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AOC is right. I mean left and correct? []

By ToolGuy8
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I do not understand how Medicare for all is socialism. I thought that socialism was defined as people OWNING the means of production either through co-ops or government. Just because the government mediates payment does not make it socialism in the classical sense. I suppose if we loosely define it that way it is socialism but then so are the highways, airports, military, etc. So now we are conflating socialism with government. Likely some Libertarians would agree. Canada’s Medicare system is defined by many that way but our doctors are independent contractors who bill the government that collects the premiums to pay them for the Government Health insurance plan using the tax system. In Ontario it is called OHIP — Ontario Health INSURANCE Plan. Doctors are governed or regulated by their colleges who also negotiate their contracts with the government like unions. Like many other professions. So the INSURANCE part could be seen as socialized but not the actually delivery of the medical services. In other words it is a quasi-socialist programme. Maybe.

ToolGuy Level 8 Feb 13, 2019

Medicare for all is socialism. There is nothing wrong with it.

Diagoras Level 6 Feb 12, 2019
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