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The word spirituality is so connected to religion faith myth and superstition. But there r the non believers the non religious and even atheists agnostics humanists who sometimes say they r non religious but spiritual. The word itself seems to be connected to spirit. Should atheists own this word and give it a deep and impacting meaning that resonates or should atheists just dump it?

By Greenheart7
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I always think that spirituality is the feeling of overwhelming feeling that comes from being faced by the enormity or the beauty of the universe.
Be that an amazing sunset, or the first time a tiny new born human takes in its surroundings. That is a sense of awe at the greater world around us. I remember being reduced to tears when I saw my niece watch a flower moving in the breeze for the first time. If that is spiritual, as in it raises your conscious above the mundane and the everyday, then yes, I feel spiritual.

Tilia Level 6 Dec 22, 2018

I feel spiritual when Im moved to tears by a poem or a piece of music. I feel spiritual when I gaze up at the stars and just contemplate my tiny significance in the vastness of the universes out there.I feel spiritual when I'm lost in the lushness and sounds of the rain forest and I feel so grateful, so privileged to be alive and appreciative of the beauty around me.


Spiritual refers to the mind... To be spiritual is to be mindful... I'm spiritual concerning nature


The problem is that there is no real common definition of it used, so it's really a worthless term in the religious sense.


I think their attiude toward spirit is misplaced. I can understand the term spirit not as an entity or agent of anything, but in the way it is used in the term Zeitgeist, translated Spirit of the Age. Approaching it observationally and not so much anything that engages us, but rather our take on phenomena and how we engage with events, corporeal and psychic, disregarding the preternatural, and our relationship to it, we can take up that type of definition. Pirsig writes about quality in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and I found it compelling stuff that helped bring me to my conclusion.

Pour a cuppa joe and spark one up. Enjoy.


Ha. There is no book or rules, that is one of the wonderful parts about atheism. If someone thinks they are a spiritual agnostic, I have no problem. I might be curious to know about how the person decided on the label.


The only problem atheists face is not being organized. - Richard Dawkins.

Own the word atheist. About half of the world population is non believer. The other half is spread over many religions. What does that tell you?


Unless, and until, I can find a clear and consistent definition of this "spirit" or "spiritual" thing, I am in no position to answer your question.

(I prefer my spirits to come out of a whisky bottle.)


i would prefer not to go around redefining things, just as "spiritual" people may redefine god as nature. these words already have meanings. let's not bend them.


genessa Level 8 Dec 3, 2018

I think the term has the connotation that a person is interested in exploring subjective human experience, and that those experiences are valuable to us as humans. It provides a corrective to the "Spock" (all logic and no emotion) atheism. As such, I think it is a term that needs to be kept. Not all of us want to be Spock. Some of us want to be Bones.

Orbit Level 7 Dec 3, 2018

i getcha, but some of us want to be able to understand what the hell other people are talking about without asking if they've redefined a word that already has a meaning or a range of meanings.


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