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Some jackass scammers sent email bomb threats all over the US today, including the hospital my office is connected to, demanding a bitcoin transfer of thousands of dollars by end of day or a bomb would detonate. It was pretty obviously a scammer email, but also obviously had to be taken seriously by those who are liable for other people's safety.
What in the actual fuck are people thinking?
I'm thinking these people need to be tracked down and removed from the internet forever.

By Amzungu27
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Society is too sick to survive.


World is a shit hole, lately. Sad.

Keech Level 5 Dec 15, 2018

People Suck


Technology;Good and bad,hopefully,backtrace where from, and send the Police.

Mike1947 Level 7 Dec 14, 2018



Bomb threats at 2 elementary schools in my daughter's district yesterday. All she found out was they were from overseas phone numbers. Really turned the district into chaos and frightened hundreds of people.

AmiSue Level 8 Dec 14, 2018

They need to be tracked down and removed from BREATHING forever!

I own a few websites and on one of them I have a mail server. I didn't set it up as the most secure site as this one generates nothing except email to me.... I haven't used it for years but I do have it pointed to an Outlook account. I went into the Outlook a few days ago and noticed that they started trying to extort me back in March. Then all of a sudden there were 5-6 people trying to extort me.

What I'd REALLY like to say to them...

RiverRick Level 7 Dec 14, 2018

What in the blueberry f××k muffins is going on?!!! Wow! A××holes! Are you and your staff and patients okay?

Thankfully we are a private practice and were allowed to utilize a little common sense in the situation. They did a full sweep of the place but did not evacuate our building, so we didn't have to drag 50 patients outside on their chemo pumps in the freezing rain. Axxholes!


Removed from the internet? Lol
How about removed from having access to oxygen?

Not at all in disagreement with that, but thought I should perhaps temper my murderous tendencies being new to the community and all. Lol

Forced to listen to endless sales pitches or Michael Buble perhaps? Mwahaha!


Police believe the origin to be Nigerian based on previous scam letters

Sending money to Nigeria and Ghana,is not allowed by the major money transfer companies,too many scammers there. Wal Mart's money gram, and Western Union to name but two.

@Mike1947 they did not want “money”, they wanted bitcoins which are unregulated


That is insane. I'm glad you're okay, but damn.

PolyWolf Level 7 Dec 14, 2018

Damn! Why couldn't these guys ever send shit like that to my job!!! You know how hard it is to look like you're actually working as you're busy F-ing off?!?!?

jondspen Level 7 Dec 14, 2018

That happened all over the nation. A high school in a small town near me got one. It's been determined (from what the news said) they are coming from Russia.

kiramea Level 7 Dec 14, 2018

The news reported in Canada, too. Of course, we knew nothing of it until it was done wreaking utter havoc on our day. Sigh. Such a massive waste of resources.


These people need to be shot. Scum.

godef Level 7 Dec 14, 2018

What I would like to do to these people is not legal.


Some people paid the money. The estimates of transfers for such scams in the past ten years is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

I have trained all my clients to not respond to such shit.

Jacar Level 7 Dec 14, 2018

Kudos to you for the training. I can't fathom people not recognizing it for the BS it is and actually paying, but yes, I know far too many do.

@Amzungu2 . . . even so, i get calls about how someone called them from microsoft and they should give them control of their computer.

I think the world is overpopulated. Hence I have no moral qualms for identity thieves, virus writers, vote frauders,... to be deported from the planet.

@Jacar I'm definitely with you there.

@Amzungu2 . . . I thought of starting a cult. But, i just don't have the time.

I am disappointed in myself. But, at 66, there is much to spark that emotion.


I heard of tbe bombs but wtf bitcoins still unsure what they are. I did buy 10 merc dimes and morgon dollar.

I know, right? Bitcoin, schmitcoin. I've tried to have people explain it to me and my deepest understanding is that it's a currency, and convertable. It was a ridiculous day.

@Amzungu2 It's a made up currency...much like the American dollar...but without lies, deceit, the CIA, and a huge military to force people into economic slavery using it.

@Amzungu2 all i heard is it drops and rises alot.

@Amzungu2, @jondspen you can say that about any kind of money. Not enough gold or silver back up any kind of money. Last bank crisis the loss was more than what the earth was worth.


Waves of bomb threats across America and Canada caused evacuations and anxiety nationwide.


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