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Gotta love it when your chapel speaker misrepresents atheism, contradicts himself, say all nonbelievers just are in rebellion and want to sin, and life without god is meaningless. I expected nothing less of a preacher. I can’t help but feel bad for him tho.
Anyway, tell me about your day smile001.gif hopefully it’s been better than mine.

By chlorine4136
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Preachers who are sincere about what they claim to believe live within a sealed, self-perpetuating system which is laden with caveats and self-interests based upon commonly held social biases within the community of believers which serve to promote it.

Christianity, like its offshoots (Islam, Mormonism, etc.), with its promises of exclusive truths and eternal love and wealth (...but, only after one dies), only exists to maintain the status quo of a docile, unquestioning serfdom of servile believers for the greater purpose of supporting the comfort of the Church and its hierarchy (or, in the case of Protestantism, lay pastors. Eventually, few people involved with religious orthodoxies are immune to such corruption.)

The need to be “right” is childish to reason, but it is very important to the Church and other political bodies wishing to elevate themselves upon the labors of others. If you can get people to believe in bodily ascension into the skies, transubstantiation, immaculate conception, walking on water, turning water into wine, feeding a crowd of five-thousand with only five loaves and two fishes, etc., you can get them to do anything you want. Conversely, it’s sad to say, many people are so desperate to be loved and are so eager for vindication, they are willing to accept wholly unrealistic conditions in order to receive such warmth and acceptance.

Other than that, my day was fine.


This irritates me badly. The whole misconception & miscommunication of what is an atheist & what does atheists stand for. Makes me very angry, when all it is, is a lot of assuming & misinformation past down from one to another. No one actually talks to us.

WeaZ Level 7 Feb 13, 2019

I know right! And it’s not like we live in an age where you have to go to a library to look things up. You can literally goggle what atheism is and it’s arguments and argume against that rather than just say your arguments don’t make any sense. ? It was probably the laziest argument against atheism I’ve ever heard and it’s a perfect example of a willfully ignorant person because a simple google search can help his entire speech.


When your philosophy can't stand on it's own merits, then propaganda becomes necessary.


My car was in the shop all day. The rest of the day was a series of annoyances. Glad it's over and watching Frasier.

Hastur Level 8 Feb 12, 2019

I don't have a chapel speaker but I do enjoy correcting other people's chapel speakers / preacher men. I have driven one preacher to tears, and caused another to run away from me. Fun times.


I don’t allow anything said by anyone associated with any religion affect the way I conduct my life.

That’s a good stance to take, definitely will save a lot of heartache. Kind of reminds me of that quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

@chlorine413 I agree with that. Just as I do not allow false accusations of being called a “troll” by a person having a temper tantrum, because they can’t have their way, to affect me.

@MissKathleen yeah it’s just energy you’re putting into someone who probably won’t change their minds. I don’t believe that a person is a lost cause but you can’t make someone listen if they don’t want to.

@chlorine413 yep


I hate being misrepresented like that!

I was invited to a kid's birthday party. Unbeknownst to me, the mom also invited her Catholic priest to say prayers and give a sermon. He went on about how atheists and non-believers are empty and lost! I'm never going to one of her kid's birthday parties again!!

If she knew I was a non-believer, I would never have anything to do with her again.

@MissKathleen Well, the party was all about her boy. And there was lots of food and dancing! smile001.gif

@dare2dream I feel we always have the choice to stay or go. You apparently thought the trade-off of food and dancing was worth it that day. That is your prerogative and
I respect your right to your choice.


It's snowing here and then we're having sleet.

I made blueberry muffins... []

Not a bad day in comparison to yours. And the roomie is writing.

I always did hate being forced into listening to that sort of thing.

Even as Roman Catholics the call would go out among parishioners when the "Vatican" masses were taking place.
The ones about "no abortions" and other things we all considered ridiculous and more about your own good counsel and none of their damn business we always warned others about.

Few would end up attending the consecutive masses - and the ones caught in the first net would regal the rest of us with the stories. smile009.gif

In retrospect someone should have printed up T's?
"I survived Vatican Mass"...

RavenCT Level 9 Feb 12, 2019

Mmm. Send me some of those muffins. smile007.gif

@bingst They are the best blueberry muffins I've ever eaten!

@Kafirah With all that sugar and butter, I don't doubt it! smile007.gif

@bingst Honestly it was the shear amount of fresh blueberries (literally half the muffin, it seemed), but the sugar and butter didn't hurt!


Sin is a human construct, used to force others to be obedient to their agenda.

Totally agree.


I hope you can find your way out of the closet soon.

bingst Level 8 Feb 12, 2019

Thank you. I hope so too but the community here has been more helpful than you will ever know.


Well....Jesus already died for my

If I don’t sin then Jesus died for nothing so... ??‍♀️?

I wish I could have witnessed it.


Haven't you heard? Sin is in!

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