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All alone in the clinical skills labs. Just me a skeleton and a few mannikins, its actually really spooky

By Amisja8
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Add a few skulls and it sound like my place

Savage Level 7 Dec 6, 2018

It's a clinical skills lab, there are loads of skulls and skeletons

@Amisja ok add a pirate flag a wizard, a dragon or two and one stoned ole Pirate, arrrr

@Savage I actually need my job!

@Amisja She said Job, to the Pirate, argh. Head for the open sea lads, they said the J word. You could always come and be a kept wench, I'm sure I can find room in the Galley, LOL

@Savage a kept wench??? oh now

@Amisja I'm a total feminist though, got no problem if you want to be the one keeping me.


...did you hear that?

eStop Level 6 Dec 6, 2018

Haha very funny...seriously there were loads of noises coming from behind the blue curtains


Beats wiping butts 😏

Personal care is the bedrock of the nurse's role.

@Amisja Yeah I know was an ER tech which is why when my decided to get her BSN the first thing I taught her to always do a hand strength and mobility test because some patients love to believe that they’re at a blllion dollar spa and you’re their personal ass wiper.
So shut that 💩 down from the get.

@Alshaytan I am sorry, I don't understand that. I am a university lecturer, the pic is in a university.

@Amisja that teaches nursing?

@Alshaytan Yes, I teach the BSc and MSc pre-registration nursing students, alongside other healthcare professionals.

@Amisja Personal care is the buttocks of nursing care, LOL couldn't resist, it's how I first read it. First day with contacts, my excuse and it's a good un.

@Amisja Ok so you’ve hopefully experienced the job right?
And I’m not trying to criticize you or anything because I believe that you’re not in America right and I know that things are different even in Canada I was kinda thrown off guard a little bit in the manner for which they interacted and provided care.

And with said I’m sure the patients might tend to have a different way about themselves as well.
You know “ manners “.
But if you haven’t then that’s fine as well because someone has to be the one who shares the educational wisdom of any form of education.

So anyway I hope that you have a good day

@Alshaytan I am British and my day is over. Our healthcare system is entirely different than the US.

@Amisja Well good night and thanks for the information


Keep me company

Amisja Level 8 Dec 6, 2018

When I was a student, I once found myself alone late at night in the lab with a 2000-year-old "bog body" (which we hilariously named Pete Marsh) - I got a bit spooked too!

@Jnei Oh I would have LOOOOOOVED that. Its the plastic people who freak me out. I can just never get it out of my head that they move when I am not watching.

@Amisja They probably do move when you're not watching. Sooner or later, you'll turn your back on them for just a little too long and then when you look around they'll be right there behind you, like this.

@Jnei great thx smile009.gif

@Amisja Don't close your eyes, don't look away, don't even blink. I always thought nurses were Angels. smile009.gif

@Savage Not all smile009.gif

@Amisja I might have been to subtle, was Doctor who comment. They not the sort of angel who nurse. If you're not doctor who fan I'm talking gibberish, so all I can add to that, in the words of the Doctor, RUN LOL

@Savage Eh?

@Amisja Not a Doctor who fan then lol

@Savage ooooh Doctor Who...I don't really watch TV

@Amisja me too but it's doctor who, I haven't owned TV for over 2 decades

And um, what do you like to do on a long evening??


@Savage Good lad smile009.gif

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