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Working from home today, as usual I start mega early (just in case someone checks) and I finish really late. Do hourly email checks and answer within seconds of a reply. I think it'd be easier just to go to work. What are you up to?

By Amisja8
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So, first of all it will be a 40-50 minute early morning walk, this afternoon I will watch my niece play U.S style football (it is called grid iron here in Oz) and finally I may go with my sister to a car show that her partner will display his 60's mustang. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it!?


Earlies this week, so off at 14.00 and a LOOONNGG weekend to look forward to. Son is home, safely, after driving two hours from uni on a Friday evening ?. Tomorrow is up and down - we are going sales shopping and having a Chinese, but tomorrow evening our lovely old cat, Kigoo, is going on a one way trip to the vet?. He is not that old, 8, but he has Feline AIDS and has contracted terminal pneumonia. He has been spoilt rotten this week, hot water bottles and boiled chicken, but he is having a hard time breathing so we are doing the kindest thing for him. Right now he is on the other side of the kitchen and I can hear him breathing.

Tilia Level 6 Jan 11, 2019

Oh so sorry about Kigoo. Much love

@Amisja job done. He is in kitty cat heaven, snoozing on the infinite sofa. He went really quietly in my daughters arms. Made her promise to do the same for me.?


I am currently hoping to kick this virus before my baby is born.


Psst..How much longer?

@RavenCT I'm full term.


I void working from home, because I hate it.


Well so far each of my personal students have their very own file with everything in there, I have done all my washing, prepped 4 PPts for sessions I am delivering (keynote lectures...scare me to death), looked at my research file (to check its still is) and bought my boys new trainers!

Amisja Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

WFH today too. There are only a few in my office anyway since it will be closing soon, but it's also snowing. No point in spending a whole hour in traffic when you can be productive at home!

Byrdsfan Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

I work from home as a contract software dev at times, and I always feel guilty. A friend of mine's wife works from home, has done so for over a decade, and he says she still feels the same way even today. lol So working from home you put in a 10 hour day, but at the office you work maybe 2, with the rest of the time chatting with co-workers and sending inappropriate emails. Yet corporate America still thinks cube farms are the best way to go! Eye-roll! smile001.gif

jondspen Level 7 Jan 11, 2019

I do exactly the same. We should do some research

@Amisja Oh, the research has been done and peer reviewed, but you have old people as managers/executives, set in their ways, who came up without the internet in the office. They don't embrace the new technologies fully, and also of the mindset of "This is how we have always done it, and it works fine." - not better, but get's the job done, regardless of efficiency.


Also working from home but with the added pleasure of a screaming toddler!

Essie Level 6 Jan 11, 2019

Awww say hello from me


And don't forget, it's casual Friday.

At least shave yer legs smile009.gif


I’m busy procrastinating from homesmile001.gif

Actually, I’ll be on a scaffold tearing down an old ceiling as soon as the coffee gets my ambition going!

Haemish1 Level 7 Jan 11, 2019

Do you really want to know?


@Amisja Blasphemy, sodomy, and lust.


@Amisja After retirement I did some consulting work from home. I acted much as you describe. I guess it shows we want to avoid being criticized, however I think it is still better than a commute.

Bobby9 Level 7 Jan 11, 2019

I agree. Its the drive into work that kills me.

@Amisja Yes indeed, stop and go traffic is everyone's hated experience.

@Bobby9 Takes me over an hour. If theres no traffic it can take me about 20 minutes.


I will be working from home regularly for the first time in my new position, and your suggestion to check for emails is spot on I think. Even when I am on site, I often lag in "noticing" and responding to emails. I'll have to set myself an hourly timer until I am in the habit of checking emails.

godef Level 7 Jan 11, 2019

I understand working from home has some benefits, but wouldn't you prefer to be out there mingling with your fellow humans? I work outside all day by myself and enjoy the people I meet and converse with (which is very few in these winter months).

In my case, I am contracting and it's a 2-1/2 hour round trip commute. If this position becomes permanent, though, I would probably relocate closer to there.

I love my colleagues and students, but lets be honest, working in yer jim jams with a big pot of coffee, no make up on, snuggled on my sofa is nice.

Eeewww. Humans. No


Today was work, meeting up with friends, haircut, then gym. Nothing terribly exciting but it was a good day though.

Mofferatu Level 7 Jan 11, 2019

today i hope to have some coffee, renew my gym membership, more coffee, get some writing done, maybe another coffee, clean some of my upstairs (that has been neglected.... the dust bunnies are building hutches up there!), and then treating myself to an afternoon coffee???


I have a day off. I actually only work two days a week and sometimes extra. I shall go and see my son and take his dog back, which I have been looking after while he was on holidays in Mexico. Do a bit of shopping, there is no milk left in the fridge and then some reading and perhaps get on line for a bit. Well just relax actually.

Jolanta Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

Sounds like a lovely day


Btw, no one checks. Literally no one is interested.

Amisja Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

i was working from home last year and just trying to get a movie in between emails. i had a two hour conference call pop up. i was so annoyed. i'm pretty sure it was organized by someone who just wanted to prove they were working on a blizzard day.

Many are so involved in trying to prove their own worth that they don't see others.
There are also others who try to prove their own worth by comparing themselves against others, if not simply to put them down. That is horrid.

@Mofferatu absolutely

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