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Have to start making huge changes in my life from today. Physically, mentally and emotionally i have left myself drained. My views of this world have become skewed and it has deeply affected my personal life. Long road back

By PhillipLee775
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When I am struggling I make a list of ten things I really enjoy . That make me happy . They don't need to be big or costly. Try to do five of them every week. Doing things that make you happy makes you happy.


I'm just hanging on until my kids establish themselves. Then I'm going to have my vengeance before punching out and calling it a life.


I have had that feeling lots before


Hang in there! I wish you success in your journey.


I went through that when "such a fine man" hubby of 33 years left me for an MILF porn star....took about a year to trust even myself again! Make NO commitments and minimal (ideally no) changes!!!
You are Not yourself right now! And get a counselor that will help you connect to reality again, not just one that listens & nods!

Really sorry for what happened with your ex.

@PhillipLee77 thank you! But the good news is, 10 years later, my life is fuller, richer, more fun than it has Ever been, hands down the best time of my life...I even wrote him a heartfelt thank you & blogged it too!


Reflect on your values. (the things that are important to you, that is the characteristics you believe it is important to have, eg showing love and appreciation of others, being healthy, having a fulfilling life etc etc.

if you pick 5 values, some will already be your strengths. Pick one that you want to work on. Set short and long term goals. And every day do something that is working toward that goal and in line with that value.
Good luck my friend.

Sounds like good advice. Thank you


I am ok, delicate at the minute i guess. I got lost, felt so very sorry for myself even though i have no reason to. Im not usually a selfish person but i became that way, the world and all the negativity was crushing me and while i have been fighting i have missed being there for people i love when they needed me. I don't know i just need to put others first again and show people close to me i am worth their trouble.

Do a small random thing for a stranger anonymously. The sense of well-being will remind of who you were. That person you want to get back to. And walk in nature, and sing! , scream if you need to ... safe journey ?

Hey, don't blame yourself for putting you first, it is healthy and needed to do it, even if you like to help and protect others. All of us need some spotlight on ourselves from time to time.

@SimonCyrene i completely agree, i have always done that kind of thing and theres nothing like it


don't forget your intellectual health as well. introspection, find something that strikes your fancy, and feed your head.

good luck with finding your footing.

there is a mental health support group here if you need to vent a full dissertation of your disposition.

stay strong!


If able, get 2-3 days away where you don't even look at a clock.

powder Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

Sometimes we get so enmeshed in what is happening in the world that we forget to look after our own well being. Take care.

Jolanta Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

Are you ok Phil?

Amisja Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

Share more, what are the changes?
Need help with something?
What was the last drop that triggered this?
What are the long term dreams, middle term objectives the short term goals?

Pedrohbds Level 7 Jan 11, 2019
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