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Humanist, Agnostic, Atheist, Secularist, Freethinker, Skeptic, Antitheist
Open to meeting women

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Do you believe in a god? No How certain are you that there are no gods? 99% Are you interested in meeting members for dating? Yes, open to meeting women How long have you been nonreligious (if agnostic, atheist, secular, etc.)? 20+ years Did you used to believe in a god? Some, not now Did you used to regularly attend a place of worship? No, never Which religion did you follow/attend before? Christian Jobs? Clerical, Labor, Professional, Retail, Hospitality, Construction, Restaurant, Customer Service, Sales, Legal, Management, Marketing, Training Skills? Writing, Public speaking, Carpentry, Home Repair, DIY, Video games, Board games, Sing, Dance, Act, Motivation, Strategy, Listening, Observation, Cleaning, Gardening What kind of music do you like? Rock, Metal, Country, Electronic, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Rap/Hip Hop, Other Which best describes you: Both Introvert/Extrovert TV shows? Stand-up Comedy, Movies, Drama, Action, History, Science, News, Sports, How-to, Weather, Talk, Music Videos Do you believe in ghosts? No Is there more than a 10% chance that the following are real or work? Chiropractics, Multiverse, Near Death Experiences Could there be an as-of-yet undefined supreme omnipotent being? Maybe Morning person or night owl? Both What do you eat? Meat, Fish, Chicken, Omnivore Favorite movie genres? Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Fantasy, Film Noir, History, Horror, Music, Musical, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Superhero, Thriller, War Adventurous or cautious? Adventurous Which sports do you like to watch? Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, Track, Swimming, MMA, Skiing, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Billiards, Olympics, Motocross, X Games, Ice Skating, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo Which sports do you like doing? Yoga, Billiards, Hiking, Darts, Table Tennis, Dance Beer or wine? Both How do you get around most often? Car Is having similar politics important in a relationship? Yes Do you have pets? Cats Do you see the glass half full or half empty? Half full Do you like to celebrate Christmas? Depends Is sexual compatibility important to you? Yes Do you exercise regularly? Occasionally Coffee or tea? Both Which languages do you speak? English, French Do you do meditation or yoga? Both How far would you go to meet someone? < 3000 miles Kids? None If you found your match, would you be willing to relocate? Yes


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