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Was hoping to get to France last weekend but not working out, main problem, dog sitter. But have two possibles some time over the next two weekends. So riot city here I come. Been out today buying gloves as it's gonna be cold until things get burning and face covering for the obvious reasons, lol This is the new look in Paris this year. Just add yellow vest.

By Savage7
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I used to sit for my nephew a week each year. A vacation for me in the woods with the pups. A couple hours from my small apartment, near my home village, and my nephew gave me a bag of pot for my "efforts."

Well hey, I can do that. That's the other thing needing looking after, 20 odd ladies in last 4 weeks




I know the feeling.
Boarding a dog for 2 weeks is SPENDY.
I have 2.

I could no more put my dog into kennels than I could put my kids in prison while I'm away. Nothing to do with cost. It's because she would give me hell when I got back and for days after, that's if they could keep hold of her. Very free willed Husky and expert escape artist. Also, helps if I have someone here to keep eye on my green Ladies. And they have to remember to keep Husky and them apart or my little fluffy horror will throw a party. She loves the leaves but not the bud. Here's my Saska chilling on Her sofa.

I left mine at home. Neighbor would let them in/out several times a day and feed them.
After 1 night (out of 15) my bulldog trashed a loveseat cushion. Both would shit in the house.
A week later I had to drive to Phoenix for Aunt's funeral.
Took my schnauzer/min pin, and boarded bulldog in a krnnel.
5 days later, I picked her up.
She has been PERFECT since.

@KevinAverett I usually have my mother over for day or two when I'm picking my young son up from Redon in France to bring back to UK for access but this is different. I'm going for longer and not seeing my son. That will be hard. He's the reason I'm fighting the rise of fascism in the country he lives more than in the country I live.

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