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Just saying this is December

By 48thRonin8
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I must be the only one that only uses a card now 🤔


I keep a lot of change in the ashtray I don't use in my car for toll roads, so when I pull up to a red light and there are folks there asking for help, I usually grab a handful and roll the window down and give it to them. It's such a small gesture of kindness, I think most of us could do it.


If you are driving a car, you are at least one step better off...give them your change...

Actually one time me and some other officers were parked in an alleyway ( they were on bikes ) chatting it up and we see this guy that would pan handle in front of this restaurant every day just cruising across this parking lot.

Now keep in mind he was supposed to be blind. He had the cane and the DARK glasses on so of course I joked that he’s on his way to his limo.

Ummm close 😏 He goes to the back of this 5 series BMW throws his heavy coats in the back along with his cane and dreadlocks 😳.
So I had one of the bike guys go to the corner and act like he’s writing down a cars plate that was sitting there and catch this guys plate when he comes out.

So anyway we run this guy and he came back as living in this actually nice suburb about 15 miles away and the car was legit and insured and all.
And the next day we caught him as he came in brought to the station and the guy laughs and ask for his lawyer.

Lawyer shows up and we start talking about what his deal is and the lawyer proceeds to tell us that there’s no actual law against what he was doing and that they were done.
So we’re thinking tax fraud or something like that right? No dude filed and paid his taxes and he was earning an average of $85k a year.

So yes there are those who simply in a bad way but there’s also those have made a lucrative career out of it as well.

@Alshaytan I know that...and I know also that I would rather play the odds that what you saw was the exception...I would rather, and perhaps naively, believe that many more need assistance...to be honest, I don't even care if the person buys a drink or a sandwich...once I have given, it is not mine to control...do I get burned? I am sure I do...but for me, it only takes one person to have it a little better than they had it before...I am lucky and able to do so...why not do so if I can...

@thinktwice Well at least one of us has to be trusting. 😏


I give 'em a handful of change.... they don't look like they're enjoying life too much

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