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Sunset on Mars. Yes the Sun is actually white. It appears orange from Earth because of the ozone layer. Cool pic.

By TheGreatShadow8
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Nice! And I never thought of it being white.
Why are other stars white?

Marcel3405 Level 6 Dec 21, 2018

Good question. I'd say it has something to do with the reflection of the sun, but I don't know.

However the sun is white, and it makes sense. Ever been to a forge? I know you've heard the term red hot. White hot is, well, a lot hotter. Good question about the stars tho. I must investigate!

@TheGreatShadow mmmh. Maybe the light of the stars that are further away is diffused sufficiently. That way the atmospheric prism effect does not come into effect. (??).

After all, sunlight is only 8 minutes away and probably still a “beam” going through water droplets acting as a prism.

Food for thought.


Ohh snap! Look at the horizon, Mars is flat too ya'll


Beautiful shot Shadow.
Were you there on vacation? Or business??

bigpawbullets Level 8 Dec 17, 2018

Elon Musk probably sent him there.....

NASA took the pic lol


Beautiful image, other worldly...

thesnoringman Level 4 Dec 17, 2018

Fantastic image!

arttrust Level 6 Dec 16, 2018


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