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Gun Deaths in 2018

Japan: 10
Sweden: 41
Switzerland: 47
UK: 50
Israel: 105
Australia: 207
Total: 460
Population: 246,959,950
Guns: 8,804,000

United States...

Deaths: 39,773
Population: 329,093,106
Guns: 393,347,000

When will the @NRA be recognized as a terrorist organization?

By Charliesey7
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The NRA is a terrorist/hate organization. Most enlightened people are aware of that fact. It’s the buybull thumping gods and guns morons that refuse to evolve into the present.


When will 'merca be recognized as a terrorist nation?

jlynn37 Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

As a card carrying alumni of the USA Air Cavalry.... I'm thinking we already are.




Americans are better shots.

Ha ,ha during WW2 there was a saying "When the British fired the Germans ducked, when the Germans fired the British ducked, when the Americans fired everyone ducked"


Never. They don't advocate for people to shoot each other. Taking an extremist view for or against only prevents a meeting of the minds.

But they advocate strongly and with big money against actions that would reduce people shooting each other. So it comes to the same thing.

@OwlInASack presumably reduce, with 300 million guns in circulation it's not gonna reduce the two largest contributors to the total being suicide and gang violence.
Don't get me wrong I support adding liability laws to gun laws. Because once capitalist have to pay for gun deaths research will be done on how to best reduce them. Much like the car industry being forced into safer and safer vehicles thanks to insurance lobbyists.

@owlinasack Please cite a source for your (false) information. Here is the truth:
"More than 80 percent of gun homicides are non-gang related. While gang violence is still a serious problem that needs to be addressed, it is disingenuous to assert that the vast majority of our gun problem (even excluding suicides) is caused by gangs."


Spreading lies anywhere is disingenuous. Doing so here is worse.


So I’m not getting into a citation game: it’s always puerile and those demanding it never accept the links provided anyway. So I’ve stopped doing it.

I’m interested to know which bits you think are ‘lies’. That’s a strong opener. It suggests I’m being disingenuous and I thought my statement was pretty non-contentious. Rather than a lie I could be mistaken. Or given the strength, straight up, of your reply you could perhaps be myopic on this.

The NRA does after all lobby extensively. And their lobbying is for no gun restrictions and no gun restrictions seems some what certainly to increase people shooting each other. I’m struggling to see where that’s a lie.

Why by the way, is it worse to spread lies here than anywhere else?

@CallMeDave lets see 1000~ deaths are from cops shooting civilians during the 14 million arrest that occur per year, 2000+ deaths are from gang shootings (using your figure), domestic violence shootings 600~, accidental shootings 500~.
BASED on CDC numbers and FBI. I would say gang related firearm deaths are still a significant portion.
Criminal related gun deaths where the person who died had a prior criminal record according to the FBI's page on gun deaths is between 70-76% of all gun deaths.
Ignorance and not understanding how a single demographic is broken down is the same as spreading lies.

To actually solve problems requires a deeper understanding of the facts. This deeper understanding would come from actuaries if we pass liability requirements on firearms similar to cars.

@Biosteelman shut down god all god damn insurance companies and let them burn in hell. God damn greed evil wicked capitalistic fuck over anything good and don't di a god damn thibg to return peoples money for all the premiums paid and no claims ever made. Just a God damn get rich bunch of crap that does nothing to ensure free medical service for everyone on Earth that need any medical care free from cost, free from fees and free from any indebtedness. God damn insurance companies.

@Antifred lol, yeah it's a shame all those lives saved because of those greedy capitalist

@Biosteelman save lives make money. dead people don't pay insurance premiums

@Antifred I don't care about the motivations.


Not biggie at all considering number of guns and deaths from them clearly indicating that we need to hold on to guns. in US statistics show that most of them fired by cops
Thanks for sharing details

Number killed by police in 2018 just under 1000, but don't let the facts get in the way of your prejudice

@Moravian waaay over 1000

@Antidronefreeman []

Even if you double the number it is still less than 1000

@Moravian the article maneuvers around accuracy
No number is accurate to significant magnitude, because in USA no one knows math due to the poor math teachers

@Antidronefreeman maths please smile001.gif

Certainly the police are a bit trigger happy but just over 1000 is hardly the "most of them fired by cops" in your earlier post.


It is beyond me how the gun worship persists here in the USA... smile003.gif Reality is a real kick in the pants and yet the gun nuts want more guns... as they clearly (eyes rolling) make us safer. smile007.gif

Something needs to change. Senseless deaths every day.

if you don't like the Second Amendment go someplace where they don't have it... it's that simple
Gun ownership will never change in the United States there's nothing you can do about it so quit whining and crying about it

@Airbornejoe786 no ones whining or crying about it and I'm not in support of changing the 2nd ammendment so calm yourself. If you aren't willing to have a conversation about safe guarding the right to own guns as well as insuring public safety you are part of the problem. I'm a gun owner myself but I'm willing to take seriously the concerns of those who aren't and the senseless deaths that occur every day.

@Airbornejoe786 The only one i see whining is you smile007.gif

Have a snickers smile002.gif

@SkepticPower31 that is the tough one, eh? You try to talk rationally about the incidence of gun violence and someone gets his panties in a wad freaking out over the 2nd amendment. I don't recall saying that it should be changed. Perhaps I should reread while he pulls his panties straight.

@Knitfreak That's the problem with a lot of gun owning, NRA diehard types. They think gun reform means taking their guns away. All we want is a safe society and yes guns are a part of that but they do have there place which is where the true discussion lies. Some react like kids who's toy your taking away.


I wonder how many of those deaths are suicide or justifiable homicide.

I wonder if calling the NRA a terrorist organization advances the discussion, or stifles it.

Actually, I have read somewhere so not certain, that most are accidents.


I posted that to Facebook just for fun. Will let you know what the lunatics reply with smile002.gif


Is there something wrong with this picture? cannot say computer games did it. Japan is one of the big game creators and look at their death rate numbers.


Utterly ridiculous to refer to the NRA as a terrorists group. I'm all for protecting the right to own a gun while instituting gun laws that protect citizens. I'm all for gun reform. Something drastic has to change because lives are being lost senselessly. Both sides of this debate need to find common ground. They're both being ridiculous.

I'm not a big NRA fan but they arent a terrorist group.


NRA hasn't killed or terrorized anyone. People kill people. desease kills people, maybe a bear attack here and there kills someone(most likely because they didn't have a gun, or didn't know how to use it).

As long as there is Government people should freely have guns. I like shooting tin can for the fun of it, but thats not that I would force people to have or use guns. And, there isn't any reason why someone should prevent me or anyone else from having such a tool as a fire arm. I say this from 10 years of law enforcement experience as a gun carrying Peace officer and security guard.

Antifred Level 7 Mar 4, 2019

The NRA isn't terrorist. Just backward hypocrites

Well put


Most of those 39,773 are suicides, and accidental shootings.

davknight Level 7 Mar 22, 2019

Let me clarify one point I made. I stayed that 2nd Amendment enthusiasts reacted through the irrational portion of their brain. That statement is true. Most ardent 2nd Amendment supporyers react with the visceral/emotional portion of their brain. Ususually not so much with the logical areas of the brain. That is not to say that a logical. rational argument concerning practical, equitable gun control legislation can't be had, but not as long as they are operating from the wrong side of their brain.

t1nick Level 8 Mar 10, 2019

Convincing a 2nd Amendment enthusiast (polite version) that the NRA or their stance might just be flawed and contrary to common sense is like trying yo convince a fundamental christian that God does not exist. Comes from the same part of the brain, the stubborn irrational part.

t1nick Level 8 Mar 10, 2019

This is the price we have to pay for freedom! Check the number of women raped by Muslim "refugees " in the same countries! We should be armed to protect ourselves from all kinds of trash.

zesty Level 7 Mar 10, 2019

Check out the rape camps of the Christian Serbs against the Muslim Serbs during the Bosnian-Serbian conflict.

@t1nick And the other way. I have a friend, she worked there in those camps as a psychiatrist. She is no friends of the Serbs but she talked a lot about the atrocities committed by both sides. Specially the Chechnyan and Saudi terrorists.

@t1nick But don't you think those raped women would be better off armed?

@zesty. thats why they're terrorists. Lol. Hi Zesty hows it going? Still in Europe?

@zesty. if you consider being shot on sight as preferable, no. No acceptable answer to this quandry.

@zesty Let me clarify. I have nothing against women arming themselves for self protection if they feel the need. However, arming all the women in the conflict you reference may or may not change the atrocities that continue to occur. It might precipitate a shot on sight attitude. While I can understand the feeling that being killed outright may be preferable to the alternatives, I would never disparage a women in this situation for preferring that choice.


Guns and psychiatric medications don’t go well together


I only trust our government to have guns!

RodLisht Level 4 Mar 3, 2019

You trust our government ? Haha

@SkepticPower31 the government is true only thing that can save us from ourself! From violence by guns or words. Both equally hurt!

@RodLisht wow I legitimately feel sorry that you think that and put that much belief in government. You're way more trusting than I am. . . Or delusional I'm not sure which.

I sincerely hope you are being sarcastic.

With the technology that the government have and the cost of the really effective guns and infrastructure. Have a gun to defend yourself from the government is the equivalent to go to gym in order to get stronger expecting to be able to stop a fully loaded truck coming fast downhill.

@SeanBrown No I'm definitely not being sarcastic.


I would be interested in seeing stabbing statistics as well. Or for that matter, bricks. I don't advocate any weapons, but when it comes down to it, stones have always been easily accessible. Now that I think about it....National Rock Association...


50 in UK? Please can you check those numbers. That seems too high.

Amisja Level 8 Mar 3, 2019

I was thinking it seemed too low, but then I'm a Hackney boy.

@Envixer Stabbings yes but not shootings. I'm going to check

@Amisja You are correct.
In the year ending in March 2018 there were 29 gun related homicides in the UK. There were a total of 726 homicides in the year (including Manchester and London Bridge attacks).


That's quite a it real?

Dwgwnr Level 6 Mar 3, 2019

i'm surprised that australia is that high b/c they banned all guns decades ago.

We didn't actually 'Ban all Guns' we enacted laws to RESTRICT the availability of certain types of guns.
There are set criteria here for gun ownership and purchase of the same, criteria such; 1) need for a firearm, a rifle, 2) reason for wanting to purchase same, 3) set regulations on safe and secure storage of same, 4) set regulations on the length of barrel, magazine capacity, rate of fire, safe storage of ammunition, etc, 5) places where same can be used, i.e. on privately owned lands used for farming or grazing stock, etc, and, 6) a complete police record check before a license can be issued.
Should I wish, but have real desire to, own a rifle I can apply at the local Police Station, await the Records Check, pay the license fee, purchase or build a secure storage place for my rifle and ammunition, etc, have it checked to ensure its security and then purchase a rifle in accordance with the laws as set down.
I can, if I were to wish, actually borrow a licensed rifle from a friend who owns grazing or farming land by getting his written permission use it ONLY on his land to shoot vermin for his benefit.

So, I hope you now see, we are NOT Anti-gun here in Australia, we ARE Gun Conscious people and do NOT want a repeat of the Port Arthur Massacre to happen again since 1 life lost to guns is 1 life too many.

@Triphid ,
how about hand guns which are responsible for most of the deaths in the US?

@callmedubious Handguns in Australia are restricted to the public at large for usage on shooting ranges in competitions, etc, and permitted to be carried by Police Officers and Guards on Security Vehicles carrying valuables such as Money, Gems, Gold, etc.
Recently I asked a Security Guard on an Armoured Van while they were servicing an ATM machine what kind of gun they were allowed to carry, his response was quite interesting since he said, " We carry it, it is a 9mm, semi-automatic loaded with stun bullets, 9 shots in the magazine and a spare magazine on our belt, the guard in the truck has a 12 gauge Shotgun with eight rounds in the magazine also loaded with stun bullets, if we were to shoot at an offender, they'd be stunned, bruised and unable to move very much but not injured badly or killed."

@Triphid I love what Australia did. Americans clearly haven't the same value for life.

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