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Computer geek, lifetime learner, I like learning other languages, computer programming, playing guitar. I spend a lot of time learning new things . . . . currently dividing my time between learning languages, mathematics, and computer programming. Ancient Greek, Russian, reviewing some pre-calculus with the goal of reading some of David Hilbert's books that delve into some pretty advanced concepts, in programming, I am currently finishing up a re-write of a color highlighting / search editor that searches out and colors grammar, prefixes, suffixes . . it will be open source and was modeled to make studying John Williams White's First Greek Book easier to learn from. Ancient Greek has both prefixes and suffixes . . . but seeing them colored, they stand out and make learning much faster. I watch Russian movies to learn the language . . . . with supplemental study now and then from grammar books. People will tell you that learning a language is more difficult for adults . . . I will tell you they are wrong. After all, a takes about 20 years to get a REAL grasp on speaking and understanding a language.
I am well above average as far as how active I am, I ride my bicycle nearly every day, and get around better than most people twenty years younger.
When I retire, I am planning on moving out of the country, to a more stable climate, Peru or Ecuador, I like the desert, no mosquitoes, and I hate cold weather. Age has not made me any less adventurous, I speak enough Spanish to get by in a pinch, and I am always improving . . .


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