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This lady literally can't hear the voice of a man

By kraseyk6
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Mostly I can hear most people fine, but my hearing was damaged many years ago while working for a short time in a factory. So I lost one very narrow range of tones. I now find that the village's self styled witch/faith healer/ alternative medicine seller/ woo pusher, has a voice at exactly that pitch, how good is that.

Fernapple Level 7 Jan 11, 2019

I bet Melania would like to catch it...

slydr68 Level 7 Jan 11, 2019

Yes girl she would. She already refuse to live with him, or share a room with him

We're gonna get her a set of noise cancelling earphones. They're gonna be yuge. Yuge. They'll cover her entire head. I know earphones and these earphones are great. They're the best. Absolutely the best. Yuge, yuge, success.

Melania is a classic 1st Spouse on the traditions of Mary Todd, Eleanor Roosevelt and Dolly Madison. ...if all the haters can turn attention to the business of democracy away from faux support for the criminal Billary, misogyny in the White House may abate and Monica Lewinsky tails stop wagging. the 5th Dimension sang:;when the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, peace shall guide the planets AND LOVE WILL STEER THE STARS. can be the dawning of AN AGE of Aquarius if we protect Missouri River from polluter pipelines never mind the pussy grabber words. ..defend mother earth not secret Goldman Sachs speeches bribed

@Kafir but do they come in the color gold, or cheeto orange? Is there a combo special if I get the glasses with the troll block feature?


Pretty sure you could get a hearing aid that would accomplish this. But you'd have to pay off the audiologist to do so... it wouldn't exactly be kosher?

And it definitely works both ways.

My Dad had significant hearing loss at the higher range.
The Audiologist warned my Mom and I that our voices were pitched at the precise wrong tone for him to ever hear us - unless he was looking at us to read our lips.
He used this well and to his advantage. smile009.gif

Just work around high pitched heavy equipment your entire life - you too can reap the rewards - particularly if you don't wear your hearing protection.

RavenCT Level 9 Jan 11, 2019

I'm sorry to laugh!! but I can't stop thinking about if that was me I would find my deepest voice possible so I could be heard. It reminds me when my male cousin would prank call ppl using a high pitched tone it was too much ?

@kraseyk Oh it was funny! Not when I couldn't go deep - but it was funny.

The fella who told us was "I have some bad news for you" - now? I bet there is a phone app that could have made us both sound like Barry White.

That would have rocked!


So, let me get this straight... The women of Twitter want men who don't listen and doesn't talk? Careful what you wish for, ladies...

Kafirah Level 7 Jan 11, 2019

No kidding. I love having conversations with men (not all men tho). If anything, I wish to ignore negative haters

@kraseyk That's sounds like far more reasonable a request.

@Elganned I hear a fly...something buzzing around in here

@Elganned I'm sorry, could you repeat that? You turned your head and I couldn't read your lips for most of that...

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