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I deserve what I get. Them others are lazy good for nothings. Ugh.

By dokala7
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> THOSE THAT WROTE THE BIBLE HAD ONE OR TWO THINGS RIGHT: JUDGE YE NOT is the one well supported by a 26 session of about 1-1/2 hours each by Dr. SAPOLSKY of STANFORD UNIVERSITY. the course is available on line, named: the biology of behavior or such. It exhaustively presents a long list of behavioral precursors to the effect that WE DO NOT HAVE FREE WILL,I can neither blame you for your misdeeds OR attribute your nobility to your efforts! This doesn't preclude YOU changing me or VV, I can of course behave any way I choose (but that will be determined by WHAT I choose and the thousand factors leading me to make that choice up to the instant I do) You probably will NOT choose to rob a bank--tho you "have the free will" to but everything in your life up to this instant doesn't incline you to do so---etc.

CHEERS Level 1 Mar 5, 2019

and cut a check for Sean Hannity too. He loves socialism when usin' public money to buy his real estate


Family farms are rare. It's a corporate welfare check.


We have a lot of illogical people in this country!


They do not see this as welfare it was the dems fault.

Marine Level 8 Mar 5, 2019

Trump put the tariffs out there...Obama has been long gone!

@Freedompath Sarcasium

@Marine ...did I not state a fact? I never intended sarcasm with my fact! I may be old, but I am still keeping up.

@Freedompath I think Marine means that he was being sarcastic.

@Stephanie99 I see that was a little hard for me to parcel out...


Well why not we’ve paid them not grow food all while we have people starving everywhere.

And as I’ve said to both sides of the spectrum pure ignorance is when you have a preset definition of something that you clearly know not a fucking thing about.

To the city dweller I ask
Do you like eating? ( Answer is yes) then who do you think grows that shit?

To the farmer I ask
Do you like selling your food ( answer is yes) then who do you think buys that shit?

It’s that we’re not pointing out their commonalities nor are we focusing on the fact that one does support the other.

What we tend to is constantly rattle the cage of ignorance to see what it’ll do but at the same time we lose our shit whenever it swipes at us.

Either way great joke and hopefully Bernie will get elected so that we will hopefully create a jobs for all program that will lift people and put ignorance in a better cage.

Meh. ADM and other agribusinesses grow our food, not the "farmer" as you highlight. Those are large companies that take in many subsidies. I suspect you already know this, though.

@dokala Ok sure I’ve never lived near the country and all of that.
Yes ADM does get subsidies but I’ve also known co-op farmers to get them as well. So I did already know this.


It's the same with corporate welfare which runs into the billions. That's OK. Ford and GM not paying taxes is OK. Just don't help those who need help. Help those who already have money to get more money. Some really skewed logic.

no logic to it, imo. just theft.


The cognitive dissonance among so many republicans AND 45 supporters is just so glaringly pathetic.
The FACTS are that corporate welfare costs MORE than ALL the social programs put together.

Whenever anyone mocks Bernie Sanders for his stance on healthcare and education, and goes to the "how are you going to pay for ALL that?", I like to
point out that elimination corporate welfare would pay for all that and more.
If the corporations were made to pay their fair share, there would be enough money to get everything done.
Corporate welfare is why capitalism has failed in such spectacular fashion.

KKGator Level 9 Mar 5, 2019

My cousins are all farmers and big supporters of "The Wall", removing social safety nets and "Merica!". They are also suddenly socialists when the tariffs affect THEIR bottom line. Gross.

buncha hayseed hypocrites.

I guess they are far from the border so they don't hire lots of Latinos who ARE HARD workers and work cheap! I'm in Calif and the local towns are MAJORITY latino!


Funny how the red states get a lot more federal payouts than the blue states. I’m getting a bit tired of supporting those welfare queens.

jerry99 Level 8 Mar 5, 2019

And they see nothing wrong with that.....

That's the truth

I think the truth is that they are unable to see anything wrong with that. They will support Trump claiming it was not his choice but everything was so fuct up that this was all he could do. It is not logical.

@DenoPenno repubs are good at rationalizing anything that puts money in their pockets. To hell with people, the environment or animals.

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