch this spring
Change your future.
Rudy1962 comments on Aug 1, 2018:
I like it
Will get you every time!
Rudy1962 comments on May 15, 2018:
I know what he will be visualizing during his next meditation
More memes
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 3, 2018:
And motorcycles in car parking spaces
Price of progress
Rudy1962 comments on May 21, 2019:
Would still be better than destroying the planet for other animals
An Update and a Thank you! Thank you to everyone who listened to me vent about my daughter and ...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 14, 2018:
As a parent, and even though there is much work to do, that must be a sigh of relief.
How did everyone find this site?
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 8, 2018:
God led me here ;)
We could use some corporate kindness today
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 11, 2018:
We sure could because it seems corporations today are monsters
Every day....
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 15, 2019:
Not an optIon
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 28, 2018:
Milking these memes for all they are worth....
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 6, 2019:
I'm addicted to memes cause my momma never breastfed me
A new perspective.....
Rudy1962 comments on Sep 27, 2018:
Genius AF
Normie Memes R' Us
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 31, 2018:
Dr Smith says I should try to do and appreciate more normal things, but I'm starting to have my doubts about him. Is it normal for a doctor to have his office in a van down by the river, and insist you call him "daddy"?
... You're welcome!
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 13, 2018:
You and me both. We need a handicap....and a cheeseburger
Best way to live life generally?
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 7, 2018:
Spend most of your time online
Yep. Love Twitter. :)
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 5, 2018:
That's the one I was trying to post!! I couldn't find it again. It's funny AF
Shhh never tell
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 21, 2018:
Hard act to follow
We be getting old
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 8, 2019:
You can't fit Radio Shack in an iPhone
Had another meme deleted!! Fuckin prudes!!
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 28, 2019:
CW: Post contains a bad pun...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 8, 2018:
Scissors wins every damn time
We'll never forget OJ!
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 11, 2018:
Can't escape when you're going 40 MPH
Just walking around blindly
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 25, 2018:
It took me forever to figure this out.
Rudy1962 comments on May 14, 2018:
Perfect would suck
Pocket watch was my guess.....
Rudy1962 comments on Aug 28, 2018:
Dafuq god???
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 24, 2018:
God needs therapy. Very conflicted
Makes More Sense To Me
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 10, 2018:
Then I wouldn't mind building a wall to keep them from returning
Hard to break old habits.
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 14, 2019:
He bought a driver
Little Sunday ride in the country
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 3, 2018:
Rural sex slave traffic
That's close to what mine is.
Rudy1962 comments on Nov 17, 2018:
Is that the number to call when someone posts a meme that hurts my feelers?
Nice award.... teacher
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 24, 2018:
That young man will think of that teacher in a few years
What can I say
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 25, 2018:
What's that?
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 21, 2018:
Equality for all
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 30, 2018:
Here here
New food group..
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 7, 2018:
My wanker was yellow once. Turns out it was just jaundice
Advice for the ladies
Rudy1962 comments on Aug 17, 2018:
Yah that might shame some dudes....But trust me us guys can be clueless, in this case about the squinting, and take it a different way ......
An oldie but still gross, I mean a goodie... Porn Stars Hate Ted Cruz... [youtube.com]
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 30, 2018:
Most excellent. Fuck you, Ted Cruz
Praying for Africa
Rudy1962 comments on Jul 20, 2018:
So it's that bitches fault
WTF? Now I'm offended
Rudy1962 comments on Sep 25, 2018:
It's a pretty shitty walk from the ceramic throne to the TP
How's your week going? What have been the good/bad/indifferent events for you this week?
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 21, 2018:
Mainly indifferent. Good news is it's spring. The bad news is there is still a couple of feet of snow on the ground
Saturday night is just about gone, so I'll bury you in Carlin!
Rudy1962 comments on May 13, 2018:
The last one was my favorite
That's right, I said lockiness!
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 23, 2018:
I think everyone does that
False advertising....
Rudy1962 comments on May 9, 2018:
Never say never
WARNING!!! This is a test, and only a test. If you do not like this meme please move on and view ...
Rudy1962 comments on May 7, 2018:
I hear it tastes like Coors beer
Does anyone here envisage a day when religious institutions would be sued to court to expunge hate ...
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 5, 2018:
They do have verses that are violent and have intolerance in them. That being said, no I don't see that day and it would be a violation of their freedom of speech. Religion has the right to express what they want. The hope is people will learn to think for themselves and not be so gullible.
Burn! Level 9.8
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 24, 2018:
Not cool!!
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 29, 2018:
Crap your pants and see how fast they quit talking
Huh. No confetti or balloons when I hit Level 5.
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 23, 2018:
Level 5. Oh I remember those days. Seems like it was just last week
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 3, 2019:
And Pats coach and Trump are big buddies
For those folks still residing in what remains of the US
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 10, 2018:
The thought of Mueller bringing him down keeps me going
Are atheists in general, more intelligent than religious people?
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 30, 2018:
I think I'm probably smarter than over half the population, but my special skill is seeing through bullshit.
Signature qualities
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 30, 2018:
As long as she doesn't eat all of the pizza
Clinton's model
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 17, 2018:
Never a fan of hers, but I'd give my left nut to have her in rather than the Orange Douchebag.....Two bad options in 2016.
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 21, 2018:
So does he pee on his ballsack?
It's meme day...what can I say.
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 26, 2018:
20 Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship 1. Abusers treat people roughly. They may hurt ...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 30, 2018:
Good list
You shouldn't have to ask.
Rudy1962 comments on May 6, 2018:
Reminds me of a few transient hotels I stayed in when I was younger
Adele - "Hello" PARODY - YouTube
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 8, 2018:
Shannon is such a pessimist
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 24, 2019:
Yah. I like people who hate people :)
Bullies---TIME'S UP Workplace drama - Day 2 A young lady from the new hire class walked out ...
Rudy1962 comments on Jan 30, 2018:
Good job. We all need to learn to be kind to each other as long as we share this planet together. There is no reason to bring unnecessary pain into this world. Just living gives us enough inevitable pain.
Counting the days...
Rudy1962 comments on May 12, 2018:
Narcissistic, ignorant, lying, phony, sociopathic, egomaniac. He and his followers make it hard for me to gain a better attitude towards humanity
Is it rationally justified to pay for sex ?
Rudy1962 comments on Dec 26, 2017:
I believe legalizing prostitution would be helpful in efforts to end sex slave trafficking, as I believe decriminalizing drugs and addressing it as a medical condition would decrease drug addictions
My favorite porcine...
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 9, 2018:
You are on a roll today
Dad can't handle it.
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 29, 2018:
Suck it up, buttercup
Ah yes. Florida Man strikes again.
Rudy1962 comments on Oct 4, 2018:
Oh. Well. Throw the case out then
Really not
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 16, 2018:
I'm guessing not good
Motivational thought for the day.
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 10, 2018:
Motivation is overrated
"?" Opinion Time "?" I'm NOT going to allthesudden believe if a loved one gets cancer or ...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 2, 2018:
It is like the argument, "There are no atheists in foxholes.". That is actually an argument for atheism. If one turns to a God out of fear or for comfort, then it is an admission that it is an emotional decision; and not one based on reality, reason or evidence.
I know you are out there, fess up!!
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 4, 2019:
I take great pride in it !☺️
Another potential avatar for me?
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 14, 2018:
We'll hit your theist asses with fire extinguishers now
I think I may have found my soulmate, nothing distracts her from her mission.
Rudy1962 comments on May 8, 2019:
She seems nice
I thought about putting this in "Silly, Random & Fun", but I thought Eric would get a kick out of ...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 21, 2018:
Is this one of Trump's kids?
How To Vajaculate: If You Build It, She Will Come... [youtube.com]
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 2, 2018:
Now that's a weird kind of genius there
For those of you who haven't given up on dating yet....
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Just because I spend my nights crying in my urine soaked bed that doesn't mean I'm broken and disgusting.
Laser removal
Rudy1962 comments on Feb 28, 2019:
And putting tats on your children is even more permanent
I drink a lot of water and canoes with the other one. I don't know?
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 3, 2018:
I drink or a lot to learn about your experience
I made it!! God level!! Thanks for all your help!! Now I'll give you a break!! You guys rocked!!
Rudy1962 comments on Apr 22, 2018:
Congratulations there, Captain!
WARNING!!! This is a test, and only a test. If you do not like this meme please move on and view ...
Rudy1962 comments on May 7, 2018:
So wait? If something here offends me I can just scroll past it? I don't need to ruminate on it and decided because I find it offensive then it must be banned?
Ceramic pain....
Rudy1962 comments on Jun 16, 2018:
Looks like it hurts so good
What does the “H.” in “Jesus H. Christ” stand for? (Be creative— this is intended to be...
Rudy1962 comments on Mar 18, 2019:
I was going to comment. However, after reading all the witty comments below, I'm not worthy. Well played, heathens.


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