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The fake I.R.S called me today wants me to call back and give my claim number. Scammers just have no clue how our system works.

By azzow28
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Dude, I got one in snail mail where it was thevwrong agency name but right initials/acronym, the vultures!


I fell for this once.

JanGarber Level 7 Feb 12, 2019

That most unfortunate I hope you use the experience to educate others against these dirtbags.


I keep getting calls from the fake Social Security scam. Every time I block their number they call me from a different one.

They apparently are paying our phone companies enough money that the phone company just lets the scammers do as they like.


I won the Publisher's Clearinghouse a couple days ago. He said he wanted to send me my prize. I asked where he wanted to send it. He said to my home address of course. I asked him what my home address was. He hung up on me. I'm very sad now. I'll never get my prize. ?

davyjones Level 6 Feb 12, 2019

I had one call from the Mega millions told me I won the bonus prize I said where do I find my name on the list on the Mega lotto website. Of course he went into the fee I sold need to pay to get my prize so I said let me call the Mega lotto people so they can verify my account I have with them. He hung up. About an hour later he had the acidity to call back trying to give me fake account info. I copied down his number and have it to the lotto fraud department.


They call my 90 yr old dad's phone number with every scam imaginable.

Yea scammers do tend to target the elderly.


Make sure you give them your SS#, mother's maiden name, all bank account number, credit card numbers, first born.....

I really do worry about older people and gullible people getting scammed though.

Don't forget all your passwords and the combo to your safe and the exact location of your hide a key on and the VIN number of you autos.

@azzow2 right....thanks for reminding me!


Always assume that ANY call from IRS, SS or anyone wanting information is a scam.

jlynn37 Level 8 Feb 12, 2019

Would like to add it a robo call from Amazon calls you offering a job it is bogus if some one calls you with an job offer paying 5'000$ 10'000 $ a month i it is an attempt to get your info. Romance scams are at an all time high be alert if a random love interest tries to contact you.


I got a message the other day that the "company I bought my computer from" (strangely they didn't know their own name) is going out of business and they have to send me two-hundred and something dollars, and to call them back.

I bought my computer at Best Buy, and it's a Samsung. I tend to have my finger on the pulse of business, and I've heard of neither going out of business...and I cannot imagine why a company that would be going out of business would be soliciting past customers to give them PARTIAL refunds for products they already bought, lol.

Unless, of course, they want my bank account number or my credit card number to "give me my refund".

I had an RV scammer call me yesterday day with what you describe funny thing is I do not own an RV.

@azzow2 I had a resort call me about my recent stay. My first thought was....I can't afford a flea bag hotel much less a resort!

@azzow2 About 8 or 10 years ago, I got a scam call from "Microsoft". It was before those were famous, or before I was aware of them. In any case, someone else in my household answered the phone, and said it was "for me". Well, I assumed I was asked for by name. I wasn't. They just said it was "for me" because I'm the only one with a computer. The guy went on and on in an Indian accent about how my computer had a virus, do this and that, and then he became very dissatisfied with what I was telling him about my computer.

The computer was working fine, had been working fine, and nothing he was telling me made sense. So I asked him if he knew my name. He didn't. How could Microsoft know something was wrong with MY computer without knowing who I am? So I hung up.

@greyeyed123 I mess with those guys when they call. When they ask me to turn my computer on I go into the bathroom flush the toilet and say ok it's on. Then I let them ramble. Then I say my device does no seem to have the buttons you are describing. I get them so frustrated they call me a name and slam the phone down.

The tech support refund scam is getting pretty common because people don't think a refund is as likely to be a scam. The linked video is a guy who screws with scammers on one of these refund scam calls. He peppers in how the scam actually works as the video goes on. It's a bit long, but pretty funny & educational at the same time.

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