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Im new to this site. I'm unsure if I'm agnostic or not.I like the concept of Shiva. Shiva meaning nothing or No-thing. The transcending of God, Gods, beyond God, before there was a God that sort of stuff. I think humanity and its knowlege evolves, starting in our primitive ways, believing in God or Gods the supernatural and then we evolve into more knowledge and discovery, of truth and critical thinking, we become atheistic more scientific, agnostic. but whats beyond this Isay maybe nothing or No-thing. what dou you think?

By outbox2
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FWIW the sanskrit meaning of Shiva is something like good or auspicious. Sanskrit is notoriously polysemic but I've not seen even esoteric interpretations of that word to mean "no-thing".

I've always thought Shiva Nataraja was marvelously evocative though, and it's easy to understand why they have a statue of it at CERN (cf. []


I think I don't need anyone's gods, since gods do not exist and never have.
I do not care what happens after I die, because I'll be dead and there is nothing after death. Just like there is nothing before life.

I have NO issues with existential angst. I find it to be a monumental waste of time.
I was born an atheist. Other people tried to tell me I had to believe in gods. I pretty much ran in the opposite direction from that bullshit as soon as I was able to.

Good luck figuring out your life.

KKGator Level 9 Dec 7, 2018

With any placement or assignment of divine capacity the question of "what was there before that" always brings it home. If that god created, then what created that god. Or is it just turtles all the way down. ?

I like turtles

When I was a kid and asked that question my mother would stumble and mumble and my dad would say - 'yeah, good question, Sweetie! I don't know if there's even a god, so I don't have an answer for you. Let's talk about it!' It would irritate the hell out of my mother, who was a firm believer. I was the one kid out of three that would much rather talk my dad about it all than listen my mom come up nonsense. Thank you, Dad!! <3


My perspective is a lot like yours. I’m an atheist with respect to mythical gods of old, along with the God of the Old Testament. But I realize there’s an ultimate reality beyond the senses. It’s “there” but we can’t detect or understand it—it’s beyond the human way of knowing. We do have glimmers of experience through conscious awareness—in that sense Ultimate Reality is subjective—we are that reality.


Most of dinvinities reflect human aspects or aspects observed in nature.
Understand and wonder about this concepts does not make you theist.
I like the concept of many gods (or the nice part of the concepts), I like the miths and their meaning, I have one of the miths tattoed on me because I find the story ressonating a lot with me, but I do not believe in them or even think they might exist.


Sounds to me like you don’t believe in gods so youre atheist. And you don’t know for sure so you’re also agnostic. Like many here (myself included)


Sounds to me as though you are already on a journey toward atheism. It's the questioning; ultimately gods all fold when questioned. Shiva is kind of cool. I've seen people making the transition out of theism use shiva, wicca, paganism, bridge the gap to comfortable non belief.
You do you!

AmiSue Level 8 Dec 7, 2018

Hi Amisue.. I see myself as all embracing. labels and slotting into a name is not for me. Shiva in Hinduism an aspect is nothing or No-Thing and its the concept I like. To me God(s) are not intities to worship they are concepts that unfortunately have become the intities. You don't know whats after death I don't know. And God to many is there comfort. As I said to someone I like to leave a space for the unkown. Just go and sit in an isolated place sit quietly and listen and observe, there is alot of space believe me. As I said we have come to place were there is so much knowlege so much mind polution...anyways. You know your right about the transition thanks


Do you only like the concept of a god and see value in it that you can apply to your life, do you actually believe that such a being exists or both? You see, you can think that religious stories are useful because of the underlying concepts they convey without actually believing that they are real. You can like fairy tales without believing that there really was a talking animal or something.
Agnostic is a word that is used to convey something about knowledge.
If you say "I know Shiva really exists" you are not agnostic (gnostic).
If you say "I don't know if Shiva really exists" you are agnostic.
If you say "I believe Shiva really exists" you are a theist.
If you say "I don't believe Shiva really exists" you are an atheist.
You see, you can be an agnostic atheist or an agnostic theist, a gnostic atheist or gnostic theist. You have to decide which category you want to belong to.

Dietl Level 7 Dec 7, 2018

I am the creator of my own destiny. I think if there is a God and he is choosing to reveal himself in secret or to a selected few then I can see a conflict, why don't he just reveal himself to all?. The Christian and Jewish faith believe he will one day! but this would be a bit too late for most of us id say. I don't like to be labelled or slotted thats all bullshit. I do like to leave a space for faith in the unknown. God at the moment to me is a concept or construct and I create my own or not in this life. After life? you can't say there isnt! I can't say there is!. I see alot of if not all humanistic traits in the Gods we know and so yes I can relate and I do see some values but I have also said man created gods. Sorry for the Sunday morning long response to your reply I suppose thats what this sights all about. cheers

No worries about replying late. I see that you are unconfortable with the labels but you shouldn't be. They are just words. More important are the answers you would give to those questions. Of course you can leave things in the unknown but that's not a way I could go. My curiosity drives me to shed light to all the dark unknown places I can find. If you are satisfied with not knowing that's fine. You ask a lot of right questions concerning gods. That means you are at least on the right track in my view. Cheers


“The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.”
-Delos B. McKown

Underrated comment ^^

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