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I've been thinking of getting a tattoo, without any idea what I'd get, except NO CODE (or DNR). Today I thought of, "Dead Man Walking." That sums up my feeling about the election and the fact that Republican Climate Deniers have another two years to fuck up the world with more CO2 and methane emissions.

By EdEarl
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Don't let people sucker you into thinking that your tattoos must have some kind of grand meaning behind them. If you like something, that is good enough... but like it enough to live with it. I'd start by finding an artist you like and then go in and discuss with them what the entire process entails: how much they charge, what sizes things need to be, how the tattoos will change over time, etc... Come up with a few ideas or look at your artist's work to help then I suggest taking a few months to sit on the idea and see how your opinion changes (or not) about it. I have lots of ink and don't regret any of them, though there are some I definitely like more than others.

NoOathNoSpell Level 3 Nov 8, 2018

Thanks, I'm not going to get a "Dead Man Walking" tattoo. But, I will heed your advice.


Maybe it can remain the ‘status quo?’ There are individual people working to change things! It is more than what this administration is interested in doing! I wonder if they are really non-believers, or are they to busy with money making ideas to put any attention there?

Freedompath Level 8 Nov 8, 2018

The status quo falls short of saving humanity. Although, some countries in the world get it. The Chinese are investing 320B $ by 2020 in green projects. We are spending over 750B $ per year on defense.


maybe a unicorn?

hankster Level 8 Nov 8, 2018

Why a unicorn?

@EdEarl its fantasy....to think that destroying the planet is not underway, or those doing it care.

@hankster Maybe a unicorn among devistation

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