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Anybody still collect/listen to vinyl? What are your must have records? This is a decent list, although somewhat sexist in title. My selections are in the comments.


By Lutherzme8
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My collection is not as large as I would like but certainly a work in progress

Love the vinyl sound, true analog recordings played through a good hifi system 😁


My most precious are the ones you still cannot get in digital form. These include "War war war" by country Joe McDonald and "Jammin with Edward" The Stones minus Kieth plus Ry Cooder


Been collecting for a few years now. I've got right around 400.

My Tool "Aenima" will be buried with me. 🀫

The artwork on their albums!!! πŸ‘


Still have all of mine, though I have not added any new ones in a while. I have over 50 LPs by the Beatles, including pressings from different countries and one-off collections. Complete vinyl collections of releases by the Byrds, Jefferson Airplane (Starship and Hot Tuna), Little Feat, Steely Dan & Buffalo Springfield.

I have literally worn out my first two copies of Little Feat's "Waiting for Columbus" and Jefferson Airplane's "After Bathing at Baxter's".

Favorite listening experiences are:

Fleetwood Mac: Then Play On, Future Games and Bare Trees
Grateful Dead : American Beauty and Live Dead
Beatles: Rubber Soul and Abbey Road (IMO perhaps the best produced and recorded album of all)
Lou Reed: Transformer
Byrds: Younger Than Yesterday and Notorious Byrd Brothers
Frank Zappa: Just Another Band from L.A.
Firesign Theater: Don't Crush that Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers!
Martin Denny Orchestra: Quiet Village
Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow and After Bathing at Baxter's
Hot Tuna: Burgers
National Lampoon: Lemmings
Little Feat: Waiting for Columbus and Time Loves a Hero
Faces: A Nod is as Good as a Wink to a Blind Horse
Los Lobos: By the Light of the Moon
Simon and Garfunkel: Greatest Hits
Doors: L.A. Woman

Byrdsfan Level 8 Dec 6, 2018

Great list! You gotta have some of those Beatles bootlegs! Love that Hot Tuna! ✌🏼


My long passed buddy had over 2000. He used to bring me plastic covers to protect my albums that he knew had monetary value.

All gone in divorce.

My baby daughter (30), recently got a player and vinyls and set up an homage corner with Beatle posters, etc

I hope they were sold and not destroyed...fighting couples can do mean things at times.

@Lutherzme auction


Got pretty much all 80s obscure music
Around 6000 vinyls in new shape since new smile001.gif

Do you have a lot of 12" remixes? Those are the best!

@Lutherzme that’s about also HUGE collection. Every band I collected I was adding 12” remixes and 7” as well


I have a large collection of vinyl...just can't let them go for the covers alone! I miss the art and the reading, especially the double albums...as a matter of fact, when I taught reading in a prison, I found I could get the inmates interested by bringing album covers...this isn't a must have list...more of a "memories list"...some of the music was just terrible, but they meant something to me...

Iron Butterfly-In a Gadda da Vida
Marshall Tucker - Carolina Dreams
Beatles-Rubber Soul (actually, I have all of them...)
Linda Ronstadt - Simple Dreams
Joni Mitchell - Hejira
Jethro Tull - Aqualung
Rod Stewart - Gasoline Alley
Cream - Fresh Cream
Gary Puckett - Woman, Woman

just realzed I would need a spreadsheet...ha ha ha

I also have some 78's...mostly speeches by Hitler and Churchill

and I have my Dad's albums--everything from Mario Lanza to Mitch Miller & his Orchestra, and of course, Elvis (my dad looked like Elvis and was his long distance cousin)...

and my FIL's albums...big band stuff, mostly since he was a professional drummer

so yeah...

@Gooniesnvrdie What a tough gig that was...I also taught math...it was the GED program...I don't recommend it, and thank goodness there are those that love it....

@Gooniesnvrdie I did it out of college, too...but I got paid $15 an hour...in 1976...that was serious money...to be honest, I don't think anyone there benefited...they just wanted out of their cells with a woman for an hour a week...I was so young and naive...I was also attacked so that was not a good time...I prefer volunteering with my wallet now...

That's what I love the most about vinyl is the album art and liner notes! Great list of albums!


My must haves include:

Grateful Dead - American Beauty
Al Green - Greatest Hits
Buena Vista Social Club (rare on vinyl)
James Taylor - Mudslide Slim or Greatest Hits
Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
Anything by Ella Fitzgerald
(I'm sure I will think of more)

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