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With my daughter 2017


I'm a retired software engineer, divorced for 10 years or so, with one grown daughter who lives back in NY. I was raised Jewish, rejected that (the religion not the culture), and lived most of my life as an atheist. I’ve developed a serious Buddhist practice over the last few years and spend a fair amount of time on meditation and Buddhist studies.

I’m pretty liberal and would avoid getting involved with anyone who is into conservative religion or politics. Being a Trump supporter is an absolute deal-breaker for me.

I enjoy jazz and classic rock; reading mystery, SF, and science books; and watching a variety of TV shows. And I spend too much time on the computer. I love Colorado but would enjoy traveling to someplace warm and beachy in the Winter. I like to take my dog for fairly long walks every day. When the weather cooperates, I enjoy riding my scooter around town.


Atheist Bingo: Can You Refute All 25 Of These? – Friendly Atheist
jerry99 comments on Feb 20, 2018:
I looked at the list and think they mostly arise out of faulty assumptions.
The Dalai Lama said, and I paraphrase, it is not necessarily helpful to believe in god to be a ...
jerry99 comments on Feb 17, 2018:
My best understanding is that Buddhists do not believe in a creator god, that the universe is everlasting. When the Dalai Lama was asked about the Big Bang, he said “yes, but bang, bang, bang!” That said, many Buddhist cultures have a variety of deities and most western Buddhist communities are okay with members maintaining their family/childhood religious practices.
Do you realize if you are an atheist, in the Christian world you are going to hell? As a matter how ...
jerry99 comments on Feb 16, 2018:
Sounds like Hell is the place to be! Plus, I could care less what any religious dumbass thinks of my personal beliefs.
Ever used Craigslist personals?
jerry99 comments on Feb 16, 2018:
Unfortunately, a tiny, tiny fraction of the population is nuts. And you can meet them online or in person. I know it’s riskier for women, but in any case we’re all taking a chance when we meet up with a relative stranger. I’ve been on a couple of online matches with women who were certifiable, but I’ve also met women who were perfectly nice just not a good fit. I think the best approach is to get to know someone with phone chats before any sort of in-person meeting, and even then it’s good to be cautious.
Excellent cartoon
jerry99 comments on Feb 13, 2018:
Our priorities are upside-down!


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With my daughter 2017
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