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Grammy's look like they chose well this year. Childish Gambino, Lady Gaga, St, Vincent... Yes please.. I watched The Walking Dead so just found out.

By UrsiMajor8
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Laurie Anderson... FINALLY!!!


I just watched the performance of Brandi Carlile and it brought tears to my eyes...very powerful. []

mojo5501 Level 7 Feb 12, 2019

I quit watching The Walking Dead after Glen. Did it get better? I hate to be traumatized by my entertainment.

The Walking Dead is back with the Whisperers storyline. Thank god.

@UrsiMajor Would you recommend I go back and watch from after Glen got killed, or start somewhere else? I can't remember which season that was, and have no idea what season is being aired now.

I stopped watching soon after those 2 little girls (sisters) annoyed me so much that I was secretly rooting for the dead zombies to get them. I knew this wasn't a healthy feeling so I decided to stop watching. I was getting desensitized. Also, there is something about cutsie child actors that triggers something in me when their roles are so fake. Why are good child actors and roles so hard to find? (For instance, the much better acting roles in Stranger Things) Plus, the thought of no Glen makes me too sad to watch it any further.

@greyeyed123 maybe try the last episode that s the direction the series will be headed. If that works,maybe catch up on season 9

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