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The article below reminds us all that the matter of faith in the powers ascribed to divinities is not only a matter of philosophical discourse. Religion, throughout history, has posed a permanent threat that practically destroys lives just as a murderer does.

God can kill. This horrendous power is proudly proclaimed in the Bible. The Koran reiterates that Allah, if he so wishes, can annihilate disbelievers and believers alike. With no questions asked.


By Klodzan4
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Here in the UK, I remember a couple of cases in the 1970s where children of JWs were denied blood transfusion due to their parent's faith. The courts stepped in and made them wards of the court. I don't think we heard of these things again until more recently with children being beaten to death because their carers believed they were witches, however these acts are definitely not protected in law.

Amisja Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

I'm not surprised but I am sickened.

Lorajay Level 7 Jan 11, 2019
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