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I got the classic question; "why am I agnostic/ahteist"? I wrote this answer. Opinions welcome!

Belief in god comes with a naive attitude. To not believe in a god, you have to be convinced that all the stories we heard as kids were just that - stories. Myths. Legends. You have to be confident that it’s OK to go from dust - to dust.

Religion had a purpose when it was founded; the mysteries of life - and the fear of death led to stories made up to answer those mysteries - to our ancient relatives - and leave the people who believed them some degree of comfort.

Science has answered a lot of those mysteries. Religion; apparently, also created as a moral guide, also became hypocritical; crusades, inquisitio​ns, etc...all serve as proof that religion was often forced on people.

Remember learning the Santa myth? The Tooth fairy myth? the Easter bunny myth? It’s sort of on that level. Those who ascribe to agnosticism/atheism just don’t buy the myths.

Here’s a quote from Richard Dawkins. I suggest you get one of his books. A famous comedian/magician Penn Jillette is also a well known and well written agnostic/atheist. Read their stuff. Watch Bill Maher’s movie “Religulous​” and you’ll get it.


BTW; The famous phrase "Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes" does not come from the Bible but from the English Burial Service of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, reading: "we therefore commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust;" but the concept is mentioned in the Bible.
word comparison​ - Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes -

By Robecology8
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For me dividing myself from a god did he is very easy. Anything about god related to any religion has never contain to facts. It’s always a relative story but the stories come from the time that none of us can possibly comprehend. None of the stores have ever been repaid it outside of biblical written word. Your words are written down by highly uneducated males. And only by males and only by the uneducated. Not that there’s anything wrong with that according to Jerry Seinfeld, LOL. But to be serious I just think that if you have an energy level that is above the majority you quickly realize that a true savior deity is just a wish And what we have in reality it’s not so bad at all. I do believe in good and evil I do believe in positive energy and negative energy and I strongly believe in the camaraderie of humans but I have become disheartened with the human condition in America today especially from the evil orange creature in our White House.


I never knew that about “Dust to Dust.” Interesting, thanks!

Jewelee65 Level 5 Jan 10, 2019

Good shit


Another resource is Matt Dillahunty from Atheist Experience.


Isn’t it odd that people ask why you are atheist when really why are you religious is the more reasonable question. Atheism would seem to be the default state we are born with until someone starts to teach us stories. I often ask people why they picked their particular preferred god and it’s amazing how little people understand about other religious mythologies.

Essie Level 6 Jan 8, 2019

Indeed. It’s the rituals; from baptism to confirmation, for the church “play” to the church choir that gets you “hooked”...we are, indeed born with no religion.

Good point - as the party making the affirmative claim, that there is a god, the burden of proof is on the religious person to offer evidence, not on the atheist to offer evidence of the non-existence of something.

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