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What I do: I explore life as an adventure. I seek out awe, comedy, bewilderment, and truth. I’m a perpetual student. I aspire to be creative and inventive. My hobbies include: magic, architecture, and promoting my next epiphany.

I meet with fellow magicians and perform when I can. I plan and take trips. I have a few humanitarian projects that I work on. I the bills as a researcher.

What I’m good at. Finding the unseen. Making things. Intuiting and reading between the lines. I may not be so good at magic, but I enjoy it. Laughing at myself.

What you see: My positive attitude, patience, thoughtfulness. Visually, maybe my crazy hair, broad smile and flashing eyes!

Books: Octavia Butler, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins. Twain, Vonnegut...

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I may not have everything I want, but I have something most billionaires will never have. Enough!
racocn8 comments on Feb 27, 2023:
The critical phrase being "and you're not hurting anyone..." because it is almost never the case.
Elon Musk Calls Media 'Racist' After Outlets Remove Racist Dilbert Creator’s Cartoons | HuffPost ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 27, 2023:
It should be apparent that Musk, like Adams, is a virulent racisit unfit to sell lemonade. It should be, but sadly, people won't pay attention. ("Here and now, boys. Here and now...")
They can't handle the truth and still deflect until the last.
racocn8 comments on Feb 27, 2023:
You won't find any criticisms of women like that...
But I could see the boner when she booed Biden. Might have been a snub nose.
racocn8 comments on Feb 26, 2023:
Seriously, they SHOULD do a genetic analysis on her. Maybe she's a gynandromorph or hermaphrodite? Or Reptilian...?
Hate-preacher: Gays should be executed with stones "melted down into a bullet"
racocn8 comments on Feb 25, 2023:
Given the extremity of his vitriol, he surely has homosexual tendencies himself. There's no hatred like self-hatred...
THIS LETTER WAS PUBLISHED WHEN OBAMA WAS PRESIDENT An open letter to white evangelicals: We’re ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 24, 2023:
As they give no quarter in their made-up war, let none be given in return.
I want to know also
racocn8 comments on Feb 24, 2023:
Those aren't toes, they're tentacles...
For all those who still believe that wokism is a sub-species of liberalism, here's an interesting ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 23, 2023:
In the quote, it says "CRT questions the very foundations of the liberal order..." The whole point of discussion is to put things on the table and question them. Perhaps some elements of the liberal order should be overturned. However, that analysis is a far cry from the inference that CRT seeks a wholesale rejection of the liberal order. I don't think CRT seeks to do that. What are the specifics? Per Google: Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on the rights of the individual, liberty, consent of the governed, political equality and equality before the law. Where does CRT or Wokeism seek to undo that? Equality and moral politics are far more threatened from Christian Nationalisim; CRT/Wokeism are nowhere to be found threatening rights of the individual (except the imagined individual right to kick down on minorities when they feel like bullying someone).
Still waiting on the Empirical Evidence to show up before I consider changing my Atheist views. :D
racocn8 comments on Feb 23, 2023:
But there IS empirical evidence in evolution that directly contradicts the dogma of Christianity needing a created Adam. With Adam being fictional, there's no need for the mythical Jesus. How much horse-shit will they eat before vomiting it all up? Epiphany must have a formula!!!
Salon investigates: The war on public schools is being fought from Hillsdale College |
racocn8 comments on Feb 23, 2023:
Christians have always opposed public education. They're definitely out of the closet now. When do we figure how to shut down churches and shit like this?
Ohio will still vote for him
racocn8 comments on Feb 23, 2023:
Every Ohio Republican that voted for Trump voted to poison their own environment. What a shame karma isn't more of a thing...
Definitions change over time, not sure I like this evolution
racocn8 comments on Feb 21, 2023:
Treason, sedition, hate and corruption have become the planks of the Republican Party.
As confusing as the first time
racocn8 comments on Feb 21, 2023:
Suitable to eat the FSM...
[] The fucking monsters who put women through this should be drawn and quartered.
racocn8 comments on Feb 21, 2023:
The jingle of rubles in their pockets is what counts, whether it's SCOTUS, DeSantis, or the rest of the GQP.
With apologies to Neanderthal Man, who recent research has shown to have been more advanced than ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 21, 2023:
What a terrible insult to Neanderthals.
Do Masks Work? Your Local Epidemiologist YLE 02/21/2023
racocn8 comments on Feb 21, 2023:
Also missing is the critical factor of dosage. The quantity of particles inhaled significantly affects the level of infection. Thus, even if masks don't protect even 70 percent or whatever number it is, that they protect AT ALL means they should be used when Covid is around. It's abundantly clear from the number of people who died from Covid that Putin/Murdoch's campaign to disparage public health did enormous damage. Anti-vaxxers are a cult whose believers choose to be brainwashed and malignantly stupid. Borderline people have become full-fledged psychopaths.
Biden Just Destroyed Putin’s Last Hope
racocn8 comments on Feb 21, 2023:
The GQP are a shit-stain on the entire country.
When they show you what they are...
racocn8 comments on Feb 21, 2023:
Will the representative please benefit society economically by dying? As he has distinguished himself by his utter lack of morality, he makes it clear how primitive we still are for tolerating people like that.
If someone who knows absolutely nothing about political theory asked you to explain the main ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 21, 2023:
It is the difference between the potential for empathy versus mindless hatred.
CANNABIS CULTURE 2/20/2023 Seth Meyers made fun of Rep.
racocn8 comments on Feb 20, 2023:
Religious morons still think cannabis is demonic... and that UFOs are demonic, and that Jews are demonic, and liberals are demonic, and schools are demonic, and non-whites are demonic, and, and, and,....
Russia is very good at propaganda. []
racocn8 comments on Feb 20, 2023:
U. S. citizens are mostly incapable of critical thinking, and do nothing to foster intuition.
On the 16th my oldest daughter came to visit me.
racocn8 comments on Feb 19, 2023:
What's the difference between someone who has gone down the rabbit-hole and is now unreachable and someone who has their head up their ass? Not a damn thing; they are the same. It's a damn good thing murder is illegal.
Life lessons from Rush????
racocn8 comments on Feb 19, 2023:
Where's my sledgehammer?...
Here's my contribution to the group for today! Lol!!!!
racocn8 comments on Feb 19, 2023:
(1) Giving the term: Blowhard, a new meaning....
The party of Bullies, Trump, Cruz and the asshat from Florida
racocn8 comments on Feb 19, 2023:
Aren't Christian morals uplifting? (Lest anyone doubt where the Holocaust came from).
This way to the rapture...
racocn8 comments on Feb 19, 2023:
Not enough cliffs...
Twitter Foes Call For Rupert Murdoch To Be Deported After Peddling Fox News Lies | HuffPost Latest ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 19, 2023:
He should be deported to Guantanamo to find out the truth between him and Putin. The hard way.
COVID Deaths Will Stay High Unless Most Get annual Vaccine, Penn State Research
racocn8 comments on Feb 17, 2023:
Anti-Vaxxers have gone down the rabbit hole. Want to know the difference between someone down a rabbit hole and someone with their head up their ass? Nothing at all. Anti-Vaxxers (like Bill Maher) blithely parrot absurd misstatements to cater to the wingnuts. It's a waste of time trying to educate people who have CHOSEN to delude themselves. I have a long-time friend who is trained in medical technology, but Trump and the pandemic compelled him to exclude MSM and embrace most of the BS Fox put out. My friend has repeatedly betrayed his scientific discipline and I've found his behavior to be stunning in it's hypocrisy. At one point, he predicted a mass outbreak of autoimmune disease from the vaccines. I checked it out and found zero basis. I valued my friend's intelligence and expertise, but he has totally fallen down on this subject. His obsession with censorship of Covid disinformation demonstrates the Cult aspect. The timing reflected how Fox stokes support for the House hearings with lies. I can't believe how he gives credence to these lies. Even he doesn't believe all of them. I get that he's been brainwashed by Fox and Conservative media. It is too sad. I wish it weren't so, but that's the world we live in. (That is why ridiculous religions persist. It is exactly the same thing. We have got to find a way to penalize those who obstruct public health (by gun, covid or abortion BS) with the financial consequences of those policies.
We had rules in place to keep this type thing from happening, but the less regulation people got ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 17, 2023:
All efforts to directly tie legislative malfeasance to the harm done gets blocked. If an avenue to do this was established, imagine what sort of people would run!!!
This question goes to believers.
racocn8 comments on Feb 17, 2023:
Questions often frame their own answers. Why do you feel the need to pose this particular question? While innocents usually pay the ultimate price for war, earthquakes, and greed, how does society seek to address this inequity?
Six Dead as ‘Shooting Spree’ Rocks Small Mississippi Community
racocn8 comments on Feb 17, 2023:
More often than not, the shootings serve the GOP purpose of intimidating minorities that lean democrat. Students, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and LBGTQ that the GOP would like to disenfranchise, also happen to be the targets of mass shooters. How convenient!! Killing students scares parents away from public schools; Christians love that. However, this pattern of mass shooters going to schools to kill students is too strong. Clearly the shooters are being pointed in the direction of schools. We need to understand how they are doing it.
racocn8 comments on Feb 17, 2023:
Nor are they discussing the ongoing support of the GQP from Putin (Santos being the most recent absurdity). The loyalty to party over country showcases how democracy fails.
Remember the days before computers?
racocn8 comments on Feb 16, 2023:
Slide rule?
MTG you confuse even the aliens that sent the Uber for you.
racocn8 comments on Feb 16, 2023:
If they use their anal probe, they'll be at it all night...
Spelling and punctuation, two critical skills learned in schools.
racocn8 comments on Feb 16, 2023:
I'm betting his dick is smaller than my thumb...
One more bible story that doesn't stand the test of the faithful []
racocn8 comments on Feb 16, 2023:
The Christian's unwitting loyalty was to Darwin instead of Jesus...
Wieambilla shooting: Australia police ambush deemed religious terror attack []
racocn8 comments on Feb 16, 2023:
Another brick in the wall...
With the upcoming election, I'd like to propose the Republicans update their mascot
racocn8 comments on Feb 15, 2023:
It should also incorporate the White/Blue/Red Russian tricolor...
We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 15, 2023:
How can we prepare for what we cannot know?
Giraffe sex is even weirder than we thought There's kinky sex.
racocn8 comments on Feb 15, 2023:
That would be gross, but I had a squirter for a lady friend... 69 was like getting water-boarded...
Religious people are nuts
racocn8 comments on Feb 15, 2023:
I'm sure the vagina is the central focus for some women. The sculpture expresses this in a bizarre way. It did get my attention...
racocn8 comments on Feb 15, 2023:
The swastika is the Christian Cross in drag...
Why are we suddenly seeing so many UFOs over America? []
racocn8 comments on Feb 15, 2023:
Supposedly, instructions were given to modify the radar to pick it up. I've read dozens of reports of "balloons" being reported by the NRO in the 50's & 60's. Perhaps they'll shoot down a real UFO drone from ET. In the past, ET would fire back. The little orbs may be hard to down, as some have been observed to out-fly anything Human-made. If they can be downed, it has surely been done and they already know what they are, and more shoot-downs a waste of missiles.
The regular link to the latest Overpopulation Project This time it’s about, are “Smaller human ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 15, 2023:
Extract: "Women’s right to choose how many children to have does not appear to be on their radar...." I am all for women's rights, but unless this gets addressed, Human extinction is inescapable. Meaning, we aren't going to make it. I'd like it if Humanity could survive, but our chances seem very slim.
Ballooning Concerns “Rebekah Jones tweet giving NORAD explanation for all these UFO detections ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 13, 2023:
The UFOs observed around military operations include tetrahedrons, spheres, cubes, and rounded cylinders (tic-tacs). The absence of markings suggests a measure of disguise. The conformity to this geometric protocol could suggest a military attitude, revealing a minimum of information. These incidents have escalated in recent years, suggesting that their activity is building. The subjects of ET surveillance are concerning: 1) Shoot-down of an ICBM test warhead; 2) Shut-down of ICBM launch electronics; 3) Activation of ICBM launch status; 4) Incursions into live fire ranges; 5) Incursion into THAAD missile facility no-fly zone; 6) Shut-down of missile-firing systems of an on-coming jet (Iran); 7) Theft of sensor-laden torpedo; 8) Taking control of a helicopter in-flight; and probably enormously more that hasn't been reported.
She must REALLY like chicken!! A Cook County School Cafeteria Worker Stole $1.
racocn8 comments on Feb 13, 2023:
The superbowl means different things to different people, but talk about a waste of money.
racocn8 comments on Feb 13, 2023:
So much for Christian charity.
I wonder why that is?
racocn8 comments on Feb 13, 2023:
Utterly ridiculous and I'll bet his tax rate is below 20%
This is a bit of a long post, so I'd like to thank you in advance if you take the time to read ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 13, 2023:
I hope you recover. I get my hip replaced tomorrow. Ugh...
Large Marge, if she only had a brain.
racocn8 comments on Feb 13, 2023:
Except they were armed. It is too ugly that the coup plotters arranged to disarm the police, enabling the whole thing to go down. Twenty years is not enough for the suits.
Lightning strikes the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.
racocn8 comments on Feb 13, 2023:
Hobby Lobby founder revealed to be behind effort to "rebrand Jesus" |
racocn8 comments on Feb 13, 2023:
Rebranding Jesus? You mean, not a genocidal mass murdering psychopath destroying millions of peoples and their cultures? You mean not hating everyone who doesn't genuflect?
Fashion trend...
racocn8 comments on Feb 13, 2023:
That's really a fishy smell...
FEDERAL CANNABIS NEWS 2/13/2023 Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf said ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 13, 2023:
May just regulate ONLY those super-rare cases where unwanted effects demand attention. Avoiding regulation should be the FIRST option; only overruled where critically necessary.
A stoned society is an obedient and compliant society.
racocn8 comments on Feb 13, 2023:
Yup, bullshit. In case you missed it, the War on Drugs is still going strong. Smoking cannabis remains a Federal offense, so defiance is required (and compliance is not involved).
One of my favorite all time movies.
racocn8 comments on Feb 13, 2023:
I always love this scene:
I feel that it's my job, as a US citizen, to help foreign leaders with geography, when it's clear ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 11, 2023:
UFO lore has it that the U.S. lost a lot of pilots and planes with the order in the 50's to shoot down UFOs.
So, I've been telling my brother that my mom was sending large amounts to right wing nutjob groups ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 11, 2023:
I suspect you need a lawyer... (very unfortunately)
there are definitely insensitive religious people.
racocn8 comments on Feb 11, 2023:
Forcing children to believe obvious lies from a young age damages their development causing insensitivity and a lack of empathy.
racocn8 comments on Feb 11, 2023:
Given it was unidentified and too small to be piloted, according to Pentagon parlance, that makes it a drone. (Meaning that the stories claiming all the videos taken of UAPs by military were drones was disinformation seeking to disparage UAP sightings.)
Sabine Hossenfelder - What's Going Wrong in Particle Physics?
racocn8 comments on Feb 11, 2023:
Disproving proposed theories should not be looked at as a failure, but rather as a success. One of the beautiful things about science is when it works to self-correct. How often does that happen with religious or political institutions? It's good that Hossenfelder has a point of view and puts it out there. I don't believe her examples support her argument. Scientists can't always make true predictions, especially for such an esoteric field. Maybe the money could be better spent, but these projects are often joint international efforts, and the work does generate spin-offs. Mis-spending money on these ventures doesn't seem to be in the top ten offenses our society makes. Hossenfelder doesn't substantiate her arguments beyond a negative portrayal, and appears to have a surreptitious agenda that motivates her complaint.
I know Rapunzeel SG won't be everyone's cup of tea, but that twatoo!
racocn8 comments on Feb 11, 2023:
I'll take her. It is sad to see what people do to themselves in their boredom... (Quasi-acceptable cutting?)
Letters From An American 02/10/2023
racocn8 comments on Feb 11, 2023:
In discussing how much control Putin has managed to gain in controlling the Republican Party, the video below shows Putin's control is near absolute. Raskin offers the Republicans time to publicly condemn Putin for invading Russia and not one Republican has the decency nor honor to do it. The US government is saturated with traitors.
Huda's Salon on DVD.
racocn8 comments on Feb 11, 2023:
The accusation of Israel as being apartheid falls flat in comparison to the repression of Islam. The accusation of apartheid sought to shame the Israelis into concessions and to provide bigots (like Carter) with a disguised way to shout their anti-Semitism. However, no concessions would be forthcoming while Palestinians pursued their endless Intifada. And surrounding Arab states have found cooperating with Israel is more profitable than supporting the Palestinians with isolation.
Palm oil is actually not that bad for the environment (anymore) - Vox
racocn8 comments on Feb 11, 2023:
I'd say that title was completely misleading and wrong.
Don’t watch ‘Star Trek: Picard’ season three, it’ll only encourage them | Engadget
racocn8 comments on Feb 11, 2023:
Some would say everything is recycled. It IS wretched. I often just look at the highlights on Youtube after the series has aired...
What's the difference between having sex with a prostitute, your girlfriend and your wife?
racocn8 comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Ever the romantic, my ex would tell me: "Just stick it in..."
Totally see that
racocn8 comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Before the computer was invented, he outsourced that work to Lucifer...
Yet another Republican (surprise!) Serial Liar! []
racocn8 comments on Feb 10, 2023:
The one thing that Judaism is good for is that it mocks Christianity. Christians, who pretend to be chastened for their hatred, put their lying skills to the test by pretending to be Jewish. They imagine they are mocking Judaism back, but as in this case, it only exposes just how degenerate they are.
If it turns out there is a heaven after all, we'd better not still have to go to the bathroom, or ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Where do you think all that rain comes from???
Funny mutually exclusive lines I hear all the time are these: God has a sense of humor! ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 10, 2023:
God could be perceived as having a perverse and cruel sense of humor. We were made in his image?
What Comforts You as an Atheist While Enduring Suffering
racocn8 comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Suffering may well cause believers to question their belief, as well they should. Many unbelievers do come with a background where they suffered grievously. Evil and suffering provide basic challenges to the conventional definition of a God that is involved and cares. Suffering that causes one to question faith may also cause cognitive dissonance, paradox and unresolvable trauma.
WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO GOD ON JUDGEMENT DAY? Great questions for "God". []
racocn8 comments on Feb 10, 2023:
I did not trade my integrity for lazy thinking and willful stupidity.
WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO GOD ON JUDGEMENT DAY? Great questions for "God". []
racocn8 comments on Feb 10, 2023:
Christian behavior is the proof that Christianity is another bullshit religion. Just as the Bible is also proof. Christians don't believe because Christianity is factual. They believe because they've been brainwashed. And it shows. They have plucked out their offending eyes, and pretend their blindness is ennobling. Except it isn't.
Is atheism unnatural?
racocn8 comments on Feb 10, 2023:
We are facing a concerted propaganda campaign (partly funded by Putin) to balkanize the West. Part of this campaign acts to radicalize the Evangelicals. We've all heard about how, according to them, the US is a Christian country. Now they take it a step further to say the Humanity is a Christian species. The claim is just a false, and just as specious. Facts are excluded from evidence; facts like the prevailing beliefs have been polytheistic throughout history, with monotheism always being a small minority. It is tedious to have to encounter this nonsense knowing that most people will read it uncritically....
Dog lovers are a special breed.
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
Dogs are nearly always so much better than people.
Biden means business when he says the US is going to start manufacturing. []
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
I get so tired of articles that try to stick it to Biden for doing the actual job of protecting the country.
I am so tired of listening to people in the workplace talk about god nonstop.
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
The lion's share of effort required to work is tolerating other people. That's what I figured I was getting paid for. I remember the resentment I felt being exposed to people's expression of religiosity. Just sickening to see people who have abdicated reason in exchange for false promises, stupidity and toxicity.
ponder this .
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
The clean hand scrubs the dirty one...
Does he mean that you cannnot be ascientist and have wisdom?
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
They don't seem mutually exclusive. I'm afraid that in seeking brevity, saying (too) simply that "Wisdom is Organized Life." reduced whatever concept he meant into nothing. Perhaps seeking wisdom leads to an organized life? Perhaps seeking wisdom means perceiving the organizing principles of life? If one judges the 2nd sentence by the intent of the 1st, maybe one can infer that wisdom comes from one's organization of their life...
What did George Santos and Mitt talk about on the floor of congress.
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
They aren't assholes. They are the turds themselves.
St. Hubert Catholic High School Students Bashed for Racist Video
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
Catholics view racism as a mortal sin????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So all the Catholics and popes that aided the Holocaust are what??? Priests molesting kids? The church demanding whatever bigotry can be levied against LBGTQ? The hatred of women? Would that the Church could be properly called out for it's shitty behavior...
With the Turkey/Syria earthquake death toll now exceeding 20,000 there is a major question to be ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
Erdogan has destroyed Turkey. What was once a forward looking and potentially enlightened secular country allowed itself to be taken over by a ruthless, psychotic dictator. An asshole who has sought to force it back to the 13th century.
INTERNATIONAL CANNABIS NEWS 2/9/2023 The Philippine government filed a notice of appeal against...
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
The Philippines approval of murdering people for their drug war demonstrate the depravity of Catholic belief. Pathetic, unspeakable ugliness.
CANNABIS BUSINESS 2/9/2023 MedMen Enterprises disclosed cash issues that call into question its...
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
I have no love for Medmen. Let it crash and burn.
Ah, Logic.
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
But like chess, their religion IS all about violent confrontation.
Anyone have any thoughts on the diversity of experiences?
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
By experience I'll assume what our senses or consciousness is focused on. One may focus on a person, another organism, a scene, an environment, etc.. One may experience ideas and consider the many kinds of ideas, logic, math, music, artistic, factual, fictitious, and the many other dimensions. One experiences through their senses, and an experience can be the interacting responses to sensory stimuli. (Maybe a steaming, hot fudge sundae with maraschino cherry...) Internally, we have the malleable states of consciousness; emotionally: depression, elation, love, hate, paranoia, awe, euphoria, humor, projection, empathy, surprise, etc. We also have the altered states of consciousness: dreaming, reverie, out-of-body-experiences, meditative states, drug states and hallucinations of all sorts, coincidence, and....(?) What should we make of all this? What parts of my matrix will I visit today? (And yet I wish for more. Drugs are scary and the intoxication not always enjoyable. Can I go anywhere that will get my mind off my mortality? Emotional cycling invariably includes droll and tedious depression. Love is always a welcome relief. Hard to stay focused on that.)
People who describe themselves as happy tend to have fewer health problems, a lower risk of ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
' '
One evening a man was at home watching TV and eating peanuts.
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
As the father is familiar with the smell, the daughter likely has severe PTSD. Hope it doesn't work out.
The wheels on this bus done come off.... Floraduh woman strikes. []
racocn8 comments on Feb 9, 2023:
Usually, rabid dogs are euthanized at a distance...
FEDERAL CANNABIS NEWS 2/8/2023 The Food and Drug Administration officials discussed cannabis ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 8, 2023:
If Fentanyl is killing off Republicans.... (1. The Chinese are doing us a favor? 2. Law enforcement should look the other way in pursuing fellow GQP regarding Fentanyl? 3. Is this payback for the CIA aiding the distribution of cocaine among non-white communities? Or just luck?)
After affirming LGBTQ people, a Christian school lost donors and will shut down
racocn8 comments on Feb 8, 2023:
It is all about hate. Without the hate, there's no enjoyment of kicking down. (It's got to be tough waking up to the same semi-conscious trailer trash degradation.)
CANNABIS IN SCIENCE & HEALTH 2/8/2023 A study on medical cannabis for treatment-resistant ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 8, 2023:
Notable: "According to the PDS questionnaire, there was a reduction of at least 20% in PTSD symptoms in over 65% of patients, with nearly 80% showing improvement. Surprisingly, unlike other studies (28), the decrease in nightmares was observed but was not significant, maybe due to the small number of participants."
Trump Rages Over Being Left Out of Conservative Event -- Newsweek
racocn8 comments on Feb 8, 2023:
Infighting? Great, I love it...
I Should Be Killed For Going To Kenya Without a Visa! My former boss told me that because I entered ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 8, 2023:
'Fine people on both sides,' again?
Monday morning fire...Nice horse
racocn8 comments on Feb 6, 2023:
Red heads shouldn't shave...
Democrats just passed a resolution condemning "white religious nationalism"
racocn8 comments on Feb 6, 2023:
(I like my new epithet: cracker nationalism. Or is it trailer nationalism?)
Republicans Respond to Reports of Chinese Balloons During Trump Era
racocn8 comments on Feb 6, 2023:
C'mon, Jack Smith. Get it together... PLEASE!!!
Entire family of Trump supporters dies in apparent suicide pact "An entire Pennsylvania family ...
racocn8 comments on Feb 6, 2023:
Is there any way to turn that into a movement? (In fact, several drugs promote suicidal ideation...)
This is a comment I posted in Sept.
racocn8 comments on Feb 6, 2023:
Spot on. As they lose members, influence and power, they have no choice but to express their frustration like thugs. They aren't burdened with 21st century morality, so violence is their first response. (Plus Putin funding the cracker nationalists.)


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