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I watched Time Bandits again last night and the very end of the movie is this scene where Kevin warns his parents not to touch the piece of concentrated evil in the convection oven. They ignore him, touch it anyway and it explodes.

This scene is a perfect visual metaphor of the Trump presidency. Kevin represents the left, those of us who saw Trump for the horror he is, while his parents represent the right, the voters who ignored the warning signs and voted for him, the piece of concentrated evil is Trump and the explosion is all the damage he's doing.

Terry Gilliam saw the Trump presidency coming all the way back in 1981 -- even if he didn't know it.

By Sgt_Spanky7
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Wonderful, wonderful movie. I remember seeing it in the theater when I was a kid. A kid's movie where they blow up a dog! And has real stakes, and real dread, and real scares, and real imagination.

And that last scene shot backwards so the smoke is moving downward. I remember briefly not understanding how they did that as a kid, and then realizing they shot it backwards and played if forwards (before the scene was even over I realized it)!

I agree. It's terrific. That last scene took on a whole new meaning when I saw it again last night but, regardless of its prescience, it's just a great, fun movie.


George Harrison did come up with some funny scenes.


And how long have you been a robber?

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