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This is an amazing site. You can get anything you want. I would have a relationship with the right person, and I have met some people here with whom I am agnostic friends. Makes a person feel they are not alone in the world.

By Backslidden5
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that it does. Your comment is resoundingly true, as it is easy to feel alone on the god issue. This is particularly true in this political climate.


Welcome, take a sit, grab a beer and enjoy the ride.


Exactly! Welcome aboard

Neenz Level 6 Mar 7, 2019



Definitely better than most other social media platforms.


Your words ring true to me because I have found that once you become agnostic/atheist you have a different shared kinship with other human beings. Everything becomes different. My own daughters tell me they "believe in god in their own way." Everybody I know wants to give some ability to their invisible god. The answer to almost anything for the world at large is to "pray." Talking with my lifelong theist friend about the universe brings him to "god did it" when we reach a point that should be answered with "we don't know." I'm pushing 73 and find more people carrying guns. I'm also afraid but apparently not of the same things they are.

Most of the above makes me feel alone. This site is a breath of fresh air!


It's a great site. I've met some very worthwhile people here. Have fun!


This site does what you say Backslidden.

Roley Level 5 Mar 6, 2019

Agreed. There are few exceptions. Yet, it’s much better than Facebook for instance. Way more keyboard warriors there.


Well... At least it's working out for you.

Qwent91 Level 6 Mar 5, 2019

I decided a long time ago that, I'm responsible for my happiness. That means there is nothing that can hold me back, not facebook, twitter, etc. etc. Looking for the best, and leaving all the rest.

@Backslidden The lack of understanding of who I am as a person and what I greatly value in my life is greatly astonishing. It's how I see it.

@Qwent91 Clear up the misconceptions. I'm interested.

@Donotbelieve I'm just someone who wants to live by the morals and values that I have as a person. Been looking for people to meet for a really long time now. Went traveling the states for over two years. Been through a lot of bullshit and emotional hurt growing up and today. I have many needs and wants. There needs to be a very strong understanding of me as a person and acceptance. Patience. Social skills are very limited and almost non-existent. I seem to have a very strong self awareness that other people seem to lack severely. No one has gone through what I have in my life as a whole. Not really. No one truly cares about me as a person because when I've express suicidal thoughts one person told me to go ahead and do it. I'm looking to live in reality and truly live life but I live in a world that is very artificial and delusional and bullshit... Mentally I'm kinda fucked now. Was born with a speech and language disorder. I loathe humans because of the way that I've treated in my life and to what is happening to this planet. I'm going to die one day and that will be a blessing seeing as no one is willing to help. It's quite depressing and miserable really...

@Qwent91 I need time to consider my response. But you should know that you have been heard. I see you, as you are presenting yourself and I am attempting to get a fuller "picture" of you.
Unveil it.

@Donotbelieve Thanks. This isn't everything about me. Just the "basics." There's still a lot more to be said about me and details that are difficult for me to share because of severe trust issues that I have and that it might be too much for one person to process fully in one go if they truly are willing to listen that is... I'm just really stuck, lost, and confused right now. Along with feeling terrified and fading away into nothingness. Severe isolation and loneliness. Don't know how to get out of it when things just keep blowing up in my face over and over and over again...

@Qwent91 I don't mean to make you uncomfortable.

Say what you can. No need to explain.
My responses may be slow, I am pretty busy, but I am sincerely interested and listening.

@Donotbelieve Okay. As long as everything is going smoothly I should be fine. Like taking my time and go with the flow.

Thanks again.

@Qwent91 absolutely


welcome from across the strait of georgia.

I hope you are enjoying life on the island.

@Backslidden ,
a little difficult for me to enjoy this weather. we just had the coldest feb since i moved here in 1975 & still in the deep freeze. i hate cold weather. fortunately i was in AZ for nov thru jan.
however, the weather is supposed to do a 180 & we're supposed to have above normal temps within a week or so. can only hope.


I agree! But I've yet to actually meet anyone from here though. Still there's several I'd like to be able to call my friends though even though it's via online.

"I'd like to be able to..." That's the tough part. I'm stuck at "I recognise that screen name, and seem to recall that was a cool person/jerk last time we interacted", but it never goes beyond that, so now I just voice my opinions with zero expectations of anything.

@HomeAloneSunday The cool person/jerk duality seems to describe me to a "T". ?

@RedneckProfessor, it seems to describe many of us. I've been blocked way more than I've been befriended here. (4 to 0?) I have a couple of followers, but no idea why they're following me, since they don't actually speak/type to me. It's a weird site, a puzzle that I haven't decoded yet. I'm glad others are finding friends here.


This is a better site than most dating sites because here a person can observe how another behaves in nearly real-life-time. How can that not be like way cool?

Jacar Level 7 Mar 5, 2019

Welcome neighbor.


So far I'm not terribly impressed. Perhaps I'm not here enough but I live in Dallas and I thought there would be more people from my local area.

There’s not a single other person from my jurisdiction but I’m not here for more than the chat so...not a drama. Actually better that way perhaps...


I agree, it is a nice place to hang. I visit nearly every day. Can't say I have any real friends though.

I like you.

@Donotbelieve Aw, thanks!


Yeah, its great.


Exactly...seems like you can talk to someone anytime of the day?


Extra points for "with whom".

Lol... Agree!

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