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The two lies

By 48thRonin8
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I don't think Chappelle's or the OP's point was meant to cater to extreme views as some people are commenting. I don't think Chappelle meant this for groups like the KKK or Nazis or "unreasonable" people.

I can see that but why can’t the non extremists adopt this ideology? Gotta start somewhere right?

@48thRonin I agree.

funny thing that even the members of a shitty thing like KKK thinks themselves as the good guys, they have their history and their reasons. Wrong and dumb, based on indoctrination, sense of group and tribe. But if we do not understand the reason and change it for real and understand that if the conditions stay the same, more people with this view will be generated, repressing just for the sake of repressing will only put this kind of organization under the radar until a charismatic psychopath decides to harness political power from them, this is happening all around the world, those populist leaders are giving voice to the people that were silenced by the PC police, just because you could not see or listen them, did not mean they disappear, it was just repressed. Now they are coming back in full power and the answer of the "civilized" part of society is trying to intensify the same actions that brought to their rise. It can seems to be morally correct to do it, but it simply do not work.


This will remove us from the clans...and we can all just ‘be,’ our real selfs.

I agree but most people have no idea who their real selves are anymore.

@48thRonin and that is the ‘rub!’


I don't buy the premise of this meme at all. I would have agreed with it years ago, but things are quite different today. The Republican Party has embraced racism, sexism, economic injustice, and cruelty towards the weak or needy. In addition to that, they are dismantling our democracy and lean dangerously toward fascism.

This is not just a difference of opinion anymore, it's a moral crisis for our country.

Well thank you for politicizing it as well as perpetuating the mindset for which his statement was addressing.

And if you want to very technical about political behavior there’s a lot of democrats that are attacking Representative Ilhan Omar for questioning the level of influence of the IAPAC has over our government and might be why we’re ignoring their behavior and actions towards the Palestinians.

And outside of religion I don’t really remember hearing the Republican Party running around and limiting my vocabulary and both are great at making people into social pariahs for not conforming to their ideologies.

I’m just saying that not all republicans are as you’ve described just as not democrats are liberal, tree hugging, overly sensitive, gender confused, vegans that want to take my firearms away as a means of emasculating me.

We’re humans and even worse Americans so most of us couldn’t have an original thought because of the divisional practices of our government and media. And if we do see or hear one we have to some categorize it so as to determine if it’s inside or outside of our trained ideological conformity’s.

As you and a few others have demonstrated.

I completely agree with OldWiseAss's comment

I think the point is too hate or fear someone or a group of people accomplishes nothing. You can oppose such people without fearing or hating them. In fact in many ways you play to their strengths when you do either.

@48thRonin - Politicising the post? I didn't throw the turd in the punchbowl, I just pointed it out.

You don't remember the Republican Party's gag rules? Especially at the local level, Republicans have banned the use of the word "fracking" in many State legislatures. Similarly, many have restricted the use of terms like "climate change." I shouldn't have to remind anyone of the gag rule created by Reagan, and still enforced in many regions today, preventing family planning centers from discussing abortions. Likewise, as I assume you are a gun enthusiast, you should already be aware of the law preventing the collection of gun death statistics. These are all laws created and passed by Republicans. But despite all those gag orders, nobody is limiting your vocabulary.

Long ago, Republicans ended slavery, and broke up thieving monopolies. I used to have respect for the Republican Party's focus on economic realities, and their general desire to slow the rate of change, but those are values they've abandoned in favor of pure greed. They're perfectly willing to ignore the trade deficit and the national debt when they're shoveling money into the coffers of billionaires and big corporations! With no long-term vision for our country other than making millionaires into billionaires, they have earned my disgust.

People who are willing to put up with Trump's racism, sexism, greed, and fraud because they think the wall is a good idea are morally bankrupt. I can forgive Trump, he can't help the fact that he was raised as an entitled rich kid. He can't help being a narcissistic, infantile egomaniac. But the people who support him are only cheering him on because they hate liberals. Still fighting the culture war of the sixties, they want to punish liberals for gay marriage and legal abortions and for political correctness. They're fine with the destruction of our democracy, as long as they can enjoy the cries and moans of their sworn enemies, the liberals.

P.S. - You think we want gun control in order to emasculate you? You believe that because you assume we think like you do. We do not. We want gun control to save lives. We don't want gun control just to piss you off.

@OldWiseAss First off not so wise I don’t give a fuck about what the political parties did in the past because they have in the past and recent past for that matter have shared similar ideologies and practices.

And their donors have become the same but to the average voter they’re fighting each other to the death over you.? oh and speaking of history they’ve actually flipped stances a couple of times so using their titles actually doesn’t mean shit.

The gist of this post of the meme was focused at the results of thinking as an individual which is what I strive to do but I’m surrounded by flocks of sheeple that wanna believe that they’re right and better than each other even though they’re equally being sheered by the same shepherds.

And all you have done validate every part of it.
Seriously you’re so fucking caught up in defending your indoctrinated beliefs that when I said what I said about liberals.
Which were examples of common stereotypes used by y’all’s “ enemies “ lol you fucking took as being a direct statement.

So as I said not so wise it’s about thinking and being an individual which is something that you demonstrated wasn’t in your character the second you chose to politicize it.
There’s actually more to life than politics and being a human and our names should be the only things that we should identify as.

Oh yeah I see that you had nothing to say about how representative Ilhan Omar is being treated by members of her own but since you pretty much read from their script I’ll take it that you’re inline with them. Good boy ??


I have a problem maintaining a relationship with those whose core values are in complete opposition to mine... racists, religious bigots, homophobes, islamophobes.... people who are on the opposite sides of the issues I find critically important. It's hard to have a conversation about anything where these differences don't interfere and cause problems, so any relationship I have with these people would be superficial and meaningless.

Well maybe they feel the same way towards you.
I’ve learned to not take other people’s trained mindsets so personally because I know that it’s not them talking.

It’s their social, political and religious conditioning talking and that is why I instead of shutting down and dismissing other because of my own walls have instead tried to learn more about there’s.

And even someone yourself for that matter so that I can have a dialogue and eventually lead them to see and understand things outside of their conditioning.
Most importantly I never say directly to anyone that they’re wrong I show them what’s right and let them say acknowledge it.

Just saying that refusing to speak to someone because the door is closed and then blaming them for not opening it because you never asked them to is to is very counter productive. Just saying

@48thRonin I didn't say I refuse to speak with them. I said that I couldn't have more than a superficial relationship with them. There's no point in talking with some people, especially if they're constantly spouting bumper sticker sentiments. And by the way, you just did exactly what you stated one shouldn't do. You basically told me I'm wrong.

@TheoryNumber3 No dear I just asked you to look at yourself from someone else’s perspective


If what someone believes is detrimental to others, it isn't enough to disagree with them. They must be opposed. I have no problem with Christians per se, but when they try to make laws based on their beliefs that are demonstrable to be harmful to others, i will oppose, i will resist, i will fight. Same goes for any view point.
These things exist because views and beliefs usually come grouped together and if you find one repugnant you'll probably find the rest repugnant. If it is something like dems and reps, it is usually a matter of presenting a United front. The same reason you can pick on your sibling, but if anyone else does you'd beat em down.


I agree completely. Why do you suppose it has gotten this way in our society? What about our culture drives this?

linxminx Level 7 Mar 6, 2019

It’s the us vs them mindset that’s mostly responsible. At least that’s my opinion


I agree with Dave on this totally.


Esp the love someone part. Loving someone should include being able say that a choice they are making is detrimental their growth and they still feel loved. Some in our society have been bred believe if anyone has an issue with their choices it's an attack.

Khetanna Level 4 Mar 6, 2019

Yes that is so true.

Jolanta Level 8 Mar 6, 2019

Why would I feel free to dislike or disagree with someone else's lifestyle/choices? How about if just I Mind My Own Business

I think it's fine to disagree. Its completely natural and at times not a choice. It's when we let our disagreement dictate how we act and how we treat others. I can disagree and still have a relationship built on mutual respect and kindness.

Ok case in point every time that I post something that points out the hypocrisy or just shitty behavior by a democrat doesn’t mean that I hate all democrats nor do I hate the party itself.

I’m just pointing out that there are those who’s horses just might be a bit too high and are in turn misrepresenting us and their party.

Same thing with my feelings towards Bernie Sanders do I support him do I believe that he is the president that we should have? Yes most definitely.
But do I like everything about him or that he’s done? No,but until he does something that’s beyond my tolerance I will continue to support him.

So I know that the practice of shutting people own if they don’t agree with you or your philosophies has become a norm in our society.
Which is why Chappel made that statement.

The us vs them behavior that we’ve been conditioned to accept has led to where we have lost the ability to dialogue with one another.
It’s fine to disagree but if that’s all we can accomplish then nothing else gets accomplished.

@48thRonin well said


Hear! Hear!

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