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For those of you fearful or hopeful regarding AI (Artificial Intelligence) and advancements:

Recently at Columbia University a competition was set up between human lawyers and their AI counterparts. Both read a series of non-disclosure agreements with loopholes in them. AI found 95% compared to 88% by humans. The human lawyers took 90 minutes to read them; AI took 22 seconds. More incredibly still, last year Google’s AlphaZero beat Stockfish 8 in chess. Stockfish 8 is an open-sourced chess engine with access to centuries of human chess experience. Yet AlphaZero taught itself using machine learning principles, free of human instruction, beating Stockfish 8 28 times and drawing 72 out of 100. It took AlphaZero four hours to independently teach itself chess. Four hours from blank slate to genius.

Imagine the "playing field" we are entering. Especially with the utter and complete lack of governance, guidance, and vision (not to mention understanding or even education) that our civic leadership holds in this area. ELECT more SCIENTISTS!

By Seeker3CO7
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I support AI advancement. So many benefits of that despite speculation.


AI has no inspiration, cannot create. It will only improve what it knows and it only knows what we tell it. It has developed its own language, but it did not create communication or language.
The only AI that scares me is self powered, self arming and self targeting predator type drones.

powder Level 8 Nov 8, 2018

I'm in the hopeful camp.

sfvpool Level 7 Nov 8, 2018
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