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“A Man was drowning and a boat came by but he said God will save me.
A second boat came by and the man said thanks but God will save me.
The man drowned. When he got to heaven he said, God, “I thought you were going to save me.” God said, “I sent you two boats.”

By MLinoge7
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God is doing the best he fucking can for all y'all


Oldie, but goodie!
But I have to ask: Did god really use the f... word??


No, that's actually the BLEEP to hide what he really said.

Remember when he said: " Are you out of my garden of eden!"

he created that word on the first day when he screwed up and had to start over

@Janiesuper A few questions/observations:

  1. "He"?
  2. Yes, god screwed up big time!
  3. When did..."he" start over? I mean, did god screw up a second time? Because this whole thing sucks!

Have a nice one!

@COGITOERGOSUM 1,2,3 = N/A I was just joking

@Janiesuper Ok. And I bet god was joking too when he/she/it created this mess!
Thanks for replying.

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