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What is your absolute favorite TV show of all time?

JenBeberstein 8 Aug 2

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Monty Python's Flying Circus


SyFi remake Battlestar Galactica

Yes that was awesome I need to rewatch it.


It's a tough question to answer... for me the answer is probably Firefly even though it ended too soon!

I only discoved Firefly after it was cancelled, but two of my close friends met and got married through their Browncoat group.

@Strabo I didn't even know that was a thing!

@JenBeberstein Oh yeah, there's a global community of die hard Firefly fans out there who usually refer to themselves as Browncoats. I'm not part of it but I have many friends who are.

@Strabo probably a very fun group!

@JenBeberstein Yes they seem pretty organised and have meet-ups all over the world.


Doctor Who. Endless variety.

This is one I have not experienced. I have heard and read a lot of good things.

I kind of lost touch with Dr Who after the fourth doctor. It was very low budget in the 70's but still cool!


One favorite? Impossible. Dexter, Stranger Things, Star Trek Voyager, Firefly, Samurai Jack...


Would have to be Star Trek with either The Next Generation or Voyager at the top of the list.

JANEWAY! Love Voyager. Continue to binge watch it at regular intervals.


The truth is out there


Wheel of Fortune. I was a contestant on the show in 1997.

Roley Level 5 Aug 2, 2018

Roley! How cool is this! Anne


Game of Thrones. FTW!


Mad Men. Seriously, nobody mentioned Mad Men?

Hihi Level 6 Aug 2, 2018

Game of Thrones.

I'd easily say Firefly if it had lived past 1 season.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Yes!!! Mine too 😀
Seasons 2 and 3 I'd stack against any 2 TV seasons ever. And the musical episode was incredible.

I wholeheartedly agree.


I can't just name one but tied for first are.
Game of Thrones.
Battle star Galactica. ( the 2000's series, not the 70's show).

Dexter is in my Top 5 for sure!

@KCjoe108 I hear you.
I have to really give it up to the writers, such an original concept, rooting for a serial killer.

Yes! I have a few shirts from the show, and a poster. My favorite shirt that I have asks: Do I see plastic sheets in your future?
I wanted to get the one that states: I support Dexter's right to choose. Lol.


I'm gonna say Breaking Bad. It survives the occasional rewatch.


Carol Burnett Show!

Hihi Level 6 Aug 2, 2018

rick and morty


Faulty Towers
Young Ones


Better Caul Saul, season 4 starts next week.


Hitch Hikers guide, the ABC version from the 80s, after taht the original Cosmos, as you can tell, I have not watched TV in the past 30 years.


Doctor Who. I've watched since about 1983. ?

That's roughly when I stopped watching it! It was never the same after Tom Baker went.


Star Trek TNG,

Next Generation definitely kept a person thinking and engaged!


So many to choose from.

I think Breaking Bad and The Wire might be the two best shows I've ever seen. There is just something transcendent about them that elevates them from TV to art.

The Good Place may very well be the smartest show currently airing, mixing ethics, moral philosophy, pratt falls, and food puns in equal measure.

Person of Interest was an astoundingly good show that started with what seemed at first to be a paper thin premise for just another procedural. However, it quickly became one of the best science fiction shows ever made, delving into complicated issues of artificial intelligence, conciousness, and the surveillance state.

Brooklyn 99, started a little weak, but by the end of the first 7-8 episodes it had become less of a Andy Samberg vehicle and more of an ensemble that focused on the whole, wonderfully diverse cast.

Justified was a fantastic show and a prime example of the idea that every character can be fully formed, well rounded and entertaining, no matter how small. The writing was smart, the energy between the actors was downright electric, and the dialogue was razor sharp.

I'm with you on Person of Interest and Justified.



Livia Level 6 Sep 6, 2018

Loved it.


Dark Shadows. I re-watch them all every few years and have gone to conventions.


Father Ted

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